Gratuitous Advertising: Friedman17

Now in its fifth year; the biggest, the mostest, and awesomist liberty conference in the southern hemisphere is on again –   28 April – 30 April.

Book now.

Early bird tickets end soon.

In all seriousness the Friedman Conference has grown in a very short period of time to being the premier event in the libertarian / classical liberal / freedom-lover calendar.  I encourage everyone to attend. Even better help sponsor the conference.

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4 Responses to Gratuitous Advertising: Friedman17

  1. Petros

    You do not seem to be speaking there, Sinc.

  2. Sinclair Davidson

    The full speakers list hasn’t been announced – just some of the international speakers.

  3. Rabz

    Sinc, if I’ve moved back to Sydney by then I’ll be there.

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