I have always wondered

I have always wondered why anyone cares why the views of celebrities on public policy matters carry any weight at all, let alone are worth listening to.

Who cares what Meryl Streep thinks about Donald Trump.  Who cares what Ben Afflek thinks about immigration.  Who cares what Leonardo DiCaprio thinks about climate change.  Who cares what Hanoi Jane Fonda thinks about anything.

Do these people have access to information unavailable to the majority of the population?  Do they get special additional voting powers?  No and no.  Their views have no more currency than that of the average punter on the street.

At least Noam Chomsky has some qualifications, in linguistics.  But he will speak with great authority on climate change.

These people are all entitled to have and express views, but why does the media jump to attention when celebrities, often without having completed secondary education, claim authority and expertise.  See the latest here.

Apparently, a citizen of the United States (Hanoi Jane) is unhappy with the actions of the Prime Minister of Canadia (Justin ibn Castro Trudeau) with respect to a pipeline project.  You see:

Fonda says people should not be fooled by “good-looking liberals” like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who “disappointed” her by approving pipelines from the Alberta oil sands.

Who cares whether Fonda is disappointed or not.

You would think, after the performance of the Hillary Clinton in the recent election, brought to you by the Hollywood intelligentsia, the media would get the message that, while Joe and Jane Public may enjoy their movies, music and tv shows, they don’t care about the political views of celebrities.

Will they ever learn?


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24 Responses to I have always wondered

  1. gabrianga

    Perhaps time to “clean up” our own celebritiesespecially some of the “stars” of the Global Warming Club, the Anti-Coal Brigade and of course Lord Wentworth.

  2. Craig Mc

    It’s been over a decade since “shut up and sing” and they haven’t learnt a thing.

  3. And Another Thing

    Here’s the thing. In a democratic country we thank God for it, and if the candidate we voted for doesn’t win, we get over it, knowing that we get another vote next time. Donald Trump has won the election, and is entitled to the respect due to the holder of that office.
    I think the left is worried about the way their future is playing out, with Trump’s win, Brexit and the centre right in Europe looking increasingly likely to make big gains. It’s not just Trump, but he’ll do as a fall guy for the Tinseltown cry babies.

  4. Mother Lode

    It is marketing.

    These celebs are of the same political stripe as the media and political elite – and if those faces can make movies cool then they can make the cause du jour cool too.

    There is a reason they don’t flap around John Voight or Adam Baldwin.

    The actors are just too frickin’ stupid, this coupled with insecurity.

    They are being used by smarter people than themselves.

  5. alexnoaholdmate

    I don’t mind that celebrities have opinions; I don’t even mind that they want to share them with us, though I’m flabbergasted at the ego these people must have that they think we’re dying to know their every thought and musing.

    What bothers me is this idea that we have to listen.

    Recently, the young lass from Harry Potter addressed the UN about feminism, and the media kindly informed me that her opinion mattered. Why, exactly? They didn’t say.

    Apparently Alec Baldwin doesn’t like Donald Trump. Fair enough. Good luck to him. No, no, no, the media tells me, you have to watch this clip from Saturday Night Live where he ‘completely destroys Trump’ by, umm… putting on a wig, I guess?

    And the worst of them all? That John Oliver twerp, who lectures us about how stupid we all are. You have to listen to him ‘eviscerate’ Trump.

    Why? Is he particularly intelligent? Does he have any qualifications in political science that make him an expert? Does he have a track record of decades of political journalism that might – just might – make his opinion of some value?

    No. He’s, er, English, and therefore smart. Plus he’s on TV and famous, so his opinion matters more than yours.

    But why? Why is he somehow entitled to our rapt attention whenever he deigns to drop pearls of wisdom from his mouth? Hell, he’s spent all his life in the UK – what does he even know about the situation on the ground in the US?

    Shut up. The speccy git is sermonising.

  6. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker!) Gray

    Look, Celebrities were made good-looking by God, so they must be closer to God than we are, so we’d better listen to these semi-prophets, or the sky will fall in! Got it? Good!

  7. Infidel Tiger

    Absolutely no one cool one earth is associated with leftism any more.

    It is a movement for dorks and child molesters.

  8. BrettW

    I think the original Hanoi Jane scenario (ie. in wartime) was a bit different to other examples give, although the reference above may be in connection to the pipeline.

    I am not even American but I find shows like Steven Colbert unwatchable because of the constant anti Trump narrative. I note David Letterman was at the recent Obama celebrity party and was no doubt for services rendered. Funny how such hosts never seemed to pick up issues with Obama or Clinton. Their reward was guest spots by Michelle Obama and Biden.

