What does Gillian Triggs have to say about this?

Everything about this story from the start to the present moment is disturbing. It is partly the legislation and even more the personnel of the Human Rights Commission that has led us now to this: QUT case: Cindy Prior must pay students $200,000-plus.

Section 18C complainant Cindy Prior faces being pursued into bankruptcy after a judge ordered she pay an estimated $200,000 in legal costs for three QUT students who were accused of racial hatred over Facebook posts.

Somewhere along the way, the AHRC did not head this off into what it is supposed to do, which is to bring the parties together and help them sort out the issues. Instead, it was left to fester, and Ms. Prior was allowed to think that this was some kind of get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, she has been brought to financial ruin.

What I want to hear is from Gillian Triggs and the others at the AHRC who seem to me to share a goodly portion of the blame for what has happened to Ms Prior.

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  1. Carpe Jugulum

    The AHRC has failed in its duties for years now, Ms Prior was just the latest of useful idiots. That the HRC fosters the voice of any petty grievance monger is now beyond dispute.

    What is also beyond dispute is that Ms Priors legal counsel saw this as a reputation maker, poorly advised her client and when it went tits up the beak and HRC chucked her under the bus.

    Triggs and Southpossuminsane should be sacked and frogmarched from the building with the rest of the commission summarily dismissed, this is foolish, illiberal legislation and should be struck from the books.

  2. Mike of Marion

    Triggs and her mob won’t stick their heads up.

    The ‘great unwashed’ won the case so she won’t be seen anywhere because she might get smeared with the ‘great unwashed’s sliming’ of her.

  3. billie

    One has to ask why Prior felt she had the right to punish those who defied her. She seems shocked it didn’t turn out the way it was intended and it’s clear no one on her side of the fence thought there was any risk.

    What kind of empowerment is positive discrimination creating?

    Where does Reconciliation fit into this? (I’m kidding of course, Reconciliation is the beguiltening of whites and the inflation of moral preening by the”industry”)

    Anyhoo, I’m off to tinker with the project car for the weekend, good times!

  4. Harald

    I would also love to know how many 18C cases before the AHRC will now suddenly be dropped or settled with an apology.
    This one verdict is a threat to the whole 18C industry. The left cannot let this stand, I think.

  5. stackja

    Gillian Triggs 18C
    Where is Juliar?

  6. Mindfree

    Sorry, no sympathy for Prior – fuck you bitch and pay up

    Maybe she could sue Triggs – now that ‘d be a nice sight and send them both into financial dilemma

    Karma sucks doesn’t it

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    Never mind prior .comrades triggs and southpawinsane will pay your legal debts out of their insanely high taxpayer funded salaries perhaps they could cancel the ” holiday party “christmas party to us Aussies usually held at the most expensive joint in town .paid for ,of course ,by the taxpayers .The communist elite are noted for their spirit of altruism and great sacrifices for the common good . Never mind the money ,sacrifice for the cause .


  8. cuckoo

    Grievance industry losers like Prior never end up paying their own bills. Instead I predict for her the Sydney Peace Prize (might have to share it with Neil Prakash) then Queenslander of the Year. Then something at the Deadlies. Then a ghost-written memoir which will win all the Premiers’ Literary Awards. Then a two-part ABC dramatization (‘Prior convictions’) starring Jessica Mauboy as Prior and Steve Buscemi and Noah Taylor as the students. Who for the most part will be unrecognisable anyway under their white KKK hoods.

  9. Beertruk

    Someone on the Cat linked to Calum Thwaites talking to Chris Smith at 2GB about the crap he went through. Calum Thwaites said he had to go to mediation and the impression he got was that Cindy Prior and her solicitor had ‘no intentions’ of conciliation. Prior and her solicitor had a settlement offer and if it wasn’t accepted, that was it. Calum Thwaites said that it was a complete waste of his time.

    Interview Linky

  10. Dave of Cossack

    Prior will obtain monies from Government handouts for compensation and payment of her fines.

