“Nobody cares about 18c”

One of the “arguments” against amending 18c is that “nobody cares about 18c”.

Maybe true – yet I suspect nobody cares about a whole lot of things that the Parliament legislates.

How many people would care about any law until they find themselves being secretly investigated by a government agency  for 14 months?


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  1. Hmmmmph. Had that happen to me. Being whipped by a wet lettuce. Plus ended up with apologies and promotion..

    Bit that was not like what they did to Bill Leak or the QUT students. But given the nameeof the institute should they have not been doing panel beating or book keeping or something?

  2. Andrew

    I saw a comment on social meeja that pretty much echoed the “who cares?” position. He asked “why is the govt wasting time on this rather than hospital waiting lists, roads, schools and good jobs for all?”

    I said “because none of those 4 things have anything to do with the federal govt” but that still didn’t help.

  3. Fred

    Laws against pedophilia don’t create jobs.

  4. Nick

    Well said Sinc. It’s interesting to see the reactions of those on the left, they don’t feel as if they would EVER be affected.

  5. Lem

    Such a pity that no-one understands the price of freedom. One day maybe they will. By then they won’t have the currency to pay.

  6. stackja

    And MT is doing what?

  7. Struth

    It doesn’t matter who cares.
    If you know about it and you use that as an excuse you really need to take a good hard look at yourself.

  8. MsDolittle

    By then they won’t have the currency to pay.

    True, the stuff of nightmares.

  9. Rabz

    find themselves being secretly investigated by a government agency for 14 months

    And yet Troggsy and the Southpossumarse are still in their comfy taxpayer funded sinecures, 18c still hasn’t been altered (and I’d wager won’t be) and labor still haven’t been pilloried mercilessly by the government and the media for foisting this abomination on the Australian public in the first place.

    Absolutely frigging shameful.

    Thwaites should sue both of the criminal imbeciles mentioned above and bankrupt them.

    In a just world, both of them would be languishing in gaol.

  10. Sydney Boy

    The left crap on that repealing 18C won’t create any jobs. But then they claim permitting same sex marriage will. Must be like all those Green jobs (electricity to power 24,000 homes – allegedly – yet only 5 full-time jobs).

  11. duncanm

    I tell you what nobody cares about — gay marriage.

  12. Boambee John

    Until thd left feels the heat of s18c, no change will occur.

    Whenever anyone on the left makes a disparaging remark about “white privelege” or something similar, hit them with a complaint.

    The HRC wil, of course, dismiss such complaints, but the threat of a court action as taken by the “Bolt nine” can also be deployed.

    There is even a QC who might offer to lead the plaintiff side in a class action.

  13. Tel

    Global warming reliably comes at the bottom of every survey when they ask a random group of people what they care about… and that’s after whipping the horse for about 20 years straight (starting pretty much right after the global cooling scare).

  14. Digger

    I posted this email to Senator Jacque Lambie today.


    I heard you in the media today state that no one in Tasmania has approached you regarding concerns about Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. I am a 66 year old, 6th generation Tasmanian and I take this opportunity to advise you that I have serious concerns about the totally inappropriate wording of S18c of the RDA.

    As a retired 20 year RAN Warrant Officer Clearance Diver with qualifying service in RAN Clearance Diving Team 3 in Vietnam and a very strong affinity with personal freedoms of our citizens, I am very concerned that S18c prevents me from expressing my genuinely held and honest views or asking relevant questions regarding many topics without fear of litigation.

    I, for instance, never set out to make a deliberate statement with the intent to offend anyone. In fact, I believe I always endeavour to make thought out, reasoned and logical statements about trivial or nationally important matters. Because of the limiting factors inherent in the wording of S18c many avenues of that discourse have been stymied because someone, indeed anyone, can simply take offence at what I have said or written and initiate litigation against me. Litigation that may well be provided free to the litigator by the taxpayer funded Human Rights Commission but my potentially substantial costs must be covered by myself, for simply making a statement.

    Offence is hardly ever deliberately given during discourse, rather it is only taken by an aggrieved person for their own reasons. The initiating statement and response are reflections of the state of mind of those concerned and neither should ever be the subject of unnecessary and badly worded National Legislation in the first instance. The only winners in this legislation are those involved in the legal system, who seem to deliberately drive the cases, no matter how trivial, to the extreme for their own benefit.

    The current wording in S18c is simply too subjective and provides the platform for clogging up the courts with possibly frivolous charges when two way mature discussion should be the starting point in any discourse. Discourse that is framed around one person making a statement and another taking offence and then initiating litigation is more Marxist doctrine than what I expect from one of the supposed most democratic nations on earth.

    I believe mature, un-stifled discourse in our society is an essential aspect of our “free” democracy. By not being able to freely discuss either trivial or more serious aspects of any topic in our society, including racially sensitive topics, S18c is, by design, limiting input and weakening our democracy.

    As one of my representatives in the National Parliament, I request that you take my concerns into consideration when next discussing in the media or in Parliament any topics relating to the implications on our society of S18c of the RDA.

