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I will confine myself to a few words on one crucial point which seems to be to be absolutely clear…namely the pollution of the mind by the mass media.

Every human society which has endured long enough to leave records has had elaborate customs and institutions which were effective in instilling into the young the sentiments necessary for its perpetuation. Now for the first time in recorded history Western capitalism offers us a spectacle of a system which not only has given up altogether the task of moral education, but actually employs vast resources and the means of persuasion of unprecedented power to destroy the customs, norms and ideals indispensable for its survival; and to implant fundamentally anti-social attitudes which are incompatible with any reasonable social order. It would be miraculous if a social order which permits such massive anti-socialisation could fail to destroy itself.

Stanlislav Andreski, in Prospects of a Revolution in the U.S.A. 1973.

Blurb. The book dissects each causal area, the tension between the different political groups, black and white, of both superior and inferior power; the effects of the Vietnam war; the massive contrast in standards of living; the heavy hand of the bureaucracy; the pervasive influence of education and the media; the loss of plausibility of the accepted and established standards; the sore of racial discontent…But his conclusion is an optimistic hope that the US can still turn from the present trends and escape the possibility of a dictatorship of the worst elements of American society.

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  1. zyconoclast

    But his conclusion is an optimistic hope that the US can still turn from the present trends and escape the possibility of a dictatorship of the worst elements of American society.

    Got to love the optimists.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle



    noun: indoctrination

    the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.
    “I would never subject children to religious indoctrination”

    The implication in this definition, of course, is that someone wants to indoctrinate someone else.
    The question is why would they want this?
    The answer is that they religiously cannot accept that another person could believe something other than what they believe.

    Christianity is different in this respect since if rejected Christians aren’t to persecute the one who doesn’t believe – just not have anything to do with them.
    Unfortunately that can’t be said about practitioners of the Green-Progressive or Muslim religions.

  3. herodotus

    Searingly good quote, Rafe. It’s been a long project, but it is working. As they say, there’s a lot of ruin in a country.

  4. Herodotus

    As I may have said here before, it’s notable that a country like Hungary, shut off from the white-anting of western lefty media, has emerged intact post-soviet as a bastion of conservative sense when it comes to hot button topics like migration.

  5. Frank Brus

    The same goes for Poland where Stanlislav Andreski comes from. It’s probably due to the Polish Jan Sobieski that Europe stayed Christian as he was the leading force that defeated the Turkish Ottoman army at the Siege of Vienna, a battle which essentially began on September 11, 1683.

  6. testpattern

    ‘Like the breaking of a great dam the American descent into marxism is happening with breathtaking speed’“american-capitalism-gone-with-a-whimper“-by-stanislav-mishin/

  7. JohnA

    BofN wrong verse to quote, mate.

    Try this one.

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