    That’s the way it works for certain extremely privileged people in our country and Triggs is an expert in giving taxpayer’s money to lowlife who do no deserve even one cent.

  11. Andysaurus

    I almost feel sorry for Cindy. Then I think about all the sh!t that the students were dragged through, and I think f*ck her. I hope that they will be coming for all the money paid for her to be off ‘sick’.

  12. wal1957

    Legal costs?
    What about the damage to the UNI students….3 years of their life in turmoil… careers put on the backburner….How do you put a price on that?
    Stuff Prior, and Triggs!
    I hope they both have sleepless nights for many, many years to come. Arseholes!

  13. John64

    I think you might be onto something, Dr Fred Lenin.

    Maybe this year Commissar Triggs could scale down the usual AHRC Christmas festivities at a 5 star restaurant on the Sydney Harbour waterfront for a much less ostentatious affair – a barbeque (snags and hamburgers) at the Koo Wee Rup Public Hall.

    The money saved could be donated by the loyal members of the activists co-op to the Cindy Prior fighting fund.

  14. Botswana O'Hooligan


    Don’t ever feel sorry for her or her kind mate, just think of what she would of done had she won, and even now I suspect that her legal fees will be paid by the taxpayer so in effect she has given us all the finger. Section 18C and D has got to be tossed out in its entirety and the referendum on “first people” has simply got to fail more so than ever now but Nero turnbull is tuning his fiddle and that will possibly take until the next election when he finds out that his fiddle is stringless.

  15. Good luck with getting any money out of that bitch.
    Prior has 7 priors. The bitch has a history of crying racism and cashing in on settlements apparently.

    As for Trigger, this is what you get when you uplift cankled housewives into positions of authority instead of keeping them at home baking cakes for the CWA. Look around, schools, Unis and Govt. offices are full of them.
    As for Tim Southmustbeinsane, this is what you get when you stop the age old useful and necessary practice of beating up annoying nerds at school and empowering them instead. You end up with a bitter little nerd who gets a hard-on each time he uses his new found power against Alpha males and good looking females whom he resented at school.
    Look around, not just in Australia but the West over. Positions of power and authority are full of Beta males with ill-deserved self-confidence, and housewives elevated into positions because of Equal Opportunity and or diversity quotas. You know it makes sense.

  16. Robber Baron

    And the winners are…………the lawyers.

    Have no sympathy for Prior, AHRC, Griggs et al. The only losers are the students slurred by their accusers. Where is their compensation? None. Legal costs awarded to the ambulance chasers. Lawyers win again.

    Repeal this…and many other laws.

  17. Tracey

    Ms Prior will be just fine. The 60 Minutes people will wave their cheque book her way and probably one of the wymmenses’ magazines as well. She’ll end up in front.

  18. Entropy

    As for Trigger, this is what you get when you uplift cankled housewives into positions of authority instead of keeping them at home baking cakes for the CWA. Look around, schools, Unis and Govt. offices are full of them.

    I believe people should do the job they are best at. Triggs at home baking for the CWA or schools would be a mean thing to do. To the CWA and the children. Besides, given her history the last thing you would want is the honourable Triggster anywhere near children.

  19. LGS

    Prior apparently has a long record as a serial offence taker, litigant, and general all round sook.
    I have zero sympathy for her and others like her.

  20. candy

    I feel some sympathy for her too, since she’s pretty young.

    As well, “role models” like Ms Triggs T. Plibersek , J. Gillard etc are very well financially/educationally career wise, well placed individuals and can afford to talk about sexism/racism, being victims etc and know legally when to pull up, how far to go.

    This girl probably thought she was invincible, was going to be a “star” in some sense and get some special job in human rights.

  21. Zulu Kilo Die Onuitspreeklike

    Ms Prior will be just fine. The 60 Minutes people will wave their cheque book her way and probably one of the wymmenses’ magazines as well. She’ll end up in front.

    Give it a couple of years, and the sisterhood will have her on the payroll of one of the Aboriginal quangoes, taxpayer funded…..

