Waste not, want not is not a socialist slogan

This is from the comments thread at Tim Blair. The point being made was that the money wasted paying Soupstain and Triggs is mere chicken feed compared with the amount of money being wasted on maintaining the desal plant in NSW which is $500,000 a day. Hence this comment:

“Yet still it costs around $500,000 per day to keep this monument to climate panic in functioning order.”

Victoria would love to have this problem…….our mighty desal plant costs us $1.7M per day (yep you read that right) to produce……nothing.

Did Tim say leftists are good with OPM.

Which then led to this comment which really does make you even more angry:

If their Premier could just cancel a freeway then he can just cancel the de-sal plant payment’ ………………….Oh, wait.

Maybe they can pump it into the Murray so they don’t have to keep stealing water from the farmers.

If these voters on the left truly understood how their lives are being blighted by the governments they elect we really would have a revolution. They are lucky to get back ten cents on the dollar, but the ten cents is visible and the dollar is made up of the goods and services they will never enjoy because the economies in which we live are so badly mismanaged.

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21 Responses to Waste not, want not is not a socialist slogan

  1. Baldrick

    Don’t forget the Wivenhoe Dam near Brisbane was left full due to fears the rains would never fill our dams again, resulting in the Brisbane floods.
    The Queensland Department of Climate Change, headed by then Premier Bligh’s husband, fully endorsed this water saving idea, until of course it started to rain.

  2. stackja

    Raining in Sydney again!

  3. Motelier


    I am going to find a way to acess it.

  4. Atoms for Peace

    And the cherry on top of the shyte pile is the NDIS..

  5. Trader Perth

    Why not pump the water from the desal plant into the Snowy Mountain dam and then let it run down into the turbines and produce electricity..?.. just asking.

  6. DrAKasaurus

    And the cherry on top of the shyte pile is the NDIS..

    … the shyte being the NBloodyN

  7. Tintarella di Luna

    Raging thunderstorm with stuff falling that was never gonna fall again in enough volume to ever fill the dams again and insufficient to fully soak the soil.

  8. Trader Perth

    2014 : Aust. govt. spending , as a percentage of gdp , including superannuation was 42.% . What is it today?

  9. LGS

    Downpour in Melbourne this afternoon!

  10. struth

    Sorry I’m an Australian.
    You’re interrupting me footy and fishing with this political dribble………..

    Gee, I wish I could afford a boat.

  11. Jumpnmcar

    Raining here.
    All this Global warming induced rain is crippling the construction Industry !
    Climate action NOW !!

  12. Leo G

    The socialist slogan is more along the lines of “Willful waste makes woeful want- and we want it now”. The best example is the waste of resources in Australian windfarms, which in turn will make the woeful want of affordable, reliable, on-the-grid, baseload electricity.

  13. Slayer of Memes

    Maybe they can pump it into the Murray so they don’t have to keep stealing water from the farmers.

    …except for the fact that all the pumps and valves installed in the ‘North-South Pipeline’ (also a Victorian Labor Government initiative under Steve Bracks’ leadership) that would be needed to carry the water back up to the Murray from Sugarloaf reservoir are all one-way operation (downstream) only…

  14. Muddy

    If these voters on the left truly understood

    You can stop right there and go no further. There are now no steps between the absorption of information and the expression of a response. ‘Filter’ and ‘analyse’ are filthy words. ‘Understand’ is an imperialist patriarchal capitalist construct that enslaves us. Besides, the new deities are omnipotent and omniscient, therefore unquestionable. Seeking ‘understanding’ is for deniers and subhuman fauxbes of various types (homofauxbes, islamofauxbes etc). Climate change exists therefore climate change exists. End of story. Vent now.

  15. Iampeter

    Not sure I get your point Steve as there’s definately an argument to be made that there are bigger fish to fry than 18C, like the electricity of entire states going out, for example.

    Also no one is going to actually get rid of the HRC, which is the actual source of the problem, so its just more “seeming and not doing” from Conservatives.

    Also its weird because 18C was there all through the Howard years and who knows how many lives it destroyed and neither Tim nor Bolt were that concerned back then. In fact until the HRC made the rookie mistake of going after a big public figure like Bolt, they were sitting pretty as far as Conservatives were concerned.

    Also Tim and Bolt both believe in a gov big enough to regulate marriage. Thats a gov that’s big enough to regulate speech as well. And anything else really…

    And finally, how are you going to be policing all those dastardly un-assimilating immigrantsKKK, without policing speech? Given your positions on immigration you kinda have to support something like 18C.

  16. H B Bear

    The economics of the Wonthaggi desal and the cancellation of the East-West link were all well known prior to the election of the Hunchback of Spring Street in the CFMEU Caliphate of Victoriastan.

    Democracy – good and hard.

  17. gowest

    If their Premier could just cancel a freeway then he can just cancel the de-sal plant payment’ ………………….Oh, wait.

    Labor is sucking up to big business again! – big “not for profit super” business that is… Just like they suck up to big Coles and other big companies with special pay rates.

    This wont stop until the ALP stop mixing politics with its big business mates and super funds. This just shows the ALP treating taxpayer funds with no respect.

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  19. Grandma

    What Muddy said! Spot on.

  20. Cynic of Ayr

    OK, so 18c is there, and if that was the only thing there, I doubt it would be too much trouble.
    The real problem, as I see it, is a Department dedicated to one law, and only one law.
    Where is the Department that exclusively touts for business for the law enforcing the wearing of seat belts? Oh yes, that’s adequately taken care of by a Department that covers a freaking lot of other laws.
    But this 18c law is prosecuted by one group of bastards, led by bastards (and decidedly distasteful, lying and ugly bastards at that) dedicated to one law.
    Leave the law alone, and get rid of the Human Rights Commission!!!!!
    When someone has their widdle bubby feelings hurt, and it costs the hurtee to pursue the hurter, then it might all go away!
    We are chasing the wrong quarry.

  21. Cynic of Ayr

    Oh crap! Wrong thread. sorry!

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