Gillian Triggs and Tim Soutphommasane are no longer employed by the Human Rights Commission.

Goodbye Gillian
Tim Soutphommasane is no longer employed by the HRC

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I'm a retired general who occasionally gets called back to save the republic before returning to my plough.
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33 Responses to Countdown

  1. Moz

    Eerr no they are still there. What you smokin’ again LQC?

  2. kc

    Nice try, but after the crap you have posted lately, it will take more than this to redeem yourself!

  3. Nathan

    I’m claiming ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’

    I will be checking in to both links regularly however. Thanks!

  4. jupes

    Woop de doo.

    Neither will be sacked and both will get another well paid government job.

    Both will be replaced with fellow SJWs.

    The AHRC will continue to oppose freedom.

  5. dopey

    Your plough has more brains than you do.

  6. Sinclair Davidson

    That’s mean and cruel.

    You got my hopes up so high. 🙁

  7. Infidel Tiger

    Until they are reappointed.

  8. JC

    Fat lips there until August 2018?


  9. egg_

    I nominate they’re both recipients of the Bill Leak Award for services to humanity.

  10. Stimpson J. Cat

    Not enough Meldrum in this post.
    Wasting my f*cking time.
    You muppet.

  11. Shy Ted

    Malcolm could make it so. but he won’t.

  12. I heartily endorse this OP trollery.

  13. Pedro the Ignorant

    Sucked in.
    I thought that that Mal had finally grown some nads and sacked the pair of them.

    Then I clicked the link. You are going to Hell for that, LQC.

  14. Come to think of it, maybe Lucius is me, sleep-posting.

    Though I would be more subtle.

  15. Up The Workers!

    Maybe they’re seeking to add some long overdue dignity and lift the tone of the joint by reappointing former Chairman, Marcus Einfeld (and/or his cadaverous, lead-footed American academic friend) for another stint?

  16. Jannie

    That’s a couple of minutes of my life lost forever.

  17. duncanm

    leave them employed – just close the joint around them. Assign them to packing the boxes and organising the leftover staplers.

  18. Art Vandelay

    So what? The Liberals will just appoint even bigger left-wing loons to replace them when their time is up.

  19. Exit Stage Right

    A bit late for April Fools Day, Lucy. You did have me there, but not sure of your motivation for posting this, other than to stir shit.
    No doubt the old hag will be farewelled in a fanfare by Mal and we will be told what a wonderful job she did. People like Triggs and possum always land on their feet.

  20. A Lurker

    The Roman is attempting to be a troll.

    The Roman needs to return to his plough.

  21. Crossie

    Lucy, it could be true if you asked Malcolm nicely. I hear you have influence in that quarter, every time Malcolm opens his mouth he starts with “Lucy and I ….”

  22. Dr Fred Lenin

    I am glad its not true ,the Dr Fred Institute is still preparing the prosection brief for their trials for High Treason , not quite ready to present to the DPP yet . The institute is lobbying political muppets for the reintroduction of the death penalty for High Treason ,hanged ,drawn and quartered p being the preffered option its amazing what an anti death penalty career pollie will do for a fewvotes ,talk about chalk and cheese . Rank hypocrycy is the order of the day ,always .
    What happens to the quarters you ask? They will be prominently displayed at university seats of indoctriation, pour encourager les autres as ole Nappy used to say .

  23. Louis

    You do realize when Labor win the next federal election she will made Governor General. Very similar career to Bryce and just as politically aligned.

  24. Robber Baron

    I think we all expect Triggs not to be reappointed, therefore who shall Labor-Lite appoint? In accordance with Lord Waffenworth’s SJW mentality, let me throw a few names about.

    Bob Brown isn’t doing much now days, perhaps he can be enticed out of his log cabin long enough to cause a bit more green muzzling.

    I hear Julia Gillard is trawling Australia for some high paid gigs since her Clinton investment went sour. Mike Smith will have to remain outside Australia indefinitely.

    Andrew Demetriou is one to watch. He’s just the right personality to turn the commission into the most feared Government agency since East Germany’s Stasi.

    It shall be an interesting count-down.

  25. mizaris

    sooooooo deeeeeply depressing. and knowing they will be reappointed or replaced with people just as bad…..:(

  26. Y

    Never have I seen anyone fail upwards with such incomprehensible velocity as Facial. He should be stacking shelves at Bunnings, not pulling down $400k. Galling.

  27. Squirrel

    A very hard-pressed federal Budget should see at least one of those positions left vacant.

    In the meantime, the incumbents can start planning for the move of the HRC to a regional location which would welcome an injection of federal jobs and funding.

  28. Dr Fred Lenin

    It would be easy for a populist government to negate theses Quangon spongerfests ,the governmant alloctes money in the budget to each one it shpuld be possible to cut the q=allocations of funds . Cur]t the alpbc to $90 million a year hrc to $50 k and so forth . The ,other federal depat=rtments holliwed out ]\, , health and education departments abolished you dont need legistlation to cut funding .
    Another idea brought to you by the Dr afred Institute gratis .

  29. Craig Mc

    In the meantime, the incumbents can start planning for the move of the HRC to a regional location which would welcome an injection of federal jobs and funding.

    Heard Island is nice this time of year.

  30. Wozzup

    Far too long to wait…….far too many sleeps.

    Mind you with Turnbull in charge they are very likely to be replaced by people just as egregious.

    Do away with the HRC. Every time I hear someone cite human rights (sorry that should be capital H, capital R of course) as a reason justifying – well just about anything, it almost makes me want to reach for my gun (figuratively speaking). Human Rights in the hands of the Left has metastasized into both a cancer and a weapon, purpose designed to kill civilization. Instead of being what it started out as…..a legitimate idea about the need in a civilized society not to kill, imprison, torture, disenfranchise or harm people. Instead, now it is about beating others over the head (thereby constraining or attacking their human rights) when they do not agree with the Left’s latest obsession, whatever that happens to be. And of course it is about attacking Western Civilization at every turn, for any and every reason.

    And of course as a concept, it is used tacitly or actively in support of evil. The Human Rights of Palestinians are used as a reason justifying destruction of Israel and murder of Jews, at least according to the twisted reasoning of the the Left. Human Rights of muslims are used (although perhaps this is never stated, it is always implicit) as a reason for turning a blind eye to the mutilation of girls’ genitals for we must never criticize muslims as that would harm their human right to express their religion and culture as they see fit. If you are white and western you are held to impossibly high standards of not just conduct but thought. If you are a member of a more benighted group especially one of the Left’s “sainted minorities”, your Human Rights trump everything and even provide you with license to trample on others human rights. For you are both sainted – and a minority. Blessed be they.

    The HRC is infected with this disease. So I repeat. Do away with the HRC.

  31. Fulcrum

    Hopefully,here should be a noticable drop is the volume of frivolous claims of racism and an early dismissal of frivolous claims.
    The police could and should be given the authority used to screen out timewasters, which of course should carry the option to appeal.

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