  22. BrettW

    Sad to see Priors lawyer, Moriarty, did not have to pay costs. There is no way Prior was funding the case herself so surely her legal team should have been liable for it going so far ? Remember also they wanted to appeal but left it too late.

  23. lotocoti

    Ms. Prior was allowed to think that this was some kind of get-rich-quick scheme.
    Justice sometimes takes a circuitous route.
    There was a defamation case where the plaintiff was looking for a nice little earner.
    The defendants chose not to go quietly and pony up the cash.
    After three years, two trips to the Supremes and one to District Court, the plaintiff won contrary to “any reasonable reading” but was awarded only a third of the original demand, plus costs.
    After the Chief Justice reviewed the application for costs and an examination by an independent costs assessor, the plaintiff lost money.

  24. Mother Lode

    Isn’t Cindy a serial litigant as well? And benefitted previously from claiming people didn’t ‘Respect her authoritah Aboriginalitah!’

    She is going to have to be offended by a whole lot of people to cover this bill.

  25. struth

    Triggs’ CWA cakes would actually be shit sandwiches if you look under the qango alfoil.

  26. struth

    By the way.
    Blair’s Cindy Prior looks like a whole different person in the photo.

  27. Quickheads

    Except for ironic comedians, no one ever tries to be stupid, including Prior. It is only with hindsight after personal reflection that we might realise our stupidity and correct future thinking and behaviour. Triggs is supposed to be a highly paid voice of intelligence and reason who should have, in kind words, explained to Prior she was being hysterical. Triggs has demonstrated her prior stupidity regarding this matter, and her lack of mea culpa demonstrates her ongoing stupidity. Triggs should be hound by the students and Prior and the government for every last dollar of her taxpayer funded wealth.

  28. Bh

    Here’s what I bet will happen next – Prior will threaten to sue the AHRC, who will settle by paying the QUT students legal fees, and also give Prior herself a payout.

  29. John64

    Isn’t Cindy a serial litigant as well?

    That’s an interesting part of the back story that hasn’t come out yet but might emerge now the case is finished.

    Blot and Price alluded to this a few weeks back on 2GB. It was at a time when the subject was running hot and Price made a comment to the effect that “be careful what you say if you call in, she’s running defamation actions all over the place.”

  30. Ant

    “What does Gillian Triggs have to say about this?”

    Probably something like: “Oh, did that Prior thing not work out? Such a shame. Please pour me some more Beaujolais, daaahhling.”

  31. Fisky

    It’s worth remembering how much personal destruction was caused by this abomination of a legal case. One student was about 1/2 through his teaching studies and had to basically throw his qualification in the bin. Why? Because as a publicly-identified “racist” means he would never have been registered as a teacher let alone hired by a school. So he had to switch to Law, which nowadays has worse prospects than teaching.

    What a despicable human being Gillian Triggs is. She should be taken up in a Chilean helicopter and pushed into the Pacific.

  32. Fisky

    If we discover that the taxpayers end up paying on Prior’s behalf, then it is long past due to start punching politicians and public servants, or at least giving them a good shove.

  33. BrettW

    $2,000 cut from each HRC staff members pay should about cover the costs.

  34. Pat Warnock

    Justice is now seen to be done. How many media outlets published this story?

  35. notafan

    I thought at the conciliation hearing it was made quite plain that Ms Prior did not intend to settle.

    No payment order by the HRC is enforceable.

    Was her workcover claim successful?

    ” The exhibits disclose that a Queensland government Medical Assessment Tribunal made a ­December 2013 decision which stated that “as a result of the racial vilification that occurred in the Oodgeroo Unit”, Ms Prior had ­adjustment disorder with 7.5 per cent impairment. A fortnight later, Ms Prior’s then solicitors, Slater & Gordon, complained to QUT that there had been discrimination, offensive behaviour, racial hatred, lax security measures, and a general failure of the university to act appropriately and respond to safety concerns.”

