Allan Hird talks to 3AW

James Hird’s father (and Cat threadster and sometime poster) spoke to 3AW this morning.

Listen here.

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  1. Rebel with cause

    Best wishes to Allan and James Hird.

    I haven’t watched a game of AFL since 2013. The way James was treated was rotten, but especially by the club he loved. You expect the worst from AFL House, but the club should’ve fought tooth and nail for James and the players the same way James and the Hird family fought for EFC on and off the field.

    I’d rather be cheering EFC along in a suburban league than cheer along a club that went along with one of the great injustices of Australian sport just to stay chummy with the big end of town.

  2. None

    Good on him. I despise the AFL and its self appointment as morality police, social engineer, prosecutor, judge and jury. I despise the crap unleashed by Gillard and the ASDA, populated as it is by penis tuckers and dykes. Best wishes to James Hird and his family. Just don’t isolate yourself from your friends, James. Stand tall. Truth will out. Oh and whoever that judge’s wife was…name her. No free passes for malicious twerps. Let’s see the court of publuc opinion judge her.

  3. None

    Oh and for the record, if you wamt to know how corrupt the AFL is, try this crap charge about bringing the game into disrepute. The mullahs and their blasphemy laws can’t come close to that Kafka-esque monstrosity.

  4. C.L.

    I’ve been trying to learn about the Hird matter.
    As far as I can tell he did nothing wrong but was scapegoated by a bunch of despicable cowards in the AFL, dancing to the tune of the douchebags at ASADA.
    The cowardice of the players, not just the institution itself, was also despicable.
    They should have stopped playing until Hird and other innocents were exonerated.
    I’d like to see what the ‘authorities’ would have done about that.

  5. Rebel with cause

    Never forget that EFC Dr Bruce Reid’s answer to the AFL was that they better lawyer up and he would see them in the Supreme Court. The AFL caved.

    He knew what sort of people he was dealing with and that the AFL kangaroo court process was not to be trusted.

  6. the sting

    I agree that Dr.Bruce Reid showed by his proposed court action and the AFL’s caving in ,the strength of their case in a real court.I also agree that this malicious woman[the judge’s wife] be named,though there was more than one and we know who she was, the leakee from AFL house.

  7. Megan

    A massive miscarriage of justice from tawdry start to ugly finish. It is interesting to me that James insisted that no supplements be given to players unless ok with ASADA/WADA guidelines and the club doctor. He was crucified for not ensuring that happened. Yet Dank, the administrator of the supplements, has not been dragged in front of any tribunal or made to answer for his failure publicly despite his summary banning and Reid is still club doctor.

    James should have done exactly what Reid did and taken it to court.

    I am not an Essendon supporter despite living in a nest of them, but I would like Alan and James to know that not everyone believes the despicable AFL line. They could teach the Mafia a thing or two about enforcement. And I hold them in exactly the same regard.

    I wish the extended Hird family all the very best and hope that James, with their unswerving love and support, can make a full recovery.

  8. feelthebern

    Does he identify the wife of a “prominent” judge who verballed Hird at the Christmas party?

  9. the sting

    Are any of the judges who sat on the inquiry into James Hird etc. married to the woman who verbally attacked Hird at this private function ?

  10. Beachside

    TLS Gillard needed a diversion. TLS’s polls were tanking. Numbers being crunched behind doors – Crean!). Factional hit-squad ready to carry out her political assassination on the command of Big Bill Ludwig.

    Dopey Conroy and Motor-Mouth Burke had both been named as beneficiaries of fast Eddie Obeid’s tainted hospitality at Perisher, during the ongoing ICAC hearings in Sydney. A series of politically damaging incidents or events lead to that wicked stage-managed ‘Blackest Day in Sport’ pantomime to divert media attention away from what TLS perceived would probably help to bring about her inevitable down-fall. Remember, TLS had returned from Christmas / New Year break and announced the 2013 election date 9 months out from polling day, which all went down like a lead balloon, along with her media polls.

    James Hird (unwittingly) ended up being everyone else’s patsy, ergo the AFL’s ‘face’. He alone stood up for his principles, and took a stand against those less courageous big shots in the AFL, the Fairfax print media, and the Essendon Football Club itself. James Hird did nothing wrong. The Essendon players did nothing wrong.

    In all of this, Stephen Dank appears to be an attention seeker with some pretty questionable links to people of a certain element. On this point, I’d be interested to know what others think.

    I hope James and his wife Tania (who appears to be a very strong lady indeed), can find the strength to take on the devious cowards who thought it’d be OK to destroy someone else’s career, and by extension their victim’s ability to earn an equivalent income to support their family and maintain their previous lifestyle, in order to shore up the flagging political careers of those who would not be fit to tie James Hird’s football boot laces, ever.

    I wish James and Tania, and their children all the best for the future.
    Together, be strong. Never give in, never give up.

  11. Stackja

    Juliar’s legacy continues! More lives affected!

