Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog

The last two weeks the column has come out by email. There is a web version if you look for it. Previously the weekly email just provided the link. Will ask why the change.

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6 Responses to Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog

  1. Tom

    The Sydney Institute website was offline yesterday. MWD is now available through the preset I have always used (which produced an error code last night),, as well as via Rafe’s secret web code. It remains’ one of the week’s best reads — which is why it has enemies on the left, who know all about how DDOS works.

  2. nfw

    A weekly email? What weekly email? The link above shows a much better web version I have been using for years than the one in the headline and Catallaxy comment. Economists and science dismal again!

  3. Rabz

    Is it still appearing in the Oz?

  4. Rabz

    Thanks, Tom. Very disappointed my usual link didn’t work yesterday evening.

  5. King Koala

    So the abc used to be publicly pro-pedo….they should have been shut down 30 seconds after the show aired.

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