Open Forum: October 22, 2016

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  1. srr

    [email protected]

    [email protected] You are my senator, I demand an explanation now.

    What information did you reveal to the Clinton campaign.


  2. srr

    Mike MatusowVerified account
    [email protected]

    This is a fun poll & be honest!
    Have you gotten a call for a poll on the election?


  3. Stimpson J. Cat

    total bitches.

    Of course you mean total bxtches.

  4. BoN;

    Labor has just again admitted they’re effectively going to remove negative gearing.

    Property bubble, meet pin.

  5. Top Ender

    Speaking of ladies, there is a strong piece in the Oz this morning saying Hillary is no friend of women.

    I can post the whole article if there is interest – it is doubtless behind the paywall.

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  7. Lysander

    QandA tonight…. why the fuck would Robert Manne be invited on any panel at all!? He’s such a wrongologist!

  8. Top Ender

    Meanwhile in Hobart:

    ONE Nation Senator Pauline Hanson says Tasmanian Governor Kate Warner should consider stepping aside in favour of someone who loves the Australian people and truth more than they love “moralistic posturing”.

    Senator Hanson’s attack comes after Professor Warner told a Hobart welcome rally for refugees it was important for Australians who opposed Senator Hanson’s views to “stand up and be counted”.

    Senator Hanson said Prof Warner had broken with tradition by using her symbolic position to enter political debate.

    “And secondly she has broken the rules of public discourse that those in high positions should speak with civility and wisdom,” Senator Hanson said.

    “Perhaps Kate Warner should consider stepping aside from her position as Governor of Tasmania.”

    A State Government spokeswoman said Premier Will Hodgman had spoken to Prof Warner about the matter.

    “Her Excellency the Governor retains the Premier’s full support,” she said.

    At the rally on Saturday Prof Warner said: “As Governor of Tasmania, I’m very proud to stand up and say welcome to Australia to all asylum seekers and immigrants, no matter what colour or creed.

    “I think it’s so important for Australians who oppose her views to stand up and be counted.”

    The Pauline Hanson One Nation party, which gained four Senate seats at the July 2 election, has called for a halt to Muslim immigration.

    “Australia is in the process of being swamped by Muslims suburb by suburb,” Senator Hanson said.

    She said Prof Warner’s comments misrepresented her position and the seriousness of the situation facing Australia in regard to Islamic migration.

  9. John Comnenus

    Obviously the Governor of Tasmania doesn’t understand the concept of not getting involved in party political commentary. She should be sacked forthwith, she cannot claim to be independent.

  10. John Comnenus

    Mmm I wonder why?

    Iraq Parliament bans alcohol.

    Couldn’t they just implement nationwide lock out laws like the Emir of NSW did?

  11. Aristide

    Meanwhile in Hobart:

    Ever consider that the Governor might be confirming a national value that my father, my great uncle and I fought for – viz freedom of religion?

  12. John Comnenus


    the more important principle is to maintin the integrity of our political system. That is that the executive that has all the power but is appointed, only takes advice from the Parliament which has none of the power but is actuially elected.

    Our system cannot work if the Executive (Governors and Governors General) start to operate outside the scope of the traditional non-partisan role of their office.

    That is the national political value, I dont give a toss about the merits for or against the actual issue she spoke about.

  13. Oh come on

    Does the Tasmanian Governor suppose that the cause she publicly championed is so much better placed now that she’s shoved her oar in? Does she really think her perspective is that valuable? Hanson is absolutely right – she should either issue a mea culpa and promise not to get involved in partisan politics again, or, if she finds such restrictions intolerable, she should resign as Governor, in which case she would be free to say what she likes when she likes.

    Nothing short of the elected government issuing an ultimatum to the Governor – retract or resign – would be appropriate. Of course, you can’t rely on a Liberal government to do the right thing by our system and remind the Governor rather forcefully about the constraints of her office, as the Libs are bed-wetting cowards when it comes to Hanson. They’d ally with anyone who dares say a bad word about her.

  14. Oh come on

    Ever consider that the Governor might be confirming a national value

    It’s not the place of a Westminster Viceroy to be confirming such things. If the Queen wouldn’t do it, then neither should her representative.

  15. Snoopy

    There’s only one bitch on the Cat. I’ll leave it to others to guess who they are.

  16. Snoopy

    Quite right Aristide, I have in my possession a copy of my Grandfather’s WWI diary. There is an entry written while he was in Cairo which reads, “By Jove, when we win this fucker we’ll be able to import a couple of million of these thieving Gyppo bastards into my beloved Australia”.

  17. La Deplorevole Tintarella di Luna

    “By Jove, when we win this fucker we’ll be able to import a couple of million of these thieving Gyppo bastards into my beloved Australia”.

    I’ve read quite a few autobiographicals by Spitfire pilots who served in the Middle East – all I can say is they’d never have been published today – excellent unvarnished un-PC versions of what actually happened – what amazing men and have had the privilege of meeting quite a few over the last 20 years or so – so many have taken that High Flight now. Too few left these days.

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