You Blinked and You Missed It

I suspect very few people noticed, but 26 December 2016 was the 25th anniversary of the end of the cold war.  On that day, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was dissolved by resolution of the Supreme Soviet.

That day went past with barely a whimper and notice.

Every November 11, the end of World War 1 is noted.  VE day (Victory in Europe) is noted every 8 May.  26 December?  Isn’t that boxing day?

It might be argued that the cancer that is socialism and communism never died because, unlike Nazism, Fascism and Imperialism, its costs and consequences are not taught in schools, and victory over is not celebrated.  Like the plague infested rats in the sewers waiting to come to the surface when the environment is hospitable, the ideas of socialism and communism were never property eradicated.

Many more people died under Stalin and Mao than died in WW1 or WW2, but many millennials would not know that.  By some estimates, between 49 and 78 million died under Mao Zedong and 23 million under Josef Stalin.  This compared to 17 million under Adolf Hitler.

Instead, we have Marxism and Socialism advocated in schools and universities (arts faculties of course) and representatives in our Commonwealth Parliament advocating poison like this.

The shame and the disgrace.

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30 Responses to You Blinked and You Missed It

  1. Ant

    Stalin, Mao or Hitler – what difference does it make? They’re cut from the same totalitarian cloth.

  2. Rafe

    Find a way to explain that to Green voters and the comrades in the ABC☺

  3. stackja

    #2258128, posted on January 11, 2017 at 9:49 am
    Stalin, Mao or Hitler – what difference does it make? They’re cut from the same totalitarian cloth.

    Few Hitlerites exist today while still many Stalinists and Maoists do.

    Communist Party USA, est. 1919

    The Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) is a Maoist political party in Australia

    Socialist Alternative/Socialist Alliance

  4. Ray

    And many Liberal voters for that matter.

  5. old bloke

    Neither Stalin nor Mao Zedong have got anywhere near the death toll of Islam however, rank amateurs both of them. Islam’s death toll in India alone is estimated to be around 800 million, communism has got a long way to go to catch up with the Mohammedans.

  6. alexnoaholdmate

    Socialism – and the isms that sprang from it, such as Fascism and Communism – killed more people than any disease in history, and just in the 20th century.

    And to echo Ant’s point – Stalin, Mao, and Hitler are all cut from the same cloth. If we’re going to bemoan that the millions killed to Communism aren’t taught in the textbooks, we also need to make it clear that it is Collectivism which leads always to totalitarianism, and that Stalin and Hitler were sibling rivals rather than opposites.

    Then we can put an end to this nonsense about how Hitler was ‘right-wing’ and Republicans/Australian Liberals/British Conservatives are also right wing, and that therefore the difference between them is only one of degree.

    What nonsense. Modern free-market liberalism – “right wingers” – are the absolute antithesis of Hitler, who believed (just like Stalin) in the subservience of the individual to the state, that the needs of the state (or the ‘Proletariat’, whatever the collective might be called in that respective system) must take priority over any puny individual rights, that the economy must be completely subordinated to state direction, and that dissent must be punished with physical coercion and brutality.

    The only ‘right-wing’ dictatorships in the 20th Century are spurious ones such as Pinochet and in South Korea – and in all cases the end goal was liberalisation of the free market and the economy which led to an eventual peaceful restoration of democratic rights.

    That’s the difference.

  7. Entropy

    Few Hitlerites exist today while still many Stalinists and Maoists do.

    Of course they do. The consistent feature for all of these authoritarians is using the power of the state to enforce their goals on the population. They were allied for ideological reasons for the first few years of the war, a fact all too often forgotten, until Hitler betrayed Stalin and suddenly became the bad guy.
    Modern authoritarians just don’t like being compared with Hitler, who is bad, while commies are nice and fluffy.

  8. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker!) Gray

    I did celebrate the end of the cold war, by eating prawns, cold. The consumption of red meat was highly symbolic.
    As for why socialism survives- in war-ravaged Somalia we have pure anarchy, and in North Korea we have Communism. All other countries are, to some degree, socialist! Australia is called the Commonwealth of Australia, and common wealth is just another word for socialist. Those ‘third way’ ideas are junk! All societies are third ways between anarchy and absolutism- just the degree varies!

