Open Forum: March 18, 2017

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  1. Ragu

    Struth, while you are about. Did you ever meet a bloke named George in Alice Springs? Drove a red combie van and had a huge white beard.

  2. Ragu

    Was also looking after the RSL when I met him

  3. struth

    An Advertiser-Galaxy poll last week showed 39 per cent of voters in key marginal seats believe Mr Weatherill is “mostly to blame” for the state’s power crisis.

    Meridith Booth I know personally.
    She is the daughter of a very right wing family in trucking.
    The advertiser is like a black man’s left arm pit.
    Not right and not fair.
    That she works for them makes me scratch my head, she is now centre with her politics, I believe.
    That is a narrative searching for a percentage.
    If you believe any poll, that one was of “swinging seats”.
    Probably 70 percent of South Australians blame Weatherdill if the entire population was polled.

  4. Muddy

    New paint. Trendy furniture (no sweat stains yet).

  5. struth

    Struth, while you are about. Did you ever meet a bloke named George in Alice Springs? Drove a red combie van and had a huge white beard.

    Certainly did.
    He played blues harp.

  6. egg_

    “Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others.

    Anonymous Conservative said as a teen they had a boarder that he was sure was a Sociopath and has a post where he believes they’re the kind who will deliberately hold up a Supermarket checkout queue to see the other customers p1ssed orff for their sick pleasure.

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, shiiiiiiit.

    I’ve used asterisks because it was so loud. It was the bathroom chippie, putting in the framework for our swanky bath (not one of those horrid freestanding things, but an ‘island’ type in a frame). Sitting in my room (Hairy no longer dignifies it with ‘study’) I raced out thinking there would be blood everywhere.

    It wasn’t blood, but water. Where’s the effin’ stop cock, he was yelling now. He’d struck one of the plumbers newly rendered pipes. I showed him where the stopcock was and he turned it off. The water still didn’t stop, so I remembered this is an older building and there is a separate stopcock for the hot water. We finally found it. I provided towels for a mop up operation.

    This will set the waterproofing back even though they’ve had heaters on it, and we’ve already waited five days for the render job to dry. It was thickly rendered because the walls were uneven and had to be straightened up ready for the tiling.

    It’s all quite interesting actually. They don’t show you this part in those renovation shows and mags. 🙂

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    Seven days for the drying, actually, I wasn’t counting the weekend.

  9. Andrew

    #2331444, posted on March 20, 2017 at 11:13 am
    In my opinion, the gargoloid wasn’t the worst commenter here. There are quite a few that are much worse and should be kneecapped.

    The fact that your fuckwit mate is even worse doesn’t excuse the horror – they should all go.

  10. Mark A

    It was thickly rendered because the walls were uneven and had to be straightened up ready for the tiling.

    Would have been a lot easier for plumber and tiler to use metal channels and wet area plasterboard or AC sheets to even out the roughness.

  11. .


    That is not how you promote civility. Would you like some help?

  12. JC


    The gargaloid wasn’t “my mate” – perhaps he was yours? We’ve had plenty of examples of much worse behavior. Two examples of the countless come to mind.

    1. The fat, drunken pyscho slow leaking information about another commenter that she learned in private. The same fat drunken pyscho telling us that a well known public figure had harassed her and other females. Name used.

    2. Mark L Canberra plagiarizing an entire American Interest thread and posting it here as his own after changing a few key words.

    Oh and here’s another.

    A lunatic going around saying Alan Bond had imported a bunch of AK47s to be used in an Aboriginal uprising.

    The gargaloid (your fucking mate, not mine) doesn’t even come close to some of these loons.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle

    I remembered this is an older building and there is a separate stopcock for the hot water. We finally found it. I provided towels for a mop up operation.

    Global warming causes floods!
    You read it here first.

  14. C.L.

    Former left-wing blogger Christopher Shiel farewells his “mate,” Bill Leak, by speaking up on behalf of the ‘heroes’ who persecuted him and asking everyone to forget about a large portion of his life:

    Vale Bill Leak: Don’t remember him as just a reactionary cultural warrior.

    It would be a shame if Bill Leak is only remembered as a reactionary cultural warrior…

    Over recent years, friends have been ringing me about Bill Leak for a different reason, usually to tell me that falling on his head ruined his cartoons.

    I’d check out his work on the internet, and was irked to see that the more recent cartoons have straight borders, no longer acknowledging themselves with overflowing ink blots, his longstanding trademark. Was that Bill’s tell?

