This is a link to an article in the Federalist

Shut Down America’s Refugee Programs Before They Turn Us Into Germany.

It is written by James Simpson who is described as

an economist, author and investigative journalist.

I am not sure what I think about Australia’s refugee program(s), primarily because I don’t know enough.  But accepting what Simpson has written as korrekt, there are some rather concerning general trends and issues.

Immigration an increasingly important electoral matter.  Let’s hope people are paying attention.

With respect to Australia, this was written:

Most recently, the Obama administration offered to accept 2,465 asylum seekers now being detained by Australia which that country refuses to accept because of their possible ties to terrorism. In response to congressional inquiries, the administration has declared information about this agreement classified.

Here are some other highlights from this article:

Virtually all U.S. Somalis originally arrived as refugees or asylum seekers or are their children. Many now take months-long trips back to Somalia, contradicting their purported reason for seeking asylum: fleeing Somalia for their lives.

A September 2016 DHS Inspector General report found that 1,982 aliens from countries known for immigration fraud or terror-links who were scheduled for deportation were instead granted citizenship using false identities because fingerprint records were missing.

The Refugee Act of 1980 dictates benefits that refugees must receive. They go to the front of the line for welfare and public housing, jumping ahead of all Americans, including veterans and the disabled.

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48 Responses to Immigration

  1. Boambee John

    Stop (or at the very least pause for 10 years) all immigration now.

  2. iampeter

    I think there’s a difference between an ill-conceived refugee program and immigration.

    If you try to immigrate to Australia it is quite a challenge but if you are a terrorist in the Middle East you may get a free ticket via the “refugee” program for some reason.

    But I wouldn’t collate refugees with immigration.

  3. Tim Neilson

    Virtually all U.S. Somalis originally arrived as refugees or asylum seekers or are their children. Many now take months-long trips back to Somalia, contradicting their purported reason for seeking asylum: fleeing Somalia for their lives.
    I remember a sob story in the Age about an Afghan “refugee” who could assure Age readers first hand of the continuing horrors in Afghanistan, because in the 3 years since he’d been granted refugee status here he’d been back several times for a total of a number of months. The Age journalists and editors obviously saw nothing noteworthy in that situation.
    That’s why we should give refugee claimants only temporary protection visas. If they ultimately turn out to be worth increased residency rights, then those extra rights can be granted at the appropriate time. But in the interim if they show by their conduct that they aren’t really refugees we can take back their place in the quota and allocate it to a genuine refugee.

  4. Leo G

    But I wouldn’t collate refugees with immigration.

    A collation of refugees is always hard to digest.

  5. Irreversible

    FFS, give it a break. You say up front you don’t know much about the issue! So why say anything at all?

  6. Surely Trump will chop this Obama/Turnbull deal for the US to take some of our “country shoppers”

    Donald Trump will stop Australia-US refugee deal: US congressman Brian Babin

  7. Paul

    I can think of a number of economic reasons why we should halt all asylum seeker immigration right now. Until we can get our debt under control, and paid out, no more immigration unless they have a job lined up.
    As for rent seeking country shoppers and jihadists, none at all, they can all go to Merkel land.
    If we want to be generous and humanitarian, then send the money over there, a dollar goes at least 10 times further over there than here.

  8. Norman Church

    If President Trump stops the Australia-US refugee deal, what exactly do we get in return for PM Turnbull’s decision to support the Obama administration’s climate change legacy by signing the Paris accord? It seems clear that that was the deal struck between Bishop and Kerry.

  9. egg_

    Some Sudanese parents believe it is safer in Sudan than here.

    Aunty recently had a doco on the SJW Lutherans in Shepparton spending $3+ Million on a new church to house their growing Sudanese congregation – strangely, footage was mostly of wymminses – the blokes were busy elsewhere rounding up (the film crew’s) hubcaps?

  10. .

    Boambee John
    #2256607, posted on January 9, 2017 at 4:54 pm
    Stop (or at the very least pause for 10 years) all immigration now.

    Most migrants are fine. This is a hyperbolic overreaction.

  11. pete m

    Australia which that country refuses to accept because of their possible ties to terrorism

    That is patently false.

    We cannot in good conscience or law send refugees we believe are terrorism risk to another country.

    The real reason they are not being settled in Australia is that they are forum hoppers and line breakers who we don’t want to reward before other more patient and deserving refugees.

    AFAIK for many no risk assessment has been done, hence why it is taking so long to process them to USA.

    If they were a security risk we would be rejecting their asylum claim and asking UN to send them home / prior country of departure.

  12. Fisky

    It costs 12 times as much to resettle refugees as it does to assist them in place. Almost all refugees would prefer to return home than be resettled to a third country.

