Trump: the first two weeks

Maggies Farm has a summary of the most comprehensive Presidential storm of action ever


1.   Trump erased all mentions on the White House web site of “climate change.”  He did that within ONE HOUR of taking the oath of office.

2.   Trump issued an Executive order to “ease the burden of Obamacare”

3.   Trump returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the oval office

4.   Trump withdrew America from the TPP treaty

5.   Trump erased all Spanish language from the White House web site. It is now “English Only.”

6.   Trump issued an Executive order starting the construction of “THE WALL.”

7.   Trump issued an Executive order banning funding to foreign pro-abortion groups

8.   Trump’s new Secretary of Defense, James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, took the fight to ISIS by bombing them 31 times on his first day as the new Secretary of  Defense

9.   Trump announced temporary ban on refugees from Syria and Middle Eastern war zones

10.        Trump imposed a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding new contracts or grants

11.        Trump announced a ban on visas from dangerous Muslim-majority countries with inadequate screening

12.        Trump announced the end of “Sanctuary cities” and the defunding of federal funds for any city that chooses to continue breaking the law

13.        Trump announced the hiring of 10,000 new border agents

14.        Trump signed an Executive order demanding the Secretary of Homeland Security publish a weekly list of violent crimes committed by illegal aliens

15.        Trump signed an Executive order freezing the hiring of non-essential federal employees

16.        Trump said out loud the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

17.        Trump stopped payment on Obama’s final hour giveaway of $220 million to the Palestinian Authority

18.        Trump used Executive orders to give the go-ahead to the long-stalled Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines

19.        Trump got the State Department’s entire senior management team to resign in frustration.

20.        Trump announced his intention to withdraw From Climate & Environmental Accords Along With UN Funding Cuts of 40%

21.        Trump tweeted “Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!”

22.        Trump announced he’ll begin a major investigation into voter fraud in the 2016 election

23.        Trump got the chief of the Border Patrol to leave the agency in frustration at having to actually do his job!

24.        State Dept. Arms Control chief fired while on airplane;  Trump, told to turn around and fly back!

25.        Miami-Dade mayor orders jails to comply with Trump crackdown on ‘sanctuary’ counties

26.        Trump White House abruptly halts Obamacare ads.

27.   Trump appoints Neil Gorsuch to U.S. Supreme Court, a Justice in the mold of Antonin Scalia

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37 Responses to Trump: the first two weeks

  1. RobK

    Not yet tired of winning.

  2. marcus w

    Can we cope with 4 – 8 years of the winning excitement ? Will there be any leftie heads remaining unexploded ….

  3. struth

    In the mean time, back in Australia………………….

  4. Crossie

    … while the media is breathlessly covering every protest and rude comment by a celebrity. Then they wonder why nobody pays any attention to their drivel.

  5. Crossie

    Heaven forbid that Trump should do what he promised during the election campaign.

  6. marcus w

    A non- Trumper friend of mine did say the other day “well , gotta hand it to him , he must be the first politician to do what they said they would if elected “

  7. rickw

    In the mean time, back in Australia………………….

    That’s the real issue, out left media has the narrative sewn up so tightly the average Joe thinks the sun has just set on the USA when in fact by a miracle the exact opposite occurred.

  8. rickw

    The Australian equivalent of this list should be Bernadi’ list.

  9. Crossie

    The Australian equivalent of this list should be Bernadi’ list.

    Or a list of all things Trumble hasn’t done.

  10. john constantine

    Fox news announces that american federal employees are using encrypted apps on private phones and private emails to avoid [clinton like] leaving evidence of their actions to oppose the government.

  11. Baldrick

    Compare that to what Trumble has achieved in 18 months.

  12. Megan

    But, but…Trumble gave Shortarse a good ticking off yesterday! He’s Magnificent! Such an achiever.

  13. classical_hero

    I’ve got winning AIDS. Enough with the winning.

  14. Filbert

    Gorsuch as been nominated not YET appointed.

    Mad Dog actually came to work a day early, on a Sunday, and bombed ISIS in 31 places.

    Also Trump met with the top 9 union leaders, who all supported Hillary, and had them gushing at the press conference afterwards about how together they would MAGA.

    And of course the cabinet appointments aren’t on the list.
    All amazing people, believe me, it’s true.

    So that of course begs the question, where’s our Trump?

  15. Beertruk

    I’ve got winning AIDS. Enough with the winning.

