Deirdre McCloskey on the minimum wage

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  1. Leo G

    If eugenics applied to the working classes was a progessivist ideal of leaders like Woodrow Wilson, what is its counterpart in contemporary leaders like Malcolm Turnbull?

  2. Tom

    [Defamatory comment deleted. Sinc]

  3. Pyrmonter

    Salutary reminder to look behind the “national interest” arguments of the proponents of Big Government whether of the left or right. Government as the distributor of spoils and patronage is an evil.

  4. King Koala

    [OT comment deleted. Sinc]

  5. EvilElvis

    Unskilled, mentally challenged, the disabled.

    God forbid they’d gain some personal respect, a feeling of usefulness and higher self esteem by producing and earning their own money, even through menial, low paid jobs. Best keep them on the taxpayers teat and remain victims.

    When did it happen that the minimum wage has now become a career opportunity instead of a stepping stone in and out of the workforce for the capable among us?

  6. mh

    I only managed 37 seconds of that video. The woman sounded and looked horrible.

  7. Barry 1963

    Why have comments been deleted? I thought that this was a free speech site.

  8. Robber Baron

    The progressives know exactly what they are doing. They did not gain such power by chance.

  9. Infidel Tiger

    This blog would be greatly improved with more deletings and bannings.

    Government as the distributor of spoils and patronage is an evil.

    Damn straight.

  10. Mother Lode


    There is certainly too many socks left lying about the place much of the time.

  11. Nerblnob

    Labor Party’s White Australia was the same idea, wasn’t it?

    Along with never-mentioned USA’s
    Chinese Exclusion Act.

    The average young ‘un thinks these were “right wing” policies, if they’ve even heard of them at all.

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