    This is true. And yet for some reason, the “free market” CATO Institute wants mass resettlement of refugees into the US. Very odd priorities for a “small government” think tank!

  13. thefrolickingmole

    This article sums it up, but probably not in the way they intend it to.
    Its going to end in blood and fire and the left will claim they had nothing to do with it.

    Dreaming of Europe: the last young man left in a Senegalese village
    Life is lonely and humiliating for Goundo Wandianga, 21, whose friends and twin brother have all gone to seek their fortunes

    In previous generations, there was agricultural work to do in the villages, according to Djibiribou Balde, the village chief of Sare Bakary. Now, he says, prices are so low that it doesn’t make financial sense to farm cash crops – and in any case, with land degradation and less rainfall as a result of climate change, farming is difficult.

    “We need the means to farm and a market to sell our produce,” he says, sitting with his fellow elders on wooden chairs in a clearing. He explains why young men don’t want to stay in the village, and why his own son, sitting next to him in clothes heavy with mud from the farm, has made the attempt three times. “In our parents’ time, life was less expensive.”

    In any case, he says, travelling has been the normal way of life for his people for many generations. “All of us have spent time elsewhere, experienced the outside. That’s our culture.”

    Marie-Stella Ndiaye of the International Organisation for Migration says this is true of much of Senegal: “The tradition of migration is not really new for the Senegalese, and their references have always been France and Europe. It’s a normal aspiration to move around.”

  14. thefrolickingmole

    Aaaaand its gone.

    .5 seconds and the comment referring to the illegal migration status in that article has been memory holed.

    No purge like a leftist purge.

  15. john constantine

    If turnmerkel had set out to design a way to throw away rural electorates to abc backed ‘rural independant Stalinists’, the simplest way would be to cut the pensions paid to large numbers of elderly rural voters, then mass import settlement plantations of third world peasants and install them in the small towns, as a financial stimulus to make up for the cuts to the age pensions.

    Their much loved abc has a billion dollar bully pulpit, and combining abc filthradio with abc filthtelevision with fairfax rural filthpapers, there is a near filthmonopoly over local media in rural areas.

    Their cathy macgowan in Indi is just the template for the future.

  16. areff

    Two stories about “immigration”:

    One: I lived for ten years in a little Williamstown house that was a dunny lane away from low-rise Housing Commission flats (the ones on The Strand, if you know them). When I moved in the flats were full of toothless battlers and other Collingwood supporters, plus the friendly neighbhourhood junky and his missus. No problems. Reasonable neighbours.

    Over the years the Magpies types were substantially replaced by refugees of one sort or another. By the time I left, my mail was going missing if I didn’t get it out of the box straight away. My garage was broken into. Finally, my car was stolen from the driveway as I slept. It wasn’t the only reason I moved, but I did so without regret.

    Two: When I returned from the States in 2006, my ex-deputy, a Singaporean gal with an Oxford degree and another from Rutgers, thought she’d try life in Australia, in part because it was closer to her ailing father and she was sick of New York. One of the most productive, hard-working and smartest people I’ve ever known.

    She had to jump through hoops to get a work permit and the process cost her and hubby a small fortune. I’m not sure of the details, but after three years she had to leave Sydney.

    Explain the logic of that. Import lots of culturally un-assimilated andd un-assimilatable migrants who are charges on the public purse and whose kids’ activities push up insurance costs and police overtime. They get a tick.

    My friend, who contributed to the nation’s wealth and expertise, gets shown the door.

    You don’t need to be a xenophobic, Fairfax/ABC-scorned racist to see there’s something wrong with this picture.

  17. egg_

    ABC Compass: The Little Church that Grew

    They sing in their native Swahili, which Aussies are forced to learn if they wish to join in the Church Choir, and the English sermons are translated via earpieces UN-style – no English for this lot?
    An example of assimilation – NOT!?

  18. Roger

    Virtually all U.S. Somalis originally arrived as refugees or asylum seekers or are their children. Many now take months-long trips back to Somalia, contradicting their purported reason for seeking asylum: fleeing Somalia for their lives.


    I understand many Australian Sudanese now holiday in South Sudan.


  19. Roger

    It’s official:

    Meryl Streep is a frightbat.

  20. Roger

    Almost all refugees would prefer to return home than be resettled to a third country.

    The Cambodian option proved this.

    Go figure.

  21. Tel

    It costs 12 times as much to resettle refugees as it does to assist them in place. Almost all refugees would prefer to return home than be resettled to a third country.

    Presuming that the “assist in place” option does not include the costs of invading and occupying!

    What I’m saying is that genuine refugees are usually fleeing from war, and cannot remain in place because they will be dead. That’s the genuine refugees, yes I’m aware that many are just trying it on.

