“We need to push back against this rubbish”

No namby-pamby PC.

From the accompanying note that came with the vid:

Today we are launching the website: www.marklathamsoutsiders.com

Have a look at the site: hopefully it will become a handy resource for folks wanting to fight back against the loss of our institutions and Australian values.

I genuinely believe conservatives and social democrats need to unite in the fight against cultural Marxism and segregationist identity politics.

The best things about our country, many of which we had taken for granted, are now at risk.

many thanks, Mark

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13 Responses to “We need to push back against this rubbish”

  1. A Lurker

    Mark Latham’s video from last night was interesting.
    The mysterious Canberra Bomber was discussed (at around 55 minutes into the discussion).

  2. Peter Sandery

    I am sorry but I can see no reason why “We need to push back against this rubbish”. I believe this type of discourse, that espoused by Latham et al is at the essence of democracy and is far from being caught in my definition of “rubbish”. I would be interested in your counter argument

  3. A Lurker

    I think Peter, Steve meant pushing back against the rubbish of political correctness, not what Latham is trying to do.

  4. Senile Old Guy

    I believe this type of discourse, that espoused by Latham et al is at the essence of democracy and is far from being caught in my definition of “rubbish”.

    I think you are misinterpreting Steve Kates here. I think he is agreeing with Latham.

  5. NewChum

    The article title is a quote. Clearly meaning coming from Mark Latham.

    Latham is correct but a lone voice in the wilderness on the left. It is not about the workers, it was never about the workers. It was always about finding a large enough population to convince their grievances are the fault of someone else, and ride those grievances into power.

    Used to be that lots of people worked. That has all fallen apart and the remaining workers are pretty keen to keep working, and don’t find themselves particularly aggrieved with employment.

    So now the focus is on assembling identity groups and convincing them they are oppressed, and holding together this unholy Union of grievances to ride to power. The plan is not going well, but it is still going.

    We are already at the point where telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Merely stating simple observable truths about gender, culture, religion will get you targeted and harassed and quite possibly fired.

    So yes, Latham needs to be supported.

  6. srr

    Mark Latham could be our Ezra Levant, Outsiders could be our Rebel Media.

    We’re not short of the talent, and that’s not even counting the expats who want to escape the now lethal Leftist suffocation of Hollywood/UN/Corporate media.

  7. Fulcrum

    My counter arguement is this, Peter.

    Mark’s heritage is more important to most Australians than the sum of the political correctness, socialism, marxism, protest, muck throwing et al.

    Incidentally, anyone who calls Mark and his ilk racist sexist, misoginistic, islamaphobic have next to no knowkedge of the millions of Australians , has just about zero knowledge of any of these indivuals

    Well Peter, what’s so great about your heritage and crystal ball logic that suggests that it superceeds most Australians.

    Lets start with the three simple facts about me and many like me –
    1) I am proud to call myself working class, as it’s the cornerstone of my heritage.
    2) I am a proud democrat, who believes in the SPIRITUAL ETHICS of democracy.
    3) I am proud of my state education.

    Over to you Peter

  8. stackja

    1950s Australia was not perfect but rubbish went into the bin. Now it is called ‘politics’.

  9. Latham would be a better Liberal PM than Malcolm Turnbull. And most of the pretenders.

  10. J.H.

    I’ll watch him. I agree with him about the madness of censorious political correctness.

    If you cannot speak freely, then you are not free….. and then of course there is the ecofascism to go with the PC mindset. All of it authoritarian, none of it liberal.

  11. .

    I’m addicted to watching politics, but stay out of it until you’ve done something with your life.

    There are too many spivs who went about seeking power and wealth without ever doing real work.

    Imagine what kind of construction magnate, journalist, doctor, lawyer or researcher Latham would have made. He’s got brains and passion and he’s not a total wimp.

    Unfortunately in Australia we tend to worship politicians, so Latham would not have the platform he has now without a previous career as a would be PM.

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  13. Peter Sandery

    I’ll agree that I missed the quotation marks and I blame that on creeping senility, but I am afraid Fulcrum that your counter argument goes way beyond the content of my comments and appears to smack a little of “shooting the messenger” which I am sure your heritage would have taught you.

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