Do we know anything yet about the Canberra arsonist?

Just a quick question for which I have not been able to find any answers. Even The Canberra Times has only this: Man severely burned by explosion outside the Australian Christian Lobby office walked five kilometers. His identity seems of no interest although they did raise this question, which I am sure is the burning issue:

It may seem extraordinary that the man who ignited the van that exploded outside the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters in Canberra on Wednesday night walked five kilometres to hospital before being deemed critical.

Extraordinary indeed, but not as extraordinary as this:

ACL managing director Lyle Shelton was quick to label the fire a deliberate attack against the organisation’s conservative political stance, but police determined there was no political, religious or ideological motivation behind the explosion after interviewing the man.

They must be mind readers. But just out of interest, why don’t they release his name?

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  1. Scavenger

    why don’t they release his name?

    Well it can’t something like Richard Plantagenet otherwise they would have certainly made it known.

  2. Mpee

    Some Lefties I know are already proclaiming that it’s a Mental Health issue – so yeah, I suppose it’s not political, religious or ideological. Gotta love the long distance diagnosis. Yes, I too would love to know the name. All-in-all it’s been touted as an “accident”. That’s a lot of sequential coincidences to be an accident.

  3. candy

    Could it simply be he is a member of the Green’s party who mentally flipped?

  4. DaveR

    By now the ACT Police will know who he is, where he lives, what his various affiliations are, whether it was his vehicle used in the bombing, whether his phone records show he has called the ACL offices before, whether his credit card/bank account statements show he recently filled up several gas cylinders etc etc etc.

    In short, the ACT Police would already have enough for charges to be brought.

    How about telling the public?

  5. srr

    He did NOT walk, and was not intending to suicide, but be driven safely away by his partners in TERRORISM, and git driven not so safely to hospital instead.

    This is the only thing that makes sense of the nonsense and I’m sure if someone checked the actual times of explosive fire, his arrive at the hospital and actual condition on arrival, the only questions left would be who are his partners and why is it so important fir ‘our’ TRAITOROUS government to protect them.

  6. BorisG

    srr makes shit up as usual.

    The reality is that even if this was accidental, there will be a case to answer (dangerous driving or something). Need to watch. The hope is that ACL will pursue it. They can (and should) also file a civil case (for damage caused).

  7. Mooka

    maybe his name is I-bin-barbequing, a man of no appearence or religion, who works as a gas bottle deliveryman for bbqs galore, whose self steering van took a wrong turn,whilst taking twenty litres of petrol to his friend, furken derya, whose bomb of a car had run out of fuel?

  8. Mpee said – “Some Lefties I know are already proclaiming that it’s a Mental Health issue” – interesting that not mental enough that he could not EXACTLY find the ACL office. I agree too with srr – I would not believe he walked the 5km unless I heard from witnesses.

  9. Baldrick

    The fact the ACT Police are being overtly secretive about an attack in Canberra on a political lobby group is cause enough for concern they’re trying to hide something.
    If the attack had of occurred outside the H.Q. of Greenpeace Australia, I’m sure there’d be a different response.

  10. An explosion of gas bottles burns out an office and a van, and a man suffering from burns takes a 4k walk for about an hour along main roads without being noticed or stopped. Google map

  11. .

    #2243660, posted on December 24, 2016 at 3:41 pm
    He did NOT walk, and was not intending to suicide, but be driven safely away by his partners in TERRORISM, and git driven not so safely to hospital instead.

    Evidence please.

  12. Eyrie

    My guess is his name is Mohammed Jihad bin Ackbar.

  13. This is beginning to sound like Merkel’s Germany. We see nothing!

  14. incoherent rambler

    Have all GRN senators been accounted for?

    For the name competition, “Flayman Ersol”

  15. jupes

    Disgraceful conduct by Plod. Obviously covering up for someone, most likely a Muslim.

    Add to this the sentencing this week of a Muslim terrorist, convicted of planning to detonate a bomb in Melbourne, to a minimum of only five years and three months jail and we can be sure that those charged with our safety are not up to the task.

