Outback Aarhus

Don’t want to go too far into my trip to Europe stories, but the photo is of the TV in the lobby of the hotel here in Aarhus in Denmark which is from an episode of The Flying Doctors that was being shown on the main TV station, with subtitles, at 8:00 am. And at the other end of the lobby, the TV was showing highlights from the tennis in Australia. I am here with a bunch of students, but it does turn out that Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture for 2017. Truly does represent why coming to Europe is such an immense pleasure (but also reminds me why being able to return to Australia is an even bigger pleasure).

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  1. Baldrick

    … from an episode of The Flying Doctors that was being shown on the main TV station, with subtitles, at 8:00 am.

    What? You mean they don’t have Good Morning Denmark?

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    What a great country ,no Kochie promoting his mad mate the krudster ,the mornings must be heaven .

  3. What’s the point of subtitles when they’re foreign lingo !

  4. Roger

    Yes, it is always good to be able to return to Australia.

    No matter how bad it gets.

  5. hzhousewife

    Wonderful, Steve. We Australians are truly priveledged and most of us do not know it.

  6. mem

    My other half was a script writer for FD. It was at a time when you didn’t get residuals for later re-runs. So the Danes are playing his good works whilst we are sitting here making do. Many of the episodes were shot in studio with a wing or other part as a prop and lots of innovation from set designers. Not too much outback flying in those days of TV. But in my opinion it worked better than many computer generated images that are used these days. I guess there is fake and cartoon computer fake. Made our day, so thanks for the post.

  7. 132andBush

    Passed through Minyip just the other day.

  8. JLC of Perth

    I used to fly little aircraft for fun and had the privilege of watching a Flying Doctor aircraft collecting a patient at a remote airfield.

    The RFDS aircraft is a flying intensive care unit and the crew — medical and aeronautical — are amazing.

    Truly we are lucky to have them.

  9. JohnA

    Stackja #2257711, posted on January 10, 2017, at 6:57 pm

    Flynn’s legacy!

    Ah, there you go, slagging off at those radical, mad Christians again!



  10. Andysaurus

    I used to get CAT posts directly to my Email, but they have stopped. Can anybody give me a tutorial in how to reconnect please? Thanks.

  11. Nerblnob

    Despite Australians’ insistence on cultural cringe before Europe and Scandinavia, the Scandis in general and the Danes in particular love Australia and do not affect the disdain so often seen in the Brits.

  12. Des Deskperson

    ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ used to be huge in Italy.

  13. ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ used to be huge in Italy.

    Until right now, I’d always assumed Italy had a touch of class.

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