  12. Geriatric Mayfly

    Utterly confused and bewildered by this whole saga and because it relates to football, not the least bit interested in the detail. But if some judge’s wife has let her sense of self importance get ahead of her, I am surprised her name has not been leaked on some of the more daring blogs, or under Parliamentary privilege, such is the passion that this issue has aroused.

  13. Craig Mc

    You know, it’s entirely possible to simultaneously believe that Gillard is shit, the AFL is corrupt, AND that Hird was a drug-cheat. WADA and CAS almost certainly did.

    Still, no need to pile on now. I hope he gets professional help and finds redemption.

  14. Leigh Lowe

    Mrs Bromberg?
    Or is he gay?

  15. feelthebern

    Mrs Bromberg?
    Or is he gay?

    Amazing how the identity of the verbal attacker has been kept on the down low.

  16. iamok

    But you cannot get away from the fact that this all happened on Hird’s watch. I loved the guy as a footballer, up there with the very best. And clean.

    But he was coach when this started, escalated and was done. Who else (other than the Board whose fiduciary duty breaches should see them locked up) is directly accountable, if not responsible?

    This latest twist is very sad and I feel great sympathy for him in this, but truth is he stuffed up.

  17. EB

    You know, it’s entirely possible to simultaneously believe that Gillard is shit, the AFL is corrupt, AND that Hird was a drug-cheat. WADA and CAS almost certainly did.

    Yep. People were injected with shit that they still have no clue about. With this in mind, Hird would have been in a really good position at the start. He could have taken a quick knee during 2012 and waltzed back in after investigations were over, having basically ascribed himself his own punishment. Instead, 18 months later he cops to bringing the game into disrepute.

    The point of guilt for the public is the press conference. For Hird it was where he said “I’m shocked to be sitting here”. Same as the point of guilt for Lance Armstrong was the Oprah interview. Any sensible person takes the kick up the arse at that point and keeps their head down for a while. Hird, on the advice of a well known Liberal master of the dark arts (a fucking shitty one at that) somehow made himself a 4 year lightning rod for this mess coming off like a deluded fool. Had he taken an alternate route, most people wouldn’t give two shits today. There’s a case study for the PR textbooks in years to come.

  18. allan

    Craig you are wrong about WADA and CAS believing Hird was a drug cheat. He was never charged by ASADA or WADA. One of the ongoing problems in this matter is the distortions of the truth throughout and indeed the outright lies.

  19. Empire GTHO Phase III

    The primary issue in this tragic saga is the abuse of state power by leftist scum, yet we still have people here never missing the opportunity to promote their own phoney piety by focussing on the lower order issue of Hird’s possible culpability for an unproven offence.

    Get a grip.

  20. clearspot

    What irks me most about the whole incident is that ASADA is a government department (wholly funded by the taxpayer) investigating the business of the AFL a private corporation. It should be up to the AFL to do it;s own housekeeping and police supplements and drugs in the league as they see fit.
    Really pisses me off that we end up paying for the whole circus.

  21. Rebel with cause

    But you cannot get away from the fact that this all happened on Hird’s watch

    All what happened? Like the AFL you want to infer Hird did something wrong with no evidence to support your case.

  22. JamesS

    Watching the original “blackest day of sport” press conference, you could tell the fix was in – emasculate a high profile club and players. AFL, Labor and presstitutes completed the job on the flimsiest of pretexts.

    Shame on the Liberal Party, then and now, for not calling this issue for what it was.

    I refuse to watch mainstream sport, treat it like mainstream everything else.

  23. BorisG

    What irks me most about the whole incident is that ASADA is a government department (wholly funded by the taxpayer) investigating the business of the AFL a private corporation.

    AFL enjoys a lot of government privileges, including stadiums largely built at taxpayers’ expense. This is the source of the rot, in my opinion. By accepting the subsidy the AFL (and the clubs) imlicitly submitted to the government will. That is why James Hird was sacrificed to the Labor government who wanted to smokescreen their own scandals.

  24. rafiki

    Way back I suggested that the way to go was for the AFL to simply say – ‘stuff WADA, we’ll sort this out ourselves’. That was possible, and from the point of view of getting the state out of it, desirable. Boris G is right in pointing out that the AFL could not forgo the largesse it receives from the taxpayers, but why is the government bothered if WADA is out of the picture? Because, I guess, the result might be that Australian athletes in sports that are conducted on international stages (swimming, etc) would find themselves excluded because the AFL were not under WADA control. Many countries might be quite happy to find a reason to exclude Australians.

    Is there a way out? The way the Russians showed how to corrupt the WADA processes would be justification enough for us to abandon WADA, but then the government would have to deal with yelping from the swimmers, et al. Maybe Australians could approach the Americans and other and suggest new fora for international sports. In a Trump era, all kinds of radical changes to the way we relate to international bodies is possible (and desirable).

  25. Rabz

    The entire tawdry saga merely reinforced how correct I was to stop following the ALPFL.

    I had a lot of time for James Hird in his day – a great player.

    Here’s hoping he fully recovers and this bizarre witch hunt is brought to a long overdue end.

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