    I can assure you that as a student of democracy and a fierce defender of our democratic freedoms I regard freedom of speech and freedom of expression as the very foundations of our society. Any downgrading of those freedoms for any person in our society is an affront of the highest magnitude to me.


  15. hzhousewife

    Well done, Digger.

  16. Marcus

    If “no one cares about 18c” then how can you claim that repealing it will unleash a wave of racism in the streets? Either no one cares about it, in which case repealing or amending it will make no difference to anything, or a great many people care about it in which case the government has an obligation to act.

    Apparently, people on Twitter are sharing their experiences of racism (all of which appear to be quite recent). The fact that this abuse has been given while 18c has been in place seems to have escaped the commentariat, along with the implication that as a practical shield against actualy, bona fide racism, it’s basically useless.

  17. Leo G

    Gillian Triggs may have exercised influence in her official capacity, intending dishonestly to cause a detriment to Calum Thwaites.

    But no hint of an AFP investigation.

    Perhaps it really is true that the AFP motto is “See not, hear not, speak not, do not”. Otherwise it is the Australian Criminal Code that is the cynical joke.

  18. candy

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the government agency HRC but there’s too many commissioners in it, paid too much, and not enough work for them.

    There’s some issues of racism probably affecting the more poorly educated in unskilled jobs, probably women, who are trapped, intimidated. Still happens. Situations like that. So the HRC is great for looking out for those people who need support.

    But I reckon one commissioner and a part time admin staff should be enough, in a modest office with very little overseas travel.

  19. Tim Neilson

    So the HRC is great for looking out for those people who need support.

    Candy, is there any evidence that it has ever actually done that?

    “Poorly educated women who are trapped in unskilled jobs” are more likely to be helped by a campaign against closet Sharia than by anything the HRC has ever done.

  20. min

    Digger she will need someone to explain your email to her.

  21. 2dogs

    Speaking of nobody caring, why are SJW’s never concerned about name culture bigotry (i.e the Eurocentric presumption that people have a name consisting of a given name and surname)? This is an actual problem for people from other cultures, as it causes them frustration and having to endure a lot of mindless bureaucracy in merely trying to identify themselves in order to authorise a transaction. So much is their neglect of this problem that even SJW inclined organisations themselves do it, see here: https://www.humanrights.gov.au/complaints/make-complaint/complaint-form – I would love to see somebody complain about that form on that form! Is it because they are (a) idiots, who realise that complaining about this means they have to come up with answers to some of its harder questions (e.g. sorting multicultural names), and are too dumb to do that, or (b) there is little political mileage to be gained by tackling this issue, so suck eggs you brown people, suffer all that paperwork, we are busy with all the mindless chanting we have to do?

  22. Norman Church

    Bravo Marcus – the same thoughts occurred to me. But you will never convince a member of the virtue signalling brigade with logic or reason. It’s about being a member of a morally superior club.

  23. Malcolm

    Well it’s obviously true that no one really cares. 18C has been there since 1994 and no one complained until a couple of years ago. Again why didn’t Howard repeal it? Why didn’t Sinclair argue for its repeal in 2004? Why didn’t the IPA and Bolt make a fuss when Howard was PM?

    So yes it’s a second order issue. Getting the economy on track is more important. Good on Turnbull for doing something about 18C but Abbott did nothing except talk. It won’t change anyway. The only way to repeal 18C is to get in a time machine and persuade the Howard government to act.

  24. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Don’t have a link just yet, but Labor has a cunning plan to extend 18C to include gender, disability and age!

  25. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Labor is considering a secret plan to extend the reach of litigation based on section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to include people claiming they have been ­offended or insulted because of their sexual orientation, disabil­ities or age.

    A video, obtained by The Australian, shows Labor legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus last week explaining the proposal, which would lead to the Australian Human Rights Commission and the courts facing a new wave of complaints.

    Because Bill Shorten has ­rejected changes to 18C, there is a risk that Labor’s plan to consolidate all federal anti-discrimination laws will lead to litigation by the disabled and the LGBTI community that would be determined using the same procedures that apply under section 18C.

    The Australian can reveal that the amount of compensation paid as a result of race discrimination complaints to the Human Rights Commission has soared, with companies and governments handing over almost $1 million since 2010 to avoid going to court.

    From the Oz. The next time, I’m spat on by an Aborigine, and called “an limpy, old white count” can I 18C said individual?

  26. zyconoclast

    Don’t have a link just yet, but Labor has a cunning plan to extend 18C to include gender, disability and age!

    I have a cunning plan.

  27. EvilElvis

    Yep. No one cares, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

    Or, life.

  28. JC

    You’d need to check a human right lawyer to get a complete legal opinion, Rones. But in my humble opinion possibly not, as he may be simply acting like say a lot of people here feel in that you’re fucking dickhead with few redeeming qualities. Having said that though, I’d probably say you could get him for assault. Just because you’re unpopular tool and people don’t like you even at first sight, you shouldn’t be spat on. But 18C? Naaa Don’t think so.