    I was torn over the recent controversy. I have the highest respect for the Human Rights Commission, and regard Gillian Triggs as a hero for giving substance to the concept of “independence”, but I’m unable to think of Bill Leak in any way except fondly. I tend to regard the 18C debate as a toxic tar-baby and haven’t followed the detail, but I tried to think through the underlying principles and wanted to talk to him about them.

    I imagined I’d say yes, I know Bill, unlike almost anyone else, a cartoonist has a “licence to insult”, as Ellis wrote in both our forewords. Yes, I’d concede, I can see your point. No, I’d allow, I don’t object in principle to jokes about Aboriginals or race.

    The point I wanted to press is that it’s unconscionable to invoke right-wing political correctness about free speech to stop or deflect criticism. Governments have no place censoring artists, but once you put your material out there, you accept the risk that others might exercise their freedom to speak even more vigorously in reply.

    By “others,” he means the state. So a government agency threatening to jail an artist is “freedom to speak even more vigorously in reply.” Sir Les Patterson was bang on the money at that book launch when he ridiculed Labor stalwarts’ love for their “maaates.”

  15. cohenite


    #2331422, posted on March 20, 2017 at 11:03 am

    egg_ , john constantine, Noodles Romanoff, rickw, Eyrie, Mark A, Harlequin Decline, Zulu Kilo Two Alpha, memoryvault and cohenite, please don’t worry about fuel reserves!

    I bought the issue to federal MPs who told me it was OK as we have international treaties to guarantee supply.

    Feel better now?


  16. Combine Dave

    If they could effectively blockade* us to the point our Navy couldn’t defend shipping or be deployed against them to stop them how would we stop them from simply torching our strategic reserve?

    Not saying we shouldn’t have one but it would certainly make a bit of a display if it went up!

    *And apparently make it not worthwhile for regional powers who rely on our coal etc for their own industries and power generation, China, SKorea, Japan etc to casually stomp them with an ‘anti-piracy action’

  17. Combine Dave posted on March 20, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    how would we stop them from simply torching our strategic reserve?

    Step 1 Dave. The first principle of War is Selection and Maintenance of the Aim.

    A governments first responsibility is to defend the nation, NOT defend their pension by getting henchmen and accomplices re-elected.

    As said earlier, Clearly there is no office in the Defence Department that deals with “strategic vulnerabilities”.

    Has anyone who really cares for Australia done a genuine Threat Assessment lately apart from watching defeatist propaganda on Not the News at 7, the 7.30 punch & judy show, Baitline, Q&Queerer, etc.?

  18. Stackja;

    A FEROCIOUS feral cat population would be wiped out and owners forced to keep their moggies indoors in an ambitious plan to make Phillip Island a pest-free zone.

    Jan 21 2018: Phillip Island residents joyously declare today a public holiday as the last feral cat is euthanised in a bucket of humanely caught codliver oil, organic tofu, and essence of Frangipani.
    Jan 21 2019; Phillip Island residents mourn the last penguin savaged by the plague of rats over running the Island. Extensive care, including the flying out of the hapless victim by RFDS to Melbourne Zoo ICU, and the ministrations of the Elders of the Phillipisland Nation and their smoking ceremonies/interpretive dance ensemble were unable to save the furry denizen.
    Jan 21 2020; The RAAF has been tasked with burning off the Island of Phillip the Rat by the Federal government. The airforces latest Cessna EcoWarrior back from seeing frontline duty against the Islamic rebels of Tasmania, has entered the necessary flight plans with the Federal Director of Aviation, and the offensive against the offensives are due to commence by September this year.

  19. Lizzie;

    Thanks by the way Harlequin for the detailed information on Kununarra; it will help us to plan our few days there. Looking forward to the trip, but it is not until May…,

    Lizzie – take lots of insect spray and a fly net.
    When I was there with the Child Bride in about that time, it was horrific.
    For mossie bites, I suggest Eurax Cream – Crotamiton Cream 10%.
    I’ve tried all of the creams, lotions, Potions, and it is the best.
    You can get it here.
    Trust me on this one.

  20. stackja

    WS – ferals interesting plans!

  21. Gilas

    I’ll believe in climate change when airports alter the orientation of their runways.

    I’ll believe in climate change when waterfront property values plummet

  22. rickw

    Storage and inventory is minimal, there is a reliance on imports due to refinery closures.

    It does not help that the Singapore refinery can refine in a day what the Viva refinery in Geelong does in a year, for example.

    No it does not, however the real question is why such a refinery was steadily built in Singapore over decades and not Australia, or for example why Reliance built a very large refinery from scratch in India, but not in Australia. Population and Geography are factors, but they are far from a complete explanation.

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