  36. Rayvic

    If Gillian Triggs were honourable, she would accept responsibility and personally pay the costs on Cindy Prior’s behalf.

  37. Botswana O'Hooligan

    Nah Entropy, not baking for the CWA but perhaps a dog poisoner for the Cloncurry Shire Council with the bait wrapped in a picture of herself, for one or the other would get em.

  38. Andrew

    The HRC’s job is to mediate. If there is no prospect of mediation (and there wouldn’t have been, given that Prior was seeking $250k), their job is to terminate the HRC process and advise the complainant of her rights.

    It’s the job of the lawyer to advise her of the risks and benefits of continuing to litigate. And if the judge starts dropping hints like “Is THAT it?????” in an incredulous tone to advise their client that it’s going badly and they would be well advised to drop it. Ultimately it’s Prior’s responsibility to decide what to do.

    At the margin, Triggs or Southpawinsane could have quietly hinted that the Federal Court is a brutal and expensive battleground, and that her case isn’t a strong one. Handling the case against Thwaits in particularly by saying “There’s no evidence and you can’t sue him for a newly created account that may well be fake” early on would have sent a message.

    That said, Prior is a serial victim. My guess is nothing would have dissuaded her. She’s 6 from 6 on free sitdown money. (A good reason for QUT to have not hired her, but you live and learn.) Triggs would have had to go way beyond her role to talk her out of it.

    Suing the HRC for not talking her out of an idiotic vexatious lawsuit seems unlikely. That’s not their job, and in reality they have no duty of care to her.

  39. Habib

    Don’t give a shit what the Triggster has to say, but this is my reaction.

  40. That’s only about half what Ms Triggs earns a year, I’m sure she’ll help out.

  41. Baldrick

    Prior now claims she can no longer work with white people.

    She’ll get a large payout from her employer as a result, which will more than cover her legal costs.

  42. Zulu Kilo Die Onuitspreeklike

    As for no racial segregation at QUT,


    “Our main administration office is located at Kelvin Grove, and we have offices and more facilities at our Gardens Point and Caboolture campuses. On each campus we have computer labs, quiet places to study and work with tutors, and places to meet with other students.”
    All staff members are Aborigines.


    Comment, from the article on the Oz website. So employment at Oodgeroo may not be based on your ability to do the job?

  43. johanna

    Steve Kates said:

    ” … blame for what has happened to Ms Prior.”

    Classic SJW crap. Nothing “happened” to Prior. On the contrary, she launched a vicious and damaging attack on a bunch of impecunious and vulnerable students, costing them money, anguish and their plans for the future over nothing at all. And, it didn’t cost her a cent. She was the active party.

    It “happened” to those unfortunate students.

  44. Craig

    F Cindy, F Gillian Triggs and F QUT. They allowed this #### to happen and so it come as to pass. F all 3 of them. As an alumni of QUT, I’ve asked QUT to take me off their alumni list and to go and F themselves for employing this Cindy moron. F’ing over it and identify politics can take a hike.

  45. Dr Faustus

    Some time in 2017 the Referendum Council will report to the PM and Leader of the Opposition on changes to the Constitution to remove discriminatory ‘dead letters’ and recognise Aboriginal people. It will also trigger a National debate on Treaties with Aboriginal groups to provide sovereignty, Land Rights, access to customary law, representation and compensation.

    You can be absolutely certain that this discussion will be framed and directed by 18C, the AHRC, and the Federal Court. It is far too powerful a political shut-up weapon to be left unused.

    I expect the result will be socially destructive.

  46. Tel

    Prior now claims she can no longer work with white people.

    Most ridiculous claim I have ever heard in my life. Totally outrageous and racist to boot.

  47. Zulu Kilo Die Onuitspreeklike

    My understanding of the bankruptcy laws is a few years out of date, but, if Cindy Prior is made bankrupt over this case, she’s on a National Register of bankrupts for some years – an Australia wide register?

  48. johanna

    Does anyone know whether the Indigenous Only computer facility is still going?

