Heads up for nerds

Heavily discounted CUP academic books from Clouston and Hall. Probably some dodgy stuff but if you like that sort of thing…

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  1. Muddy

    “The Living Unknown Soldier” by Jean-Yves Le Naour, as advertised at the link (under the Militaria category) is definitely worth a read, and bargain at $8.95 (plus postage, presumably). It is a sobering account of a French soldier in the Great War who ‘lost’ his memory, and thus his identity, and spent the remainder of his life in institutions, being claimed by many different families who had lost their son and believed, rightly or wrongly, that this man was him. Many simply wanted someone to take the place of the one they had lost, and convinced themselves, against all physical evidence that they had found him. I forget the numbers off the top of my head, but the French lost an astounding number of men, and while Australia lost a great number also, in comparison to the size of our population, practically half a generation of Frenchmen were obliterated.
    It seems cheap to sully this by making a political statement, but reading a book like this emphasises how false and offensive it is to use ‘Warrior’ in the SJW label.

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