    I am more in tune with Tim Allen in Last Man Standing !

  9. Pat Warnock

    Celeb intelligentsia know better than we ordinary people as we can’t read from a script, act out the words and look beautiful at the same time – as for Hanoi Jane ..

  10. Some History

    The song starts appropriately:

    Dumb….. Dumb…… Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb
    Dumb….. Dumb…… Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb

  11. H B Bear

    A more interesting question is why they protest about CEO pay but not someone getting $10M+ for six or eight weeks work. Or the Hollywood pay gap where women never get the same as men.

    So many questions. So much hypocrisy. So Leftard.

  12. Myrddin Seren

    One can but look forward to the A-Listers demanding their movies, TV shows and music not be played in blue counties and fly-over states.

    No Celebrity Soup for Red Necks !

  13. louis

    Ah who can forget our own celebrity that Rudd put in charge of his most important conference because well she played a Queen very well once.

    The thing is it’s successful. Those in academia and government hope to also be ‘cool’ by espousing the same views and maybe even be mistaken as being a peer of the celebrity. If they can promote that cause enough, maybe they’ll even get to hang out with celebs.

    Politicians positively go weak at the knees at the idea that they get to hang out with some celeb.

  14. lotocoti

    On the other hand, Our Nicole prefaced her answer to a beeb question with “I’m reticent to…” and proceeded to jeopardise her future in hollyweird with a hearty ‘He’s there, let’s go!’

  15. Dr Fred Lenin

    I always remember blanchet and that maggot with the mo standing in front of a pic of Battersea power station spewing black smoke .neglecting to mention it had been closed when she was at kindy and he was starting secondary school . Liars and deceivers never did a usefull days work in their lives just remembered caton had the mo .

  16. One can but look forward to the A-Listers demanding their movies, TV shows and music not be played in blue counties and fly-over states.
    No Celebrity Soup for Red Necks !

    They must have forgotten the Dixie Chicks Effect, which put a noticeable dampener on any speeches like that of Meryl Streep.

    …the Dixie Chicks, extremely popular then… caused a massive stir when singer Natalie Maines declared on stage in London: “…we’re ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas.”
    …..record sales and advance sales of concert tickets plunged….. Maines then issued an apology, of sorts

  17. Caveman

    We are the world, we are the people. 🤗
    Word up.

  18. Botswana O'Hooligan

    For longer than one would desire it was my lot to haul some odd bastards around in corporate conveyances, the high, the mighty, some nice people, Dawn French, vicar of Dibley was my favourite, a lovely, lovely person and very down to Earth, and some mean conniving bastards one would only wish a galloping pox on. Some got high, one religious outfit managed almost a bottle of single malt each, some ate packet crisps with $1000 bottles of Grange, some (when the bird was on the flight deck with the door closed) caused the toilets to be blocked with tissues after a bit of a romp, and somewhere I have a photo of heel marks on the cabin roof, but in the main a whole bunch of poseurs who could barely sign their own names and yet pontificated on everything and knew nothing.

  19. Nerblnob

    Nicole is married to a country singer and has a house in Nashville.

    She’ll be well aware of the Dixie Chicks effect.

  20. herodotus

    My opinion is worth more than theirs, but someone like Carbon Cate can get on national television in an instant. There’s no sound reason for this or for any other of the many instances where celebs get to mouth off at large. Ditto for ABC journos, whose opinions we could ghost write for them.

  21. Hasbeen

    These celebrities spend their lives in fairyland, pretending to be what they are not. This if anything will colour their thoughts with a fairyland view.

    When any of them express an opinion similar to mine, I have a second look at my opinion, as I so distrust their opinions, that it makes me wonder about mine.

  22. They are the epitome of delusional. Somehow, because they read lines in an exaggerated manner, their opinions, which don’t count on set, somehow matter more than anyone else’s.

    Do they tell brain surgeons how to do brain surgery? No, instead they tell politicians how to be political. They remind me of Zoolander doing the monkey routine.

  23. Cradock's Choice

    I did not recognise any of those people.

    Nor do I give a flying frazzoo about their opinions on anything.

    This must mean I am a heartless right wing puppy-eater, I suppose!

  24. Bob in Castlemaine

    “Their views have no more currency than that of the average punter on the street.” Some might even suggest that lives spent in the tinsel-town, progressive left, media bubble are likely to leave them far less street wise than the average punter.

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