  29. EvilElvis

    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha
    #2334025, posted on March 23, 2017 at 12:11 am

    Fuck me swinging, shags…

    How is it not one fucking Liberal is screaming blue murder about this shit. Makes me mad. I can’t wait to get into parliament and start stirring the pot…

  30. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    #2334029, posted on March 23, 2017 at 12:21 am

    Yawns…scrolls on by…

  31. OneWorldGovernment

    Can I take a muslim imam to court for his, and it is always ‘his’, shit statements?

  32. testpattern

    ‘As a practical shield…It’s basically useless’

    Yes it’s imperfect. It doesnt protect my wife and her rellies from the daily humiliations they have to endure. I’ve previously given the example of being followed in a supermarket profiled as a possible shoplifter simply for looking indigenous. It doesn’t protect me from being abused for having an aboriginal wife either. Ppl just don’t say it to your face as often. There are a thousand ways to show disgust towards indigenous ppl and those married to one without the use of overt language.

    Its sets a standard for behaviour. Most ppl are vaguely aware there’s a law and restrict themselves to saying things behind your back instead. Without it some ppl would go further. It can’t possibly work within the short time it’s existed. It needs to span at least two generations. We didn’t stop littering overnight either. Kids learn its ok to say this stuff from their parents. If they learn to say it in private rather than to your face its a small step and incremental progress with inherited behaviour in the family context, over generations, is better than nothing. Anyway it’s up to the youth of the country to decide, not the over fifties to decide for the next gen. Anyone over 50 butt out.

  33. Combine Dave

    Hey TP,

    Still jubilant after the recent terror attacks on whitey both in Paris and London?

  34. Baldrick

    If the Stupid.Fucking.Liberal.Party cared about freedom of speech they’d not only call for the scrapping of 18c, but the whole leftist AHRC cabal.

    What they’ve proposed is window dressing in an attempt to appease the low information’s of their voter base.

  35. Robbo

    “One of the “arguments” against amending 18c is that “nobody cares about 18c”.”

    Do those supporters of the 18c actually believe that it should stay in place because nobody (allegedly) cares about it? If they do believe such a ridiculous argument then they are far more stupid than I thought they were. Triggs would be of that mind but of course we all know just what a bundle of vainglory insensitivity she is, but who else is willing to come out and put their name to such a lazy and idiotic point?

  36. Indolent

    I used to admire Barnaby. He could really get a point across and gave them hell over the climate change rort. He’s been a different man since he took over as leader of the Nationals and his obvious disdain for free speech, which is the basis for all other freedoms, has made me lose all respect for him.

  37. Speedbox

    “Anyway it’s up to the youth of the country to decide, not the over fifties to decide for the next gen. Anyone over 50 butt out.”

    Seriously?! What a stupid fucking comment. Has to be a troll type rev up.

  38. RobK

    “Nobody cares about 18c”
    Similarly private property rights have been erroded by enviro imposts. You tend not to see it comming until you’re in it.

  39. Boambee John

    The only power the HRC should have in these matters is to recommend an apology, should such be appropriate.

    Seeking compensation in court should be up to complainants, at their own expense.

  40. Mark A

    #2334373, posted on March 23, 2017 at 11:19 am

    “Anyway it’s up to the youth of the country to decide, not the over fifties to decide for the next gen. Anyone over 50 butt out.”

    Seriously?! What a stupid fucking comment. Has to be a troll type rev up.

    Why do you even read the troll?
    I had to scroll back up to see who the idiot was, as he is on the scroll by list, should’ve known better.

    He makes a virtue out of being involved with aborigines where for the rest of us it’s a normal thing.

  41. test pattern


    Here in Port Irony, capital of the Pilbara, we take seriously our commitment to implementing the great spirit of our official motto CASTIGAT RIDENDO MORES.

    18c is an experiment in social engineering which will need at least two generations to evaluate, in conjunction with other factors eg indigenous advancement and the creeping replacement of our old angloglot population. Compare and contrast with the Gov sponsored anti littering campaign of some decades ago. The current over 50s generation of angloglots, who struggle with Post Irony, will have kicked off by then.

  42. Helen

    Nobody who matters cares about 18c.

    There, fixed it for you, Sinc.

  43. .

    Shocking. A good reason to consider emigration.

  44. rolleyes

    troll pattern – Anyone who supports 18C is a thin skinned sook who wants to prevent people saying things they don’t like.
    People of every age get to vote, little boy. Most older people haven’t been brainwashed by increasingly PC teaching institutions and know better than to be influenced by the MSM and PC w*nkers in general. With age comes wisdom (for a majority).

  45. EvilElvis

    #2334115, posted on March 23, 2017 at 6:52 am

    Seriously, check your surroundings, the people around you, the people you spend time with and tell me why, in a place like ‘Port Irony’, you shouldn’t be profiled.

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