Wednesday Forum: March 8, 2017

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  1. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Colin’s canal would be bursting with water right now if he has been elected then. The biggest wet season in recorded history all going to waste.

    This is a State where Charles Yelverton O’Connor was hounded to suicide, as the “little men came out from under the stones….”

    (For non Sandgropers, C.Y. O’Conner designed, and oversaw the construction of the water pipeline to Kalgoorlie. Back in the day when Australians were capable of doing such a thing.)

  2. Fisky

    Don’t let your kids out after dark and make sure all the parents keep watch at school and look for signs of sexual abuse.

    Hey IT, did you also get that email they were sending around about a “man of middle-eastern appearance” trolling around the west trying to chat up primary school girls? It was sent out by school authorities.

    Obviously, certain people are already prepping themselves for the new regime!

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