This is where we are

And that’s not the half of it. The other half is where we would be if Hillary had won. Slow going on the Trump agenda may be a nuisance and annoyance to some, but not to me. I am aware always of the train wreck that didn’t happen. Meanwhile, it is Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court who is going before the Senate today and not hers. The picture comes from Ace of Spades. As he writes:

I’m happy when they are sad; it’s a simple political philosophy for those of us who don’t really pay attention to the blue check mafia or the whatever those kooky shade throwers are calling it these days. Dig me homes?

Oh, and pssst…Hillary won’t ever be President.

The Dems no doubt have many other equally unsuitable people in the cupboard for future presidential nominees. But that is still future. Now we can watch and wait. Trump can’t be everywhere and do everything, but at least whatever he does do won’t be as bad as what she would have done in his place.

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  1. Wozzup

    “And that’s not the half of it. The other half is where we would be if Hillary had won. Slow going on the Trump agenda may be a nuisance and annoyance to some, but not to me. I am aware always of the train wreck that didn’t happen.”

    I agree. Trump’s greatest contribution to the USA and the world may just be that he denied Hillary Clinton the Office of President. During the election campaign, someone asked me how on earth I could speak in support of Trump. My answer was that there is possibly only one person in the world who could induce me to support him. That person is Hillary Clinton. Having said that though, I now much more supportive of him having seen him in operation.

    He is not the most polished or articulate performer nor is he necessarily what we might think of as the smartest. But he has some things going for him. He is not an outright crook like Clinton. He is not supportive of leftist policies that seem purpose built to destroy the USA and western civilization and he can at least be trusted to try to do what he promised to do, unlike Clinton and unlike, incidentally many of his Republican colleagues in Congress who like many in Turnbull’s party here are either time servers, closet lefties or only interested in their travel expenses.

    And one other thing, despite what I said about him not being the smartest, he is smarter than Clinton who makes up for her lack of smarts by a surplus of avarice and malice.

    What astounds me though is how the media still repeats the canards and the ugly prognostications about him such as those you have listed here, all because their mates in the Left with whom they sip lattes and chardonnay (or whatever the trendy drink de jour is) are saying this and they do not know anything outside their own minuscule echo chamber. You would think that sheer desire for self preservation would drive them to rethink their modus operandi. But then again the Left has never been big on evidence, facts or indeed self introspection.

  2. a happy little debunker

    I think we are at the ‘Trump wasn’t spied on’ meme of this profoundly undemocratic coup.

    Whereby ‘Nobody’ authorized ‘Anyone’ to delve into the private & personal communications & campaigning of the Trump election team to verify ‘collusion with Russia’, to then ‘not leak’ collected information that didn’t exist.

    As ‘confirmed’ by MSM reports and elected Democratic senators who had helpfully ‘read the transcripts’.

  3. stackja

    Trump ignores the MSM and it seems the people approve.

  4. Faye

    Wozzup, Trump is SMART. How do you think he became POTUS with those insurmountable odds against him. He is the only leader of the world to come out and say Climate Change is crap AND IMMEDIATELY ACT TO OBLITERATE IT. That’s smart and brave.

  5. Louis Hissink

    One possible explanation that might explain the absurdity of politics these days is to recall a short TV report on an Australia woman who opined that we did not need dairy cattle for milk because milk comes from Woolworths or whatever.

    While you might laugh at this at first, you might slowly also come to the realisation that many lefties also display this intellectual tendency; and they out number us as well. Perhaps it is this tendency to believe in impossible things in the first place that informs the collective rabble that makes the Democrats and other socialist groups of whatever flavour.

    I find this a bit concerning that so many can be so ill informed on so many topics.

    Take Trump and his wiretapping issue. The Dems reckon the Russians jigged the US election (2016). How could the Democrats know? From covert surveillance of Trump et al. But the Deep State reckons Trump was not wiretapped, which thus means the Dems invented the Trump-Russian meme in the first place.

    I just wonder whether the shooting from the hips DEMS really do think things through before making public accusations. At present they seem to have a very serious shot-in-the-foot symptom.

  6. Trump won’t ban radical Muslim countries
    Trump had Russia hack the election
    Trump won’t bring back jobs
    Trump won’t deport illegals
    Trump doesn’t pay taxes
    Trump won’t repeal Obamacare
    Trump won’t build The Wall

    We are still at the top of the quoted list, since none of the subsequent items have been categorically disproven.

    He did end TPP, so that is in his favour.

  7. Then again, Hillary would have also ended TPP since that policy was bipartisan by the end of the campaign, so that leaves him with a current list of exactly zero lasting personal legacies.

  8. pete m

    Dream on m0nty

    I think we are at number 2 – he has not released his financials, or did I miss something?

  9. Rob MW

    Apart from a few Republicans (Trey Gowdy) the rest establishment Republicans won’t/didn’t fight for Trump, that was self-evident from last nights intel hearings. What was evident however was that the Dems own interaction with the Russians during the election cycle could get caught up in the FBI’s investigation. The hacking of the 2 Russian banks to frame Trump from inside the US was not brought up. This is going to get really nasty.

  10. The hacking of the 2 Russian banks to frame Trump from inside the US was not brought up

    Yes that’s it Rob, he’s being framed. Mm-hmm.

