CIS event. Postponed due to illness

Has taxpayer funding of elections polarised voters? Funding of elections is meant to make politics and democracy more transparent.

At a time when there is growing awareness of the gap between the political class and ordinary voters, are political donations making the problem worse and undermining confidence in democracy?

As with politicians’ entitlements, campaign and party funding is a contentious issue that the political parties and public seem overwhelmingly averse to discussing rationally.

Senator Scott Ryan, Professor Anne Twomey and Andrew Norton (Carlton’s token classical liberal) will discuss the issue in an event at some later date to be announced.

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4 Responses to CIS event. Postponed due to illness

  1. Dr Fred Lenin

    There should be no taxpayer funding for the political ambitions of tenth rate lawtrades muppets ,not obe cent. You want to be a career bludger you pay for it . Also party donations stopped limit of $ 10 per oerson or organisation per year . The present system is totally corrupt , if I give the alp reds or the green communists or the left wing ruddbullists $_20,000
    I am going to want a favour in return ,altruism is not in the political lexicon ,selfishness has taken over as the norm .

  2. Tim Neilson

    Worker gets tax deduction for “union fee”, union doesn’t pay tax because tax exempt, union funds ALP (or Greens) – effect? the restriction on tax deductibility of political donations is meaningless.
    Same is true of tax deductible employer donations to BCA and similar tax exempt employer associations, but these days employer associations are more likely to fund “climate action”, open borders, SSM, indigenous treaties etc. than any sort of real opposition to the anti-business jihad of the ALP/Greens.

  3. Habib

    One of the worst ideas in the litany of bad ideas that’ve mutated in the diseased environs of the fetid swamp named after a shit architect.

  4. Habib

    Also if we have to have a tax regime, certainly no deductabity for sleazy organisations that benefit from its theft.

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