CNN has been caught out

I think Trump has handled the CNN reporter is exactly the correct manner. While Americans have the right to a free press there is no obligation on anyone to pander to them or engage with their poor behaviour.

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  1. Pat Warnock

    Any news from Buzzfeed and CNN must be taken like Epsom salts – in very small doses.

  2. Linden

    I hope he visits Australia, and gives the ABC and SMH the same treatment LOL

  3. stackja

    2GB reporter knew the CNN bloke and just said he was on the wrong side of DT.

  4. Tropical

    It was great to watch. Trump owned Acosta the CNN clown.
    CNN went full on nuclear after Buzzfeed published the fake news dossier.
    After Acosta’s hissy fit, Sean Spicer Trumps incoming Press Secretary, told Acosta one more repeat performance and his White House accreditation would be cancelled.
    Acosta was totally disrespectful to the office of POTUS.
    A bonus was that this press conference took the fawning of Obummer of the front pages everywhere after his pathetic farewell speech.

  5. Senile Old Guy

    And the ABC (US) doubles down:

    Behar said, “Does anybody see the irony? … How about the irony of a fake billionaire with a fake tan and a fake university and a fake foundation worried about fake news? And, can I just say also, this invocation of Nazi Germany that he did in one of his tweets — oh it’s like Nazi Germany — and then he stifles a reporter from asking a question. That’s right out of the playbook of Joseph Goebbels. OK. Read your history.”

    And, as anyone who has watched the exchange will know, that is an outright lie. The reporter was interrupting and interjecting and not letting another reporter as their question. Trump subsequently refused to take question from the interrupter but took questions from the other reporters.

    The left wing MSM are misreading this situation so, so badly. It won’t end well for them. 🙂

  6. Mother Lode

    The CNN guy just keeps on pushing, keeps on calling out – did he expect Trump to back down and do as he was told?

    He should have been tossed out for being disruptive.

  7. Ant

    Excellent performance by Trump treating some in the media as being worthy of nothing but his contempt.

    Although, when it comes to bullshit news Trump has little to complain about given he adopted it copiously during the Primaries and later recommended that the National Enquirer be awarded a Pulitzer for the quality of their news reporting. (Some on this site would no doubt endorse this.)

  8. Baldrick

    Beautiful to watch. Now, do we have any Australian politicians that could do the same to the TheirABC or FakeFax?

  9. mh

    “Nazi Germany would have done and did do”.

    George Soros will wear that as a badge of honour.

  10. Razor

    After this I will no longer worry about what shit (terrible lies) are thrown at Trump.
    He has demonstrated why he should be the president. He will ultimately defeat his foes in the intelligence community and the media.
    He has the knack of having them shoot themselves in the foot (and worse).

  11. Habib

    Was saying Abbott should’ve done likewise from the word go here, particularly with the ABC but the commercials are little better, especially the ferals at 7. Didn’t happen of course, too polite; Lord Squidlips is too pompous, dithery, and gaseous. We need a bastard pig to front up, can’t see one on the horizon. Even Barnacle rarely arcs up now, and when he does it’s akin to being savaged by a sheep.

  12. Michel Lasouris

    Exactly right! Most of these no-hoper reporters ( and we have a good few, especially women Sales, Trioli et al) are well out of order, and very, very rude.
    I don’t understand why the President can’t insist on written questions. Those that are rude ,he should read out the question and then explain clearly why he won’t be answering it. This gives him the opportunity to prepare good answers to the very wide range of topics to which he is expected to respond instanta. This would be hugely more efficient, and woe betide any ‘reporter’ who makes up answers to questions the Pres hasn’t received.

  13. Cannibal

    He should have been tossed out for being disruptive.

    Correct Mother.
    He was a being a heckler not a reporter.

  14. De Fred Lenin

    This is terrible. Mr Trump refusing to talk to a comrade stenographer who works for a group who have n]been lying inventing stories and trying to destroy him for a few years now ,this is unheard of tge unelected media can say what they want and it becomes the truth . What Donald should do is ,destroy acostas career. Destroy the new york times and cnn ,”pour encourager les autres ” ,watch the media attitude change if these three left institutions are denied access to the white housr pressers then hold that over the heads of the remainder. No news is good news with the media bastards .