  11. The list should have a few more entries:

    Trump will survive 3 months without impeachment or resignation
    Trump will survive 6 months without impeachment or resignation
    Trump will survive 9 months without impeachment or resignation
    Trump will survive 12 months without impeachment or resignation

    et cetera…

  12. Rob MW

    Yes that’s it Rob, he’s being framed. Mm-hmm.

    Just for you dipshit

  13. Empire GTHO Phase III

    If for nothing else, Trump will be a hero to future generations for defunding thermogeddonism.

    When students of the future study the “great hatred of humans by despotic leftists”, Trump will stand among the greats. Just as Reagan, Thatcher and Wojtyla stared down the degrading system of political organisation that killed 100 million people in the 20th century, so will Trump be recognised as the world leader who stared down the grifters of the global left and stopped the Great Theft in its tracks.

  14. From Rob’s link:

    “To be clear, the Trump Organization is not sending or receiving any communications from this email server,” Hicks continued. “The Trump Organization has no communication or relationship with this entity or any Russian entity.”

    Ahahahaha no. So far Manafort (quoted in that piece), Page and Flynn have all been forced out in disgrace for relationships with Russia.

    Not sure what you think that link proves, Rob. Who exactly was framing him, and how?

  15. Wozzup

    “Wozzup, Trump is SMART.”

    Perhaps I should have explained myself better.

    Trump is street smart – smart in the way we used (in less PC times) to call “cunning as a shit house rat”. I do not mean this disparagingly. He is clever, he is street smart but he does not come across in the the faux intelligentsia style so beloved of the Left. Instead he talks like a blue collar worker. All of which is good. People who are clever, say what they mean and mean what they say I respect. Waffling, “high intellect” wankers who never get anything done because they stand for nothing and fall for anything (as the saying goes) are below contempt. (Here I think of Malcolm Turnbull whose vision for Australia does not go far beyond Australia having him as PM).

    But none of this changes the fact that the shallow Left look down on Trump because he is not “smart” – as they define smart which is all about appearances.

    I had intended clarifying my thoughts on this but by then I had posted and there is no way of editing after having pasted as on some other forums.

  16. Phill

    Hi Monty,
    There is an older timeline that is also progressing, that provides context for more recent events. I am referring to Max Horkheimer’s prediction that “The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism”. That prediction set the agenda for cultural marxism. That agenda has advanced significantly.

    An additional quote from another cultural marxist (Israel Cohen) is also telling. “We must realize that our parties most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to the program of the communist party”.

    So, the agenda is all about seizing and reserving power over all other people, for a select few. It is not a well meaning agenda. It is dark agenda that explains much that is wrong in the world. You see the core ideas expressed on the corrupt media, in 18C, in politicians of all stripes, in the collapse on Venezuala, in Mugabe siezing ownership of white farms, in BLM, and in every other facet of life. Those who push it meddle and manipulate, but always ratcheting culture, bit by bit, towards their overarching goal of a marxist utopia. Thats what the “progress” part of “progressive” is towards. I am hoping that Trump can at least act as a brake on this madness, if not stop it entirely.

    Your comments in every thread I have seen on Catallaxy seem to add up to “I, Monty, support this shit”

    My question is, should I hate you, or simply treat you like the fool you are?

  17. Boambee John

    Empire at 1150

    Those 100 million killed by communistsalast century are the ones whose deaths m0nty refuses to condemn.

    Good afternoon m0nty!

  18. Defender of the faith

    This on the very day that the two most senior officials of domestic security confirm that the new President of the US invented a crime by his immediate predecessor. Congrats Kates, you are most definitely on the wrong tram and it’s too late to get off. We can only hope Pence gets the job soon.

  19. Your comments in every thread I have seen on Catallaxy seem to add up to “I, Monty, support this shit”

    Phill, you are an anti-Semitic loon.

  20. mh

    My hotmail account defaults to something called ninemsn when I log out. The first headline today:

    Trump Destined to Fail

    I clicked on it for a giggle – it was the opinion of a former head of Al Jazeera!

  21. Phill

    Hi Monty,
    Typical. I quote some guys with jewish names in a negative way, and the only (typical leftist scum response) you can come up with is to assert I am anti-semitic? Problem is, that the accusations that leftist use to shut down debate (ant-semitic, racist homophobe, islamophobe etc) no longer have any power. They are shots fired in the dark by has-been cultural warriors who have no remaining intellectual ammunition.

    Now please quieten down. The adults are trying to have a conversation.

  22. Rob MW

    Not sure what you think that link proves, Rob. Who exactly was framing him, and how?

    The video dipshit

  23. The video

    It’s all false flags with you lot, isn’t it? Your mob is never guilty of anything, they are always framed.

    Of course the bank is going to blame it on mysterious hackers. Otherwise they would be implicated in treason.

    It is amazing how eager you lot are to swallow Russian propaganda.

  24. Indolent

    the new President of the US invented a crime by his immediate predecessor

    Invented a crime? Invented a crime????

    Is there any crime that Obama didn’t commit? But, of course, laws didn’t apply to him.

  25. King Koala

    Don’t you leftists read your own rags Monty? ICE has been dragging mothers out of their houses and kicking them out of moving cars on the Mexican side of the border and leaving her children to starve.

  26. Squirrel

    Locally, Trump has become to the ABC and Fairfax what the British Royal family is to women’s mags – what would they do without him? – in the case of the lavishly taxpayer funded ABC, that fixation might add to the doubts and questions about the role of and need for Aunty, as currently constituted and resourced.

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