Something to think about

And if you are wondering why I was reading The Age, we were in a cafe and the comics are right next to the sudoku.

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  1. Sinclair Davidson

    I don’t know … even to be seen reading The Age must be problematic.

  2. Botswana O'Hooligan

    They can’t be all that bad if they still have the Wizard of Id in them. I loved the one years ago when Larsen E Pettifogger was arguing the case of the Spook with the King. Larson argued that the Spook wouldn’t get a fair trial in Id because of bias. The King replied with, I don’t care where they hold the trial as long as they bring him back here for the hanging.

  3. stackja

    Sinclair Davidson
    #2355522, posted on April 16, 2017 at 11:20 am
    I don’t know … even to be seen reading The Age must be problematic.


  4. H B Bear

    Journalists will go straight to hell for eternity. And the only thing on TV will be Clarke and Dawe.

  5. H B Bear


    No one does sudoku till they are in their 70s and think they might be getting alzheimers.

  6. H B Bear

    [email protected]

    LOL Ghosts of Waffleworths past. When your entire fortune is based on a Sydney insider maaaates deal and you have spent the next two decades trying to live up to the hype.

  7. Joe

    Are newspapers only valuable for the sudoku they deliver to cafe’s?

  8. Rafe

    It is ok to read the sport in any newspaper that you find lying around.
    But we are not talking about football today.

  9. Tom

    It must be hell trying to find something worth reading in Melbourne café world. All the copies of the Herald-Sun have been sold as 350,000 people a day people pay the bucks to find out about the latest carjackings and home invasions what’s actually going on the wider world and keep them at home for the ads/TV guide/real estate/form guide. In its last days, no-one buys The Age with its carefully constructed fake news propaganda narratives, so unsold copies are lying around in shops like junk off the internet.

  10. Rayvic

    Does not Daniel Andrews get a free plug in The Age?

  11. Leo G

    It would be Non Sequitur, if you say your time in a cafe makes me wonder what you are reading.

  12. Dr Fred Lenin

    Be truthfull Steve ,you were sitting in a toilet ,and the age was cut into squares on a nail,nothing else to do is there you read it dont you ? DrGood to see thst rag put to a usefull purpose .

  13. Fred Furkenburger

    Well if you are going to read The Age the comics are probably the best bit. Also probably, in the main, the closest thing to reality in the paper!

  14. Exit Stage Right

    Speaking of cartoons, is it just me or do other Cats find Kudelka totally unfunny? Sadly, The Australian seems to think that his cartoons are good enough to grace their pages. All his cartoon commentary seems to be tinged with a touch of leftism. Oh how we miss BLeak. I used to anxiously scan this blog for Tom to share the latest Leak cartoon-what a wonderful service he (Tom) provide(s)(d). Just another reason why I no longer shell out $3 for The Stralian.

  15. Nelson Kidd-Players

    Wiley is pretty left in his politics, but at least can be funny.

  16. cui bono

    Typical Age, massive typo, should have been:
    Aw, KRudd

  17. Rabz

    is it just me or do other Cats find Kudelka totally unfunny?

    Given he’s a boring, unfunny imbecile, Kudelka’s still had his moments in his time – but he can’t match Bleak for quality and quantity.

    What I loved about Bleak was the fact that he recognised collectivists were a target rich environment.

    Bleak went out there and shredded them, like shooting fish in a barrel.

  18. MsDolittle

    Wouldn’t have that rag in my house. Kudelka has big shoes to fill and I’m continuing to try to give him a break… and it’s very trying.

  19. Dave in Marybrook

    Kudelka is pretty good at a 30 x 30mm front page pinch- but yep, have to agree he looks a bit thin in the big space. I think it’s as much to do with his drawing style being a good match for cutesy clean humour, whereas Leak did bug me when he seemed to rely on running gags, grotesques and spelling out puns. “We should be able to muddle along, as long as we keep him away from Twitter…” might be obvious, but at least Kudelka said it.

  20. cuckoo

    is it just me or do other Cats find Kudelka totally unfunny?

    On a scale where those bafflingly unfunny and badly-drawn New Yorker cartoons rate 0 and the best of Bill Leak rates a 10, I’d give Kudelka 5.5 on his better days. He has none of Bill’s edge, but then that’s not what he’s aiming for.

  21. DM OF WA

    I am outraged and offended that an allegedly progressive newspaper like the Age would run such a shocking and blatantly racist cartoon mocking the colour of a person’s skin. Shame on the Age. Someone should lodge a complaint at the Human Rights Commision!

  22. John A

    Rayvic #2355666, posted on April 16, 2017, at 1:32 pm

    Does not Daniel Andrews get a free plug in The Age?

    Yes, and he used it to seal up the plug hole and prevent us from draining the Victoria-stan swamp.

  23. Tator

    That Non Sequitur cartoon probably means I am going to live forever, as it states trolls don’t go to heaven but Satan still has that restraining order out against me and is terrified I will take over BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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