  9. Bruce of Newcastle

    The Cold War never ended, there was just a pause for a while after the setback of the fall of the Soviets, and now it is going again full on. However the main aggressor now is the “socialist” Left based in Western countries. They are just as keen to conquer, and in general terms have been more successful doing so than the USSR was.

  10. Rabz

    Remember, Marx had one great catch all excuse for the inevitable failure of communism – it had to be implemented globally to actually work as intended.

    Could you imagine a whole world enslaved under communism?

    Quite frankly, I’d rather be dead.

  11. alexnoaholdmate

    They were allied for ideological reasons for the first few years of the war, a fact all too often forgotten…

    And how the Leftists danced to Stalin’s tune!

    When Stalin was saying before the war that Hitler was an imperialist menace, then the Leftists decried appeasement and demanded action.

    When Stalin signed the non-aggression pact with Hitler and carved up Poland with him, then suddenly Hitler – with whom we were at war by then – was misunderstood and unfairly treated, and the war was an imperialist war of aggression against Germany, unjust and to be opposed. Unions in Australia even refused to load supplies and mail for our soldiers serving in the Middle-East and Greece.

    And then when Hitler invaded the USSR he suddenly became the incarnation of evil and had to be stopped at last. The country was united in its resolve to put an end to this great Sauron-like monster, we are told, and there was unity of purpose in that regard.

    Oh, and that part where we opposed the war against Hitler during the darkest days, when the Nazi war machine was running rampant over Europe and threatening to bomb Britain into the ground? Stop, stop, why bring that up now? We’re all on the same side, yes?

    The intellectual contortions your average Leftist has to undergo in the cause of their ideology are incredible, and none of it is new – read Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon, if you haven’t already.

  12. H B Bear

    Doris Bagshawe will be shedding a tear, raising a vodka and continuing the struggle. And probably their former typist, Australia’s most successful Fabian too.

  13. John Michelmore

    Rabz, “implemented globally to actually work as intended”; that wouldn’t be the UN goal, would it?

  14. cynical1

    Commies always say it’s just never implemented properly.


    It always works the same way.

    “From those that can, to those that can’t”.

    Enforced by terror.

    We will just ignore the depraved pit this is Islam.

    It too when implemented as it was intended by the fucking germ who started the rampages,
    works only by enforcement and terror.

  15. I suspect very few people noticed, but 26 December 2016 was the 25th anniversary of the end of the cold war. 

    Well, once again, this is the fault of the limp-wristed, jellyback bunch of pansies masquerading as a right-wing party (and also libertarians who have zero concept of culture). If these fuckwits would take a leaf out of the Book of Leftardism then they could have done the following;

    – Live broadcast a service commemorating the victims of Socialism (including National Socialism)
    – A 50 foot memorial unveiled on the banks of Burley Griffin to remember the hundreds of millions who died and suffered under Socialism.
    – New, fully funded, compulsory school program called the “Safe Schools from Socialism” in which students spend one week a year learning of the horrors of collectivism, Socialism (International and National), Fascism and Totalitarianism and benefits of small Government and classical liberalism.
    – “Never Again” campaign and week-long series on the ABC (legally enforced) on the best documentaries about Socialism – such as this one.

    The leftist scum wouldn’t dare speak out against it and a huge victory for the culture wars and truth and reality would be struck.
    Instead the LNP morons are busy implementing the agenda of the enemies of humanity and decency.


  16. C.L.

    The EU is a far bigger threat to Europe than the USSR ever was.

  17. alexnoaholdmate

    The leftist scum wouldn’t dare speak out against it and a huge victory for the culture wars and truth and reality would be struck

    Of course they’d speak out against it. They’d lambast the government for building an “ideological” monument with taxpayer money.

    They’d demand the government “keep politics out of the classroom” (ha!).

    And they’d demand the government cease “politicising” the ABC and interfering with their “editorial freedom.”

    Come on – they are the masters at this game. It’s their rules and their home turf.

  18. iain russell

    Old Bloke, oh yes. Further, I see the non-recognition of the genocide of Hindus, Sikhs and others by the Muslim invaders (8th-16th C) as being a source of conflict here, as the flow of Indians continues into Australia. We have seen the fuss over the innocuous Korean sex slaves statue at the church in Sydney. Just wait til there is a push for similar recognition of the horrors of the Muslim slaughters and occupation of what is now India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hindu Kush indeed! It will be a real back bend and twist for the Islamo-luvvies and SJWankers to pass this off as a mere historical footnote or ‘irritation’.

