Charter flights

According to the SMH,

But travel records reveal the licensed commercial pilot also charged $6300 to fly from Canberra to Melbourne in July 2014 and another $7000 to travel from Canberra to Adelaide in May 2015.

Ms Ley’s social media accounts indicate she was in the cockpit.

That must have been some plane. Take the Canberra to Melbourne leg for $6300. A single engine Cessna (the type of plane she is often photographed next to) could fly that distance – non stop – in about 2 hours. Add in 15 minutes for checks and taxiing and that’s $2300 per hour.

One can rent a small plane in Canberra from about $210 – $230 per hour wet (ie: fuel included). Add in landing fees at Melbourne airport and the total cost of a single pilot flying himself or herself to Melbourne would be around $500, and another $500 for the return journey.

As a commercial pilot Ley may have had a type rating for a larger plane – perhaps a small jet? It wouldn’t be so bad if she flew herself in a light plane and it cost less than regular public transportation (RPT). But slugging the taxpayer with an amount six times more than RPT on a busy route is a sacking offence. And Tiger Air is offering flights from Canberra to Melbourne for $53. Ley could take 120 Tiger Air flights between Canberra and Melbourne for that one charter.

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43 Responses to Charter flights

  1. Zulu Kilo Die Onuitspeeklike

    So the taxpayer foots the bill for a licensed pilot to keep her hours up? I don’t think so.

  2. Infidel Tiger

    She needs to be jailed. And whipped.

  3. rafiki

    If Ley need to rack up hours holding the joy stick a trip directly from Canberra to Melbourne might not have been enough. If she flew the plane on an indirect route, but the journey was described as Canberra to Melbourne, the AFP might get involved. That description suggests a direct flight.

    The Libs might be faced with by-election in Farrer, and to avoid Coalition loss, leave it to the Nats.

  4. mizaris

    But why was she paid out for the travel claim? Whose job was it to check the validity of the claim?

  5. Beef

    With the plane sitting around waiting for to finish her walkabout, who’s paying that plane cost?

  6. Zyconoclast

    She needs to be jailed. And whipped.

    Whipped, then jailed to recover and whipped again.

    I think that’s how they do it Saudi style.

  7. Michel Lasouris

    How many people in the plane?

  8. Zyconoclast

    While we all pile on Ley, let’s not forget the other 149 members and 76 senators.

  9. MD

    Wouldn’t she have to hire a pilot to come with her to take the plane back?

  10. Mark

    She could have bought every seat on the Tiger Air jet!

  11. Confused Old Misfit

    mizaris is asking the right questions. This is a failing of the “Deep State”.

  12. JamesS

    This story keeps getting better. Jonathon Pie can come to Oz and turn this into political satire of the most profane kind.

  13. Sydney Boy

    I dunno, I’m a bit sceptical about the $6300 and $7000 as reported. If it only costs $500 to hire a plane each way I would like to see the actual invoices for the travel, not what Fauxfacts is reporting.

  14. Garry

    Their expenses are checked by a public servant who would be very mindfull of keeping his job. But! ley has actually treated the Australian taxpayer like an ATM. She did this deliberately. She deliberately defrauded the Australian public. What would happen to you, the average working Australian if you deliberately defrauded your employer? Well, nothing much will happen to Ley because she was operating within the rorters rules. Can’t wait for the next election to witness these troughing snouts get their comeuppance!

  15. Rohan

    Yeah, but the baggage costs…

  16. entropy

    If it is supposedly government business she would have to have rented at least a twin engine of some description. aviation rules for public servants require at least two engines. Don’t ponder the logic, but them’s the rules.

  17. entropy

    What would happen to you, the average working Australianpublic servant if you deliberately defrauded your employer?

    A public servant would most likley be sacked for this. If not shipped to Thargomindah. 43 degrees tomorrow.

  18. Take the Canberra to Melbourne leg for $6300.

    I flew on a charter flight – twin engine – from Melbourne to the tip of Cape York, for $6,500

  19. entropy

    I would think that prices should include a pilot.

  20. Motelier

    While Flyabout Ley is playing with the joystick to keep her rating up she can’t be doing business like every other Liberal pollie you see on a commercial flight.

    OHHHHHH! What’s that you say Skip? Empty planes with no pollies on board! Nooooooo.

    Although being commercially rated might have some benefits if you are a frequent flyer like Sus (s)an Ley

  21. mareeS

    If these aircraft were chartered at taxpayer expense, and the Minister has used the hours to keep up her licence as a commercial pilot, that has to be a case of misappropriating public money for personal or commercial gain.

    This must be looked at in an inquiry apart from travel rorts. It is very serious and cannot be written off under travel expenses.

  22. Motelier

    On another note, MrsM and I would recharge our batteries a couple of times a year on Brampton Island.

    Single engine Cessna private charter from Mackay to Brampton Island for $150 each way. Pilot provided plus up to5 passengers with luggage.

  23. Motelier

    But we paid for it out of our own pockets.