  22. Old Surfie

    Areff, you are absolutely spot on. I’ve personally known half a dozen Poms, a couple of Kiwis, a Swedish couple and a Hungarian couple who were either given a very hard time, or were refused altogether, on making application to migrate to Australia. All were decent, honest folk with good useful qualifications and substantial means. A good Pommy couple, who I’ve known for quite a few years, were refused outright last year – he being a professional army officer and his wife an experienced administration officer.
    My wife and I both worked for nearly 50 years each to buy our beachside retirement unit here on the Sunshine Coast. In the 6 years we have been here, the number of Third Worlders (mainly Indians) has gone from absolutely zero to quite a substantial number. Whilst mainly 25-30 year olds, there are least a dozen or so newly arrived over 6o’s in our immediate area that wear the traditional garb and I’ve got absolutely no idea how they get here. Indian restaurants have gone from none to 7 in our small area alone.
    There are about 6 or 7 who all live in the same unit across the road from me – they look like they are all either kitchen hands, cleaners or bottle washers and drive beat up old Mitsubishi Magnas. All like to gather on the footpath, sit on their haunches and have a spit and a fag. It seems we go down to their level as they don’t want to come up to ours.
    I have no doubt in my mind that the Dept. of Immigration has been told to give these people priority over persons of European descent. As a young Aussie I spent a lot of time in the UK during the 70’s – I never thought I’d see Australia end up the same way as them. I reckon we are now only about 25 years behind.

  23. areff

    egg: An example of assimilation

    I attended Masses for much of my life, all conducted in Latin. After Vatican II, St Augustine’s in Yarraville had Italian Mass at 11 am and Polish Mass at noon. The fact that they worship the Christian God in their own tongue is neither here nor there.

  24. Boambee John

    Dot at 1751,

    Sorry, I left off the sarc tab.

    Whenever someone suggests stopping Muslim immigration, there are bleats about “evil” discrimination.

    If we cannot discriminate on the migrants we accept, we should accept no migrants.

    In this matter, I am happy to discriminate, so stop all Muslim immigration now (don’t just pause it).

  25. Fisky

    I have to concur regarding the average quality of the Indians coming in at the moment. BTW for those who were wondering where they came from all of a sudden – student visas for the most part, leading into PR. Unfortunately, all we’re really getting out of this is ridiculously overqualified taxi drivers, 7/11 cashiers, and petrol station attendants.

  26. Fisky

    I’ve noticed a trickle of Indians coming in to teach secondary math/science as well. Most of them are not fully proficient in English, and have very little understanding of the cultural context they will be teaching in. Most of them will be doing relief, and they will get destroyed by the kids, absolutely destroyed.

  27. Cheryl

    And supermarket trolley Boys!

  28. egg_

    The fact that they worship the Christian God in their own tongue is neither here nor there.

    The wymminses do, at least.

  29. egg_

    I’ve noticed a trickle of Indians

    If you’ve never witnessed the Caste system and how arrogant same can be up close and personal.
    My sympathies to anyone who has same for a boss.

  30. Fisky

    I don’t mean to single out Indians, but it is just one example to illustrate how our migration program lacks a clear strategy/rationale. It’s pulling in all different directions, with a generally positive outcome in deterring illegal arrivals, less positive outcomes in resettling UNHCR refugees, and a clusterfuck in the regular stream(s).

    It won’t break the country (unlike much of Europe), but it will make daily life less convenient, society less coherent, and governments always playing catch-up when they discover the effects of substandard migrant selection.

  31. Fisky

    And of course it goes without saying that our target for Muslim migration should be as close to zero as bureaucratically possible.

  32. John Constantine

    Remember when their left howled day and night that Indian taxi drivers and 711 attendants being bashed proved racism.
    Nowadays their media will not report the Apex predators targeting Indians for muggings.

  33. John Constantine

    The selling of residency to Indians if they bribed education providers to give them dodgy certification was corrupt.

    The current training rorts are worse.

  34. egg_

    I don’t mean to single out Indians

    I do – the same individual can be a very different character, depending on whether they’re your boss or a subordinate – ask anyone in the IT industry (Indians themselves prefer more easy going Aussie bosses).

  35. egg_

    Indians themselves prefer more easy going Aussie bosses

    As do many ‘wogs’.

  36. Fisky

    Australia will have to rethink our education/property ponzi model of immigration, especially when automation kicks in and we are left with hundreds of thousands of sullen foreign postgraduates with no employment prospects at all. Sad!

  37. testpattern

    Just 38 comments on an uberfremdung thread?! Such civilisational decline from the throbbing heydays of hundreds and thousands. Comments on a catallaxy uberfremdung thread that is, not the things you sprinkle on cupcakes. Wow the intellectual right is sizzling tonight. Sizzling I say!