    I want more winning. Just need it to start here.

  16. .

    1. How are the repeal bills going in Congress?
    2. Great work on the pipelines, I had forgotten about the Dakota access line.
    3. You forgot he got the acting AG to quit as well.
    4. English only website? Don’t see the point either way, maybe a way to cut costs. Plenty of Americans are bilingual in the south. Then again I hate the stupid virtue signalling of a Auslan translator at every bloody presser a head of government makes here. Anyway there is always google etc translate.

  17. Filbert

    Trump has literally exposed Western politicians everywhere as lazy, do-little poseurs.

    He is creating a template for future politicians to aspire to.

    Welcome to the post-liberal world, it’s true, believe me.

  18. Tailgunner

    “Please Mr President,we can’t take anymore ”
    “Sorry,we have to Win more!”

  19. Dr Fred Lenin

    My opinions on Trump have been vindicated ,contrary to a lot of opinions expressed here I coukd see value in him . I also predicted the Brexit win ,you cant impose some half baked narxist one world crap on people with thousands of years of ancestral history . My next prediction is Marine le Pen the French are a proud people ..some crap invented by sociology students wont be forced upon them by the fashionably leftist elites . The Dutch will be next then [k Denmark and Sweden peopke aew waking up to the u.n.communist/islamofascist alliance . Australia will ofcourse be behind as usual the elites have the place sewn up pretty tight but not watertight there are chinks in their armour ,they are vulnerable .

  20. Wozzup

    A leader who actually does things for his country. That’s novel. Or as the Left would put it, that’s brutal, racist, sexist, homophobic, nazi, etc etc etc (fill in the blanks).

  21. The Deplorable Barking Toad

    27 listed deplorable things.

    So winning!

  22. Infidel Tiger

    On the negative side he has not nuked Canada or Australia. Both deserve it.

  23. JohnA

    john constantine #2290365, posted on February 9, 2017, at 7:23 am

    Fox news announces that american federal employees are using encrypted apps on private phones and private emails to avoid [clinton like] leaving evidence of their actions to oppose the government.

    Be sure, your guilt will find you out!

    They will not be able to hide the fact that they are trying to undermine the C-in-C.

  24. jupes

    Compare that list to Abbott’s first fortnight in office.

    Anyone remember that?

  25. John Michelmore

    Makes one think how beneficial a benevolent dictator might be. How is Australia ever going to fix its mess with our current pathetic political lot?

  26. Infidel Tiger

    Compare that list to Abbott’s first fortnight in office.

    Anyone remember that?

    He spent the first 6 months riding his bike or something and let the filth fill the vacuum.


  27. egg_

    Compare that list to Abbott’s first fortnight in office.

    Anyone remember that?

    Shopping for matching luggage?

  28. Tel

    Compare that list to Abbott’s first fortnight in office.

    A lot quicker for Abbott to step in and implement a “turn around the boats” policy to stop people smuggling than for Trump to build a wall across the southern border and stop the Mexican smugglers.

  29. Tel

    The latest case is a landmark challenge brought by the U.S. House against the Health and Human Services, which was sending Obamacare money to insurance companies despite Congress specifically canceling the money in the annual appropriations process.

    The case is pending in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and several sets of briefs are due over the next two months, but a three-judge panel issued a short order Monday putting the case in abeyance and asking for updates to be filed a month after Mr. Trump is sworn in.

    Basically Obama was spending money that he did not have, and just said, “Try and stop me.”

    Well, might be time for Trump to formally terminate the appeal, admit that by the US Constitution the U.S. House holds the purse strings and swear that as President he will absolutely not spend one sent that has not been legally appropriated. “Progressives” will wet themselves.

  30. mh

    3. Trump returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the oval office

    Removed by Barry, of course.

  31. King Koala

    Trump originally said he only wanted to spend 4 years in the white house because he would achieve all his goals within 4 years. The way he is going he will achieve everything within 4 months.

  32. King Koala

    28. Trump put the portrait of Andrew Jackson back in the Oval Office. Bankers beware.

  33. Tator

    Infidel Tiger,
    no need to nuke Adelaide, with power cuts during 41 degree days, nobody will be left here anyway.

  34. scotty

    Just wonderful, we can only dream.

  35. rickw

    Removed by Barry, of course.

    The bust of Barry had a hole drilled in the top of the head to accept a brush, it now stands proudly beside the convenience in the VIP bathroom.

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