Going south?

Dan Mitchell commented that Canada is taking some turns for the worst lately, prompting the thought that they are “going south” to match some of the absurdities of the Obama regime. Which promoted another thought – what is this about going south anyway?

Research revealed that it means to fall; to go down (the securities market). or maybe to quit (an injured footballer) or to drop out of sight (a criminal on the run).

As residents of the southern hemisphere, I think Cats should demand that something be done about this insulting and offensive form of speech. Maybe expand the scope of 18c?

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8 Responses to Going south?

  1. stackja

    Word Origin and History for go south
    “vanish, abscond,” 1920s, American English, probably from mid-19c. notion of disappearing south to Mexico or Texas to escape pursuit or responsibility, reinforced by Native American belief (attested in colonial writing mid-18c.) that the soul journeys south after death.

  2. struth

    The problem being of course, is that it is the truth.

    They are heading south.
    In other words, if they keep going, they could end up as bad as Auscorrupthivisistan.

  3. Nerblnob

    It’s perfectly appropriate for Australia. Going South (Australia) or south to Tassie. Both synonyms for decline.

  4. Dave in Marybrook

    Whoa there Rafe! Being part of the Global South is just about the only tenuous link to oppression and disadvantage that Australians can claim.

  5. Rafe

    Speaking as a Tasmanian, i went north!

  6. JohnA

    Resident curmudgeon to the rescue:

    I refuse to accept the denigrating aphorism.

    South Rules!

  7. iain russell

    As I recall Biggles and Roy of the Rovers, if one ‘bought it’ one ‘went West’. When did the mag poles switch?

  8. Muddy

    To separate us into ‘hemispheres’ is divisive and spherist. I insist on the term ‘Onesphere’ from now on.

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