  15. Brian

    If this is the CNN feed of the press conference, right at the end they give some analysis of their own.
    They state that they did not peddle the fake news and that therefore Trump was dishing out a fake story.
    They then turn into a pretzel explaining that they did report the “confidential” briefing that Obama and Trump received [Trump noted that it is illegal to leak confidential briefings and that the press should not support the practise] and also that it referred to a larger dossier which had some unsubstantiated claims, but then doubled down by assuring the readers that it was by credible sources citing credible sources.
    So in the end it was vehement denial by admitting that what Trump said about them was correct.

  16. There were 4 CNN reporters at that presser and one of them had already asked a question earlier. Outfits like FOX had only one reporter.
    This was a good demonstration of CNN feeling entitled after being Clintons favourite and being treated favourably by the Obamas. Watch the likes of that twerp Wolf Blitzer to see what I mean.

  17. louis

    The CNN bloke was just unbelievably rude. “You attacked us you owe us a question” is what he says as he keeps yelling his question over the top of everyone. In other words, “you the President, answer to us, CNN and we will not tolerate you thinking otherwise’.

    I would have had the guy removed and replaced with a reporter from the back row.

  18. Dan Phillips

    Buzzfeed is a “failing pile of garbage”. LOL. That’s seems a fair assessment. Buzzfeed is actually selling a “failing pile of garbage” t-shirt now in their store. They are proud of their craptitude. What the hell is wrong with them?

  19. Caveman

    After Acosta’s hissy fit, Sean Spicer Trumps incoming Press Secretary, told Acosta one more repeat performance and his White House accreditation would be cancelled.

    Trumps got excellent back up support.

    Even if Abbott tried a Trump his support was white anted.

  20. Defender of the faith

    Typically, Trump got it wrong. Like the JournL and virtually everyone rise CNN chose not to refer to the content of the document that is correctly described as unverified and salacious. The only media that published that material is buzzfeed.

  21. Jannie

    Trump can handle the heat, not surprisingly. I would have told the heckler to F off or kicked him out.

  22. Nerblnob

    Hawke used to do this. It’s not unprecedented.

  23. Defender of the faith

    Jannie: Trump was not being heckled. He was being asked questions. These are called media conferences. They occur at Trump’s convenience. He cant cope.

  24. egg_

    He cant cope.

    Must’ve missed Obama’s 2008 meeja performance?

  25. John Carpenter

    The way Trump handles CNN suggests that he is a student of the late Bob Askin.

  26. JohnA

    What Donald should do is destroy Acosta’s career.

    Dr Fred, that is exactly what he is doing. And the reporter is doing all the heavy lifting. Lovely to watch. Reminds me of Mission Impossible “This tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds.”

  27. john constantine

    Any time The Abbottbeast had a go at their abc, turnmerkel and lady skel;etor would be straight around to tonguebath the wounds, promising to kiss it all better when the abc deposed Abbott and installed progressive liberals in his place.

  28. a reader

    Even though I’m not a huge fan of Trump I am VERY much enjoying this enforced changing of the guard.

  29. .

    This reporter is a jerk. Yes he should be ignored. Buzzfeed don’t have reporters. Yelling over the top of people isn’t the first amendment. If he wasn’t a reporter, he’d be dragged out by the secret service.

  30. Brett

    Good article at XYZ about the SMH coverage of this interchange.

  31. john

    The American people will judge Trump’s actions: the thoughts of the losers who backed Clinton are neither here nor there.

  32. He was being asked questions

    Rubbish. Trump was being verbally attacked, with shouted questions and yelled arguments from the CNN reporter.
    I never saw that amount of vitriol from the press in the last 8 years. In a period of mounting debt and increasing enemploymet, never did a CNN reporter get angry enough to override a president’s remarks, ignore the call, and shout over another journo’s question.

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