    Are there any stats on usage? How much does it cost? Has anyone bothered to try to evaluate whether it makes a blind bit of difference?

    Sorry for being a boring slave of fact, QUT.

  49. Geof Whyte

    Just another KPI crossed off for Gillian to get Australian of the Year

  50. Jeremy

    Could you imagine if her remarks were reversed, as in a white person saying that they can’t work with black people again. Lefty heads popping all over the place.

  51. duncanm

    “‘Respect my Aboriginalitah!’”

    I’m borrowing that.

  52. mundi

    I doupt she will be bankrupt. My guess is QUT are still paying her, and she is probably collecting workers compenstation. At the very least she will be on disability pension, no doubt from the tramatic emtional experience and not being able to work anymore.

  53. Crossie

    “What I want to hear is from Gillian Triggs and the others at the AHRC who seem to me to share a goodly portion of the blame for what has happened to Ms Prior.”


    Goodly portion? No, the leadership of AHRC bear all the responsibility. They could have told Prior politely that they will not be proceeding with her case and that she can of course sue the student personally and pay her own lawyers. That Prior’s lawyers were aggressive with the student was probably due to Triggs’ encouragement.

    Further proof that all of the blame rest with the AHRC is Sourpussinsane urging people to come forward and say they were offended by the Leak cartoon. That money pit seems to be staffed by people who think majority of their fellow citizens are racist and some must be ruined to teach the rest a lesson.

  54. johanna

    I would love it if a blond/e, blue-eyed, self identified “Aboriginal” came into this facility.

    Michael Mansell, or Larissa Behrendt, for example.

    And, even if the cow who caused all the trouble was in charge, how would she know whether ot not they were white people?

  55. Andrew

    Because she asks. The kids kicked out on racial grounds were greeted with “are you indigenous?” She didn’t boot them out on appearance.

  56. Fisky

    Look at what happened to this guy who had his career destroyed by 18C. I hope Scumbers and Oldsalt are happy with themselves. Filth. Scum. Vermin.

    “When Calum Thwaites now ­contemplates what was his ­chosen career as a schoolteacher he shudders.

    He had hoped to be sent to teach in remote schools in the far north of Australia on his graduation from the Queensland University of Technology. But this is no longer an option.

    “I am sure that some students and parents would go straight to Google and put in my name and read that I’ve been accused of ­racism in this big 18C case,” the 24-year-old told The Australian yesterday. “I can see some saying ‘well, sir is a racist’. I can tell everyone that the case is groundless or that it’s untrue and I hate racism, but people see what they want to see. It’s a much bigger problem for a schoolteacher entrusted with children than it is for a lawyer. A lot of people who might shrug it off or say ‘don’t worry about it’ don’t know about this case.”

    The abandonment by Mr Thwaites of a career in education when he is more than halfway through his teaching degree has been forced by events beyond his control — allegations, which he strenuously rejects, of racial ­hatred arising from Facebook posts in May 2013.”

  57. Paul

    “Prior now claims she can no longer work with white people.”

    Which means White people can get on with the job again, no longer carrying the dead wood.

  58. Paul

    Ms Prior’s then solicitors, Slater & Gordon, complained to QUT that th……

    Turn over enough rocks…..

  59. Andrew

    That said, consider the possibility that Calum Thwaites opened a new Facebook account under the name “Calum Thwaites” to support his ejected friend while giving himself plausible deniability of “fake account” if challenged.

  60. Entropy

    Good one Andrew, that is as plausible as if Cindy Prior set it up. Or an ex girlfriend.

  61. JohnA

    Baldrick #2231626, posted on December 10, 2016, at 5:46 pm

    Prior now claims she can no longer work with white people.

    She’ll get a large payout from her employer as a result, which will more than cover her legal costs.

    Nope. Her employer (or their insurer) should deduct at least 75-80% for contributory responsibility.

  62. Motherhubbardsdog

    Personally, I don’t want to here from Gillian Triggs or the AHRC ever again.

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