    You won’t mind if I mention you in the context of the intellectual right will you fisky? I do try to be inclusive, wouldn’t want to cause offence by omission

  38. Fisky

    The White House is worried that robots are coming to take your job.

    In a report to Congress this week, White House economists forecast an 83 percent chance that workers earning less than $20 per hour will lose their jobs to robots.

    Wage earners who receive up to $40 in hourly pay face a 31 percent chance they’ll be replaced by robots, while workers who are paid more than $40 an hour face much lower odds — about 4 percent — of losing their jobs to automation.

    The estimates underscore the myriad threats facing low-wage workers in America, who in recent years have been buffeted by stagnant wages, decreasing employment prospects and higher education costs if they wish to obtain additional credentials in pursuit of better-paying jobs.

    In an economy increasingly defined by the yawning gap between rich and poor, White House economists worry that increased automation could exacerbate inequality as the well-paid enjoy the fruits of robot-fueled gains in productivity while everyone else is left to fight for scraps.

    That is…brutal. And very worrying. I think we will simply have to shut down much of our immigration program. We have no choice. It’s just not going to work anymore. It was good while it lasted. But no more. Sad!

  39. egg_

    The selling of residency to Indians if they bribed education providers to give them dodgy certification was corrupt.

    A first generation Aussie Indian said it was quite easy for those on the subcontinent to buy (several) degrees to help them emigrate.

  40. King Koala

    Stop (or at the very least pause for 10 years) all immigration now.

    Seconded. Any benefits there may have been to immigration post ww2 no longer exist. Now we have both a job and housing shortage, unsustainable welfare and medicare, immigrant crime gangs, terrorism and a complete lack of social trust in our ‘vibrant’ suburbs.

  41. john constantine

    The Great Australian Education institutions that sold residency if the poor bastard Indian ‘student’ signed up to do an overpriced course in hairdressing or chip frying or pie microwaving were great examples of the corruption underpinning wealth creation in crony socialist Australia.

    Recruiters in India robbed blind poor bastard Indians by charging them to sign them up for the system, corrupt ‘trainers’ in Australia robbed the Indian Students blind by charging big dollars for courses they were never going to attend or benefit from and Australian bottom rung employers robbed the Indian Students blind by paying a pittance in cash for their labor. Apex predators just robbed them blind with violence.

    Bribery and crony socialism kept the whole thing rolling, and their billion dollar a year abc was too busy doing crony socialist politics to ever see a story in it.

    The Australian Education system pretended that people would come to Australia to be trained to worship Stalin even if there wasn’t residency as part of the corrupt package they were selling.

    Now that robots are coming to fry hamburgers and chips, tap and go robots do checkouts and driverless uber is coming to do taxis, it is only degrees in hairdressing and cleaning toilets for the social justice aristocracy that have any value.

    The whole experiment of putting bottom rung obsolete Australians on the disability pension and importing masses of peasants to do bottom rung jobs has made big, quick corrupt dollars for a handful of crony social justice aristocrats, but has created vast unfunded debt liabilities on the welfare and infrastructure accounts looking forward.

  42. Boambee John

    john constantine,

    Minor difference of opinion, I think that the social justice overlords lost their enthusiasm for Indian immigrants when those immigrants showed too much enthusiasm for any form of employment, or even worse, for minor branches of capitalism in small shops etc.

    Muslims are more reliable as tax leeches, needing social justice supervisors on very high salaries to enable cross cultural sympathy.

    Stop Muslim immigration now!

  43. john constantine

    Once the Indian students got pissed off with being ripped off by their lefty social justice betters and the cashflow to the social justice aristocracy dropped off, then Australian Indians got tossed into the forgettery.

    When was the last time anybody heard their abc lamenting the fate of Indian Students?.

    Their abc near started a trade war with India with their constant hammering of the racism faced by the left’s Indian Student client herds, igniting political gotcha opportunities for Indian politicians, then their abc tossed the memes away overnight and went full muzzy.

  44. Boambee John

    John Constantine

    Indeed, their ABC will forget in a moment those who do not follow the narrative.

  45. Fisky

    From the BBC. Could everyone who supports open borders please issue a public apology –

    The French prime minister has said the country’s security services are foiling terror plots and dismantling militant networks “every day”.

    Manuel Valls said about 15,000 people were being monitored for radicalisation as the country continues its drive against jihadist militants.

    Previously the authorities said about 10,000 were identified as high-risk.

    A boy of 15 was arrested at his home in Paris on Saturday on suspicion of planning an attack over the weekend.

    10,000 Muslims considered “at risk” of being jihadists!!

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