Vera Lynn 20 March 1917 –

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  1. Mike of Marion

    Remarkable life indeed.

  2. ar

    Glad to hear she is still kicking along.

    Now I want a Vera Lynn and Philharmonic.

  3. 132andBush

    My youngest shares a birthday 😃

  4. Pedro the Ignorant

    This was possibly he most loved song of WW2. This version from Dame Vera Lynn.

    A different world back then, but just as today, under threat from the dark forces of barbarians.

    Lili Marlene

  5. MsDolittle

    What a cracker! Coincidentally just finished watching Distant Voices Still Lives.

  6. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    This was possibly he most loved song of WW2. This version from Dame Vera Lynn.

    Thanks for that, Pedro.

  7. stackja

    We’ll Meet Again, don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day…

  8. Diogenes

    Saw her many many years ago at Shellharbour Workers Club. The room was full of old pommie veterans and the love for her palpable. Magnificent voice in the flesh and it filled the auditorium without the need for PA.

  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.

    ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ and ‘We’ll Meet Again’. Guaranteed tears.
    In the context of that war, so sad. And barbarians again at the gates.

  10. john malpas

    a better class of barbarian back then

  11. Dr Fred Lenin

    Like the British and Commonwealth people of that age ,indestructible and basically decent ,she and others since gone were an inspiration to all engaged in a struggle to save humanity from fascist socialists .the nazis .just slightly to the right of the other fascists ,the communists .The people of that generation would be upset to know that their grandkids were still struggling against communist fascism ,now called greens ,and “labor” parties ,they are the descendents of the nazizs and soviet fascists and have Uni “degrees ” now .
    Happy Birthday Vera Lynn ! May you have many more !

  12. Agree timeless performance and marvelous voice of the times.
    Quirky that the Soviet marked trainer gets slipped in at 3.09mins. I see it has the G rego but I doubt they ever fought over Dover.

  13. Jannie

    That reminds me of my mother, dreaming of my father in France in 44. They fought that war, they were very scared teenagers when it started, and they thought they were going to lose. Vera Lynn gave them great comfort and solace and also that little bit more courage, at home and up front. She is a treasure forever.

  14. gabrianga

    Brings back the memories.

  15. P

    During the 40’s I believe Dame Vera Lynn represented and expressed with her voice so many of the thoughts and feelings of both those serving and also of those at home.

    I remember well and still favour as one of my favourites “I’ll be seeing you“.
    My mother would turn it off on the radio whenever it came on both during the end of the war and after.
    She’d say ‘remember Joan’, the nurse she had commenced nursing training with on the same day back in 1932 at Wallsend Mining Hospital, whose fiancé (an MD) had been killed in the last years of WWII. I knew her as Auntie Joan. She remained a good friend of my mother till her death. She never married.

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