My blog history of the election


My “blog history” of the American election is being published which consists of all of the posts I did on the election starting in July 2015 when I actually saw Donald Trump in Las Vegas. I call it a blog history since it follows the election almost on a daily basis by someone who was blogging with the focus almost entirely on Donald Trump. I also think it is the first of its kind. There have been books put together that began as blog posts for things like a collection of recipes. This is the first, so far as I know, that is a narrative that is entirely constructed of blog posts that were written contemporaneously with the events described. If you know of any other, I would be interested if you could let me know.

I also wonder whether I am the first – I am certainly among the first – to use readers’ comments on newspaper articles as the basis for criticising the authors of the articles. Better than going after these views myself is using the views of others who have read these articles and had the same reaction.

I truly do commend the book to you. If you would like to understand the political world in which we live, this book really does make what is going on much easier to follow. It of course pleases me, but also amazes me, how well this hangs together as a narrative.

If you would like to order a copy of the book you can go here. It comes in at 400 pages and brings back to life the entire contours of the election period. And it does more. It gives you an almost perfect Donald Trump view of the issues and the campaign and helps clarify the events that are going on even to this very moment.

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  1. Empire GTHO Phase III

    Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail?

    You’re no Hunter Thompson, but you did a sterling job and never let up. Well done Steve.

  2. Anon

    Wow $40 seems expensive. Is there any new content?

  3. La Deplorevole Tintarella di Luna

    A historic victory against all the polling. Am looking forward to getting my copy. Good for you Steve. Perhaps you should send a signed copy to Mr Trump and let him know if you tired of all the winning.

  4. NewChum

    Mark Steyn has published collections of previous columns as a book, so it’s kind of the same genre.

    Are blog comments included in the book?

  5. I’d just like to find a way to convert some of my blog posts and make them into a coffee table book and a tangible record. If they were just words, it would be easy, but photographs introduce a completely different challenge.

  6. Mitchell Porter

    Will there be a second, briefer volume, on the overthrow of an elected president by an alliance between the mainstream media and the intelligence bureaucracy?

  7. Defender of the faith

    Kates: dies it have a Russian translation? Might sell well Just a tip.

  8. Anon really means are there any pictures? So come on, are there any pictures?

  9. Waz

    OK. I spent my lousy $39.95…….you could have at least given us a discount coupon code you lousy cheapskate.

  10. Jannie

    If I see it at an airport I will buy it. But most of the non fiction sections in airports these days is monotonously Leftist crap. The only Australian military history by Peter Fuckwit Fitzsimmons.

  11. Anne

    Good on you, Steve.

    I’ll buy one although I think you should have held off for just a bit.

    You could have added the exciting episode where Obama is indicted under the Espionage Act, tapping the phones of the Trump Transition Team.

    I’m guessing the General Flynn phone call with the Russian Ambassador is just the tip of the iceberg.

  12. Anne

    Steve, you’ve added one of my comments.

    I’m honoured. 🙂

  13. OneWorldGovernment

    Good to have a record ‘out there’

    Well done Steve.

  14. Rob MW

    Steve, I think it is too early for a book given the end is turning out to be the beginning. The current anti-democracy stuff churned out by the partisanship of the institutionalized bureaucratic jihadists has been ultra exposed by the Trump phenomenon.

    Probably the best answer to the bureaucratic jihadies is this:

    If you morons in DC decide to jettison normal democratic and constitutional politics, you’re not gonna be the ones deciding what comes next.

  15. danger mouse

    A different era, but I recall Bert Kelly’s One More Nail was a collection of his newspaper columns.

    Congratulations Steve.

  16. Y

    Still waiting for The Collected Infidel Tiger.

  17. B Shaw

    I see Dash has been mentioned 🙂

    I’ve placed my order.
    My girls will love this book.

  18. B Shaw

    May I add something?

    President Trump is a mighty man

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