    They care more for Muslim sensibilities than our safety. Scum.

  16. Habib

    Because it starts with M and ends with D. Plod and politicians really think we’re retarded.

  17. A Lurker

    I looked up the location on Google – the ACL building is in the backblocks well away from any arterial roads so a van carrying a load of gas cylinders coming to grief – aka crashing – whilst en route to someplace else is beyond improbable. So the van must have been deliberately driven to that address and then parked. The time of night is problematic – most weird beard explodey types like to take out lots of civilians with them, so why choose a late hour when few people are around? It might have been a suicide attempt, but it seems overly complex when there are other alternatives to off oneself. So the only conclusion I can draw from that is that the intent was not necessarily to maim or kill but to send a definite and clear message. If the ACL was the intended target then the most likely perpetrator is one of the footsoldiers of the Marxist Left – and Canberra being a Marxist sewer, well no wonder the police have gone very quiet.

  18. TC

    He could have walked , I remember a guy being interviewed after the Bali bombing , I later saw photo’s of him and he was described as being in a crital condition , the difference between how he looked when arriving at the hospital and the photos later was unbelievable .

  19. Fisky

    Probably a perp known to Canberran progressives. Senior public servant, Greens staffer, or the like.

  20. Fisky

    Very unlikely this is a jihadist. They usually go after crowded places, not anti gay marriage lobbyists. 95% probability this is a Greens/Labor activist.

  21. Fisky

    Remember how the police wouldn’t tell us which Senior Labor Figure was up on child porn charges until well after the SA election?

  22. Snoopy

    He could be the ‘activist’ son of some notable in Canberra society.

  23. incoherent rambler

    Close relation of a ‘respected member of the community’ is the usual line.

    They just fail to mention who respects them. e.g. Don mafioso

  24. Withholding information does one certain thing, it gets people to jump to conclusions. In this case if it’s not the correct conclusion, withholding information fails miserably.

  25. Petros

    Maybe he has an Adelaide name then?

  26. incoherent rambler

    Have we accounted for all ABC staff on leave?

  27. Memoryvault

    Come on folks, logic caps on.

    In a target rich environment like Canberra, why on earth would a Muzzie target an obscure Christian organisation opposed to homosexuality and SSM? That rules Muzzie motives out.

    When was the last time an Australian green/redfilth deliberately put himself in actual harm’s way to further their cause. Even when they go to chain themselves to conveyors and such, they always phone just before so the machinery is turned off. Not red/greenfilth then.

    Leo G had the most plausible explanation for both the act, and the resulting secrecy, last night.

  28. Rabz

    Been regaling people in Sydney about this utter farce. I’m still of the opinion it was a militant queen pissed off about the ACL’s stance on homo hoedowns. That or a disgruntled former cop with a grudge against the police association.

    Has he been arrested yet? The silence of the Keystones speaks volumes, as far as I’m concerned.

  29. Memoryvault

    or a disgruntled former cop with a grudge against the police association.

    I reckon that’s the best fit so far, Rabz.
    But it’s all just speculation at the moment.

  30. Entropy

    Doubt it was a Muslim. Either a disgruntled former employee, a love gone rotten, or a mentally deranged greens/pretend marriage supporter, but I repeat myself.

  31. Entropy

    Also one of those murdering athiest bastards. They just can’t tolerate dissent.

  32. Stackja

    As usual we are mushrooms. ACT ALP is covering up.

  33. ar

    They’ll call it a suicide attempt and declare it off limits due to privacy. Any article will have a link to Lifeline. Nothing to see here, much like with the guy who tried to “suicide” by setting fire to a Victorian servo.

  34. BorisG

    When was the last time an Australian green/redfilth deliberately put himself in actual harm’s way to further their cause.

    It was possibly what in Israel is called a work accident: bombing gone wrong.

  35. King Koala

    srr, good catch. It takes 45 min to an hour to walk 5km. If he arrived at the hospital 10 mins after the explosion we know that either he was driven or he just broke a world record in the 5k.