  19. Dr Fred Lenin

    Hitlers socialism is like the Chinere communist version,let the capitalists supply the money to keep the comrades in power and in the money . I made a study of Hitler and the Nazis ,he always spoke of the German Worker ,you know like shorten gilliard ,rudd. keating ,hawke and the rest of the red shower Hypocricy has always been a feature of the socialists . You never hear the greens speak about the “Worker” ,they have never worked in their lives like the socialist alliance mob wouldnt know a worker if he bit them in the bum

  20. Joe

    Come on – they are the masters at this game. It’s their rules and their home turf.

    Use the Socrates defence – Don’t listen to them. Ignore them and belittle their bleatings. Go on the attack, force them to retreat. Insult them at every chance and do not attempt to use logic against them. For they are immune to logic and can only respond to emotional arguments.

  21. alexnoaholdmate
    #2258195, posted on January 11, 2017 at 11:04 am

    It’s their rules and their home turf.

    Precisely, they would look absolute fools and hypocrites if it was done properly (hence the memorial is on Burley Griffin – in front of the Siev X memorial) and hence the “Safe Schools from Socialism”.
    Use their rules against them – which, incidentally, is also a leftist (Alinsky) rule.
    Followed up with a few rounds of “the Labor Party condone mass murder and genocide” would shut them down pretty sharpish.
    Oh for someone with the cojones, but the opportunity has passed now.

  22. alexnoaholdmate

    Precisely, they would look absolute fools and hypocrites if it was done properly

    You said they “wouldn’t dare” open their mouths to object. I’m merely pointing out that of course they fucking would. They’re the experts at it.

  23. ella answer-key

    Fear is slavery

    Google British philosopher, Nick Land, read “The Dark Enlightenment.”

    Meet the philosophers the communists fear.

    Antonio Gramasci plagerised tne work of theoretician Graham Wallas writing five decades earlier.

    Apologies for no link – on another device and away from home.

  24. Empire GTHO Phase III

    The Cold War ended? News to me. I’m still on active duty.

  25. ella answer-key

    The Left claim truth is relative i.e truth changes.

    Once, some human beings believed the earth was flat. We discovered the earth was sphere-shaped.
    The truth changed? No, the truth is that the earth was always sphere-shaped. The truth did not change – we changed. Instead of holding a false belief our knowledge corresponds with reality.

    If you did not understand how this works and learned something new then the truth has not changed; you have changed.

    Free speech ensures the freedom to disagree.

  26. DM OF WA

    Imperialism should not be on that list. The record of imperialism overall is at worst mixed but it also has many and lasting positive effects; the both the Roman and British empires quickly spread many benefits of their advanced civilisations around the world and maintained political and social stability for long periods. Even the Hapsburg empire was on balance a good thing. Consider Africa today: how is it better than than sixty years ago? The few Third World countries that have prospered in recent times have done so because of their imperialist experience not in spite of it. The rest have regressed back into the Dark Ages.

    Those people who like to blame imperialism for present day troubles always remind me of that classic scene from Life of Brian.

  27. ella answer-key

    Academics of the Left denying the existence of somethink.

    Male and female don’t exist.

    What do you mean ‘male and female’? Never heard of the words before. How do ya spell those words? Have you ever heard of those words Professor. Nah Andrew, the general public is imaging things again. Its a phobia, a mental illness the public got if they disagree with academic, politicians, and journalists. It’s heterosexism, Andrew. The general public don’t deserve free speech. The dummies disagree with us high IQ elites. Don’t the fools understand they are tne chaff after the intellectual elite has been extracted.

  28. Robert T

    Nobody under 30 has any awareness of communism. Even those under 40 were too young to remember what a dreadful system it was. Because of that I think it will be embraced again with predictable results.

  29. classical_hero

    We’ve still got examples of the horror of Socialism, (Communism by other means). The two greatest are the best Korea and Venezuela. The one thing is people never learn from history. We like to blame others for our problems, which is why socialism is so attractive, since it gives an easy way out, but that’s just a false sense of security.

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