British childcare is expensive! Who would have thought?

Yesterday I got a mail from Malcolm boosting his childcare package. Wanting to he helpful but also in a hurry I quickly replied “Save the money and deregulate the system. The regulations are far over the top”.
I go a reply that they will be too busy to read it.
Dan our man in Washington DC finds that the Brits have the same problem. How surprising.

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2 Responses to British childcare is expensive! Who would have thought?

  1. classical_hero

    Childcare is a misnomer since children are not being cared for by the person who should be doing that.

  2. Muddy

    I got the same NTFS (no time for scum) response to my email to my local DietLabor member prior to Christmas. I thought it was a bit rude as I was sending my commiserations on the death of the Liberal Party. He was obviously in the denial stage at that time.

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