    Secondly, did he actually drive the van into the building or did it just explode there? Could he have been rigging the van to blow the next day and accidently set if off prematurely?

  36. Rabz

    Did he end up at Canberra Hospital or John James? John James would be a 10 minute walk. Having read no media reports and given I work around the corner from the ACL office, I assumed he went to John James.

  37. Rabz

    Which is a private hospital presumably without an emergency ward.

    Which means he was driven to Canberra Hospital.

  38. Mother Lode

    Whether he walked or got a lift to the hospital: I would imagine they have pretty good timing forwhen the explosion occurred and when he presented at emergency (it would be on CCTV).

    Was it enough time for a man to walk in pain 5km or not.

  39. Mother Lode

    A jihadist – if he had decided to burn this building – would have done it when it was occupied by he most people.

    Not exactly a high priority target either, I would think. The ACL is opposing things Jaihadis also oppose. Better to blow up a gay bar and have the whole nation backdown.

    This, if anything, was purely the destruction of property without wishing to draw the focus attending murder.

    It was just an attempt to prevent (and perhaps cow) the ACL to vacate the political field and leave it to the ring greasers.

  40. King Koala

    Two other things occur to me:

    1. He could have parked the van, accidently detonated the bomb, and that caused the van to roll forward.

    2. The van driver was a cleaner and was intending to park the van onsite. If he was a cleaner this could explain the police’s bullshit story because they would be checking every building he cleaned and checking out all cleaning staff personnel. Cleaning has a lot of muslims now.

  41. King Koala

    Mother Lode, you are assuming the van was not meant to blow up the next day.

  42. Amused

    Clearly his name is Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad.

  43. Mother Lode

    King Koala,

    after driving it into the front of the building he can hardly have expected it to have been left until midday the next day.

    This was most likely directed at property rather than people. Preventing the ‘wrong’ people having a say.

    are you suggesting this was Jihad gone wrong, or lefty activists are taking on some of the more maniacal Jihadi methods?

  44. Dave of Cossack

    He was a gay little snowflake who was extremely upset that the Christian Lobby is against gay marriage and so he could not marry his boyfriend so he decided to blow himself and others into where all LGBT eventually go.

    Maybe his daddy or his friend is very rich so influential and so have had it hushed up for the time being.

  45. Catfeesh?

    After exhaustive research, i have determined that it was an australian national of russian extraction, Bernie Zharsoff.

  46. Andrew

    So if it happened outside the Planned Parenthood, Marriage Equalidee or Greens HQ each of these groups would have been happy with the depth, speed and result of the police investigation?

  47. slackster

    Unsubstantiated rumor has it that the perp is related to a member of Parliament.

  48. Roger

    But just out of interest, why don’t they release his name?

    Simple: current AFP policy.

  49. King Koala

    Mother Lode, I am saying it could have been a jihad gone wrong. Van blows up accidently and rolls forward from the force or from the fire effecting the brake.

    The point is that police are being so blatantly cryptic that something smells fishy

  50. notafan

    Have seen this before, is it correct? The person that burnt the bank in
    Springvale was sitting talking to police even though he was very badly burnt.

    Humans experience the world through 5 sense organs. Sensations from the external world are recognised by specialised sensors, which relay this information to various parts of our brains through sensory nerves. Skin is the largest sense organ that we have. It has different types of sensors for different sensations. Pain is sensed by free (bare) nerve endings located on the skin.
    In third degree burns, skin is destroyed in it’s entire thickness. This causes destruction of the pain sensing free nerve endings also.
    Hence the person is unable to feel pain or any other sensations.
    Third degree burns are very serious type of burns and need immediate medical attention. Because the skin is destroyed entirely, there will be no tissue for new skin to grow from. Such burns would often need skin graftings to heal.

    pain and the burn victim

  51. Chris

    One good thing about the police keeping stum: it reduces copycats.
    Thats what built us up to create the Port Arthur massacre, the media teaching, offering role models and posting huge rewards for committing big massacres.

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