  24. Motelier

    Just remember that Sus(s)an Fly is only following in her idol’s flightsteps.

  25. John Campbell

    Reliable flying in SE Oz requires IFR aircraft. Charter IFR must be twin so 172 is out

    CPL is lifetime, no requirement for hours. To use it requires medical and a flight review. A command instrument rating does require renewal, Private IR – flight review.

    Renewal/review of any of these requires quite a bit and sitting in the right seat while “George” does the work doesn’t help.

  26. Art Vandelay

    She needs to be jailed. And whipped.

    Tarred and feathered. Along with all the rest of the free-loading socialist morons in the Parliament.

  27. BorisG

    Parliamentarians are not morons. Taxpayers are.

  28. Crossie

    Flygirl Susie and polo Julie living high on the hog and bugger the Budget. After all, what’s Malcolm going to do? Fire his supporters? Not likely if he wants to remain the PM.

  29. Jonesy

    C210 costs a bit more than $200/hr to hire but how many flights was she charging for? Obviously, Sussssssan was flying herself from her home town of Albury direct to Canberra. Methinks if the press dug they would find these charges were for the total month of sittings….maybe, four return flights…if someone happened to grab the rego of the plane they could worm out the story on hire rate and whether the charge was to have the plane sitting in Canberra for the sitting week….could it be that Susssan owns the plane herself?

  30. Baldrick

    A Canberra to Melbourne flight, one way, should cost no more than $300.

    Ley charged $6,300, which means she owes us $6,000. Simples.

  31. The family travel allowance seems to be the most rorted entitlement of all.
    The basic premise is sound – politicians are forced to work in Canberra and uniting families is a laudable objective. Especially for the far-flung electorates.
    Get rid of what is now a holiday lurk by flying family to Canberra twice a year. Nothing else. Call the legislation the “Tony Burke Amendment”.

  32. struth

    The family travel allowance seems to be the most rorted entitlement of all.

    It may seem to be, but if we knew more, I would wager it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  33. Empire GTHO Phase III

    With the plane sitting around waiting for to finish her walkabout, who’s paying that plane cost?

    The meter runs with engine, Beef.

    It’s time for Ley to make her logbook public.

  34. jupes

    Their expenses are checked by a public servant who would be very mindfull of keeping his job.

    Well in that case he should have called her on it.

    Sack the bastard. That’s our money he is supposedly looking after.

  35. jupes

    Also how long will this enquiry take? What more do they need?

    After discovering the information in this post, it would take about five minutes to talk to Ley to get her excuse (if any)and then precisely 0.5 seconds to make up your mind that the parasite should be sacked. The investigator should then inform Ley of his recommendation. Shouldn’t take too long to type her resignation after that.

    In a rational, efficient world, her resignation should be on Turnbull’s desk in 30 minutes tops.

    WTF are they doing?

  36. Top Ender

    I used to fly light planes – some thoughts:

    – dunno about public servants having to fly twin-engines as shown above. But even so a light twin would not cost that much. A Cessna 310 twin would be around $750 an hour.

    – Landing and movement fees maybe $150-$200 a trip.

    – most companies only charge by the flight hour. If you keep it sitting on the ground at your destination they don’t mind a) so long as it’s not too long, and b) you will be paying them more money to fly it back. They don’t want to put a pilot aboard to fly it back if you only want to do a one-way flight.

    Anyway, all up, can’t see those distances necessitate the amounts of money Ley charged the government. A Cessna 310 cruises at 330 kph so the 958 great circle distance from Canberra to Adelaide is three hours flight time if you figure in some messing about and being generous. $2500 each trip max.

    Unless she built in some side trips at the same time; or went joyriding for a few hours to see the scenery for her passengers and so on, she is gilding the lily at $7k to the taxpayer. That is of course ignoring why she should do it in the first place when a commercial flight is frequent and cheap.

  37. Top Ender

    Ley is obviously dead meat. Richardson summed it up this morning in his column in the Oz:

    It makes you wonder why the Prime Minister would delay the inevitable decision to sack her. Having an investigation by his own department merely guarantees that the saga, which is doing his government no good at all, will continue for another week or two.

    Dithering is the only sport in which Malcolm Turnbull will ever win Olympic gold.

  38. Jim

    I cannot wait for the Minster’s next excuse for the unnecessary use of the private plane…..

    “I am acutely aware of the struggle the owners of light charter aircraft are under in this day and age of regular, efficient and affordable commercial flights. Our agenda to to create jobs and growth, including via the stimulation of demand for charter services. Any excessive expenditure of public money will be recovered through the multiplier effect and the subsequent additional tax revenue.”

  39. egg_

    Bishop’s ‘Chauffeured limo’ flight waiting on a Perth runway for her has to take the cake.

  40. Even that chap Wong is right sometimes. Following Ley’s resignation: Acting Labor leader Penny Wong said Ms Ley had done what she “should have done a week ago”, declaring Mr Turnbull had been “too weak” to sack her.

  41. JohnA

    And now that that is out of the way, Mr Wong, how about you disclose your expenses?

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