Getcha Friedman Conference Tickets

With speakers such as Grover Norquist, John Fund, and Nick Gillespie from the US, Ezra Levant from Canada’s Rebel Media, Matthew Sinclair, Rory Bromfield, and Sam Bowman from the UK, as well as Australians such as Senators Cory Bernardi, David Leyonhjelm, and Malcolm Roberts, the QUT Student persecuted under s18C Calum Thwaites, and celebrities like Daisy Cousens, this truly is a conference not to be missed! Topics to be covered are as diverse as including innovation and the economy, the US election, Brexit and what it means for Australia, online poker, vaping, criminal justice reform, freedom of speech and many more!

You can view the full schedule at

Tickets sales will close at the end of this week so please visit to secure your spot! 

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20 Responses to Getcha Friedman Conference Tickets

  1. Paul Farmer

    Interesting ……….the same Grover Norquist who has been exposed as working for the Muslim brotherhood in the US ?

  2. Fulcrum

    I wonder if the lone wolf fan club will turn up, agitate, protest “peacefully” and take photographs of their best mates rioting.

  3. Procrustes

    Paul Farmer – that is some paranoid deep-level bullshit trolling crap you are alluding to about someone who is basically a small government guy

    Joshua – you need more than a question mark to make your point. Personally, I can’t wait to hear from the guy who invented the cautionary tale of the unicorn in politics

  4. Harald

    Procrustes, Paul Farmer,

    Frank Gaffney, former Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan, is not a guy prone to “deep-level bullshit trolling crap”.

    Gaffney has done s series of studies into the threat posed to the US by radical forms of Islam from within. He has published a 10 part video series detailing some of the results of his studies, in particular regarding the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia in the US. In that video series, Gaffney zooms in on influence peddling aimed at the highest reaches of government to further the interests of Islamists in the US.

    Grover Norquist does not come off looking good here, even should only 25% of this turn out to be true.

    Especially part 3 thru 7 of the series relate to Norquist, the Repulicans and the ATR. It makes for interesting viewing.

  5. procrustes

    Harald, if you want to peddle character assassination, fine. It won’t stop me from going to Friedman.

  6. A H

    How come these things are always in Sydney?

    Melbournians need to hear this stuff too.

  7. .

    Grover Norquist does not come off looking good here, even should only 25% of this turn out to be true.

    This is reptilian level lunacy.

  8. JC

    This is reptilian level lunacy.

    He’s “deportable”. A combination of deplorable and to deport.

  9. TheDAwg

    Another pack of know-nothing, do-nothing, wanna-be’s,trying to make money out of someone else’s good name.
    Meaningless, inane dribble for those who wish but wont do.
    Well done Harald. The tossers like Pro-crustacean and exactly that. Bottom feeding imbeciles with the vision of their position.

  10. Procrustes

    Hey TheDAwg, “they’re” not “their”

  11. Tim Andrews

    Frank Gaffney is a loon and no-one should react to any of his crazy conspiracy theories with anything other than historical laughter.

  12. Al Norm

    Harald and Farmer have made a point and referenced it. Procrusty and co have just slung mud. If you want people to come to your conference, then I suggest, Crusty and co, you counter the claim with facts.
    Given that Islam is the big issue at present, with Islamist growth in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines i.e. next door, and half the world lives under it and there are wars/insurgencies in all their countries, why isn’t it or related (Jihad, ISIS..) a topic.
    Minimising government tax will be the least of your worries under Sharia – if you still have your head.

  13. Harald

    “Character assassination”, “reptilian level lunacy”, “deportable”

    Copping some incoming flak here, I see. Must be a target nearby. 🙂

    If you do not believe Gaffney? Think he’s a loon? Fine – I don’t think so. But regardless, there are more who have raised concerns, of course. It’s not like Gaffney was the only one.

    Gaffney’s booklet “Agent of influence” on Norquist alleged enabling of the radical muslims, has been endorsed by a number of former high ranking officials. For example that booklet contains an introductory letter signed in endorsement by, among others:

    • former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey
    • former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey (a Clinton appointee)
    • former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy (who prosecuted the Blind Sheik)
    • former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin

    It is my understanding that Woolsey even called Norquist “very dangerous” in the context of this.

    Apart from these guys, how about listening to Grover Norquist himself on these matters?

    Norquist sat down for a full length interview with Glenn Beck – of all people – to address specifically these issues. Though with the benefit of hindsight, probably Norquist wishes he hadn’t…

    Watch it here and judge for yourself.

    Apparently there also has been a radio debate hosted by Hugh Hewitt between Gaffney and Norquist directly on this (instead of going through a less than ideal proxy like Beck).

    Unfortunately I cannot find the audio of that anymore. The reviews of it you can still find. Interestingly these reviews often remark on the factual nature of Gaffney’s contributions, whereas Norquist seems to very quickly stoop to personal attacks.

    Similar to what you see happening right here in this fred.

  14. Procrustes

    I left my tin foil hat at the office Harald

  15. Al Norm

    Procrustes, you are a moron. Harald presented plenty of evidence and this is all you have to say. From what I can see Grover Norquist needs to tell us more about what he is doing. Obviously against all that is happened – including today in Paris – he is trying to reform Islam. Let us know.
    Great – so let’s make that a topic at the conference. But they are too scared. Pathetic. Brave anti taxers, scared of a few bearded wonders from the Auburn gym.
    Why not man-up and invite a few Imam/Mullas and then I’ll will definitely go. Otherwise you can talk “FREEDOM” until you are blue in the face but it means FA until you recognize the real issue. Ma’ashallah – mushrikeen.

  16. .

    Plenty of evidence. 10 part you tube series? Fuck off, Graeme Bird. You lunatic Harald. You should be laughed back to that Eurotrash country you’re ashamed of.

  17. Harald


    A couple of months ago I actually realised I knew who you are (since you were mentioning some things that were said at the LOTR here in Melbourne – very few people present).

    I copped abuse from you before. But when I figured out who you were, I let it go. I thought: “He’s a young kid, 20-something, doing stupid things just like you did at that age.” So I dis-engaged as much as I could.

    But here you are again saying the things you do – anonymously – at someone you know: Lunatic, should be laughed back to.., yada-yada

    Why do you anonymously abuse people here you know IRL? I don’t get that. I really don’t.

    Do you mind explaining yourself, TM?
    Because as things stand, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  18. .

    You are falsely accusing someone (Norquist) of supporting terrorism. Where the hell do you get off you in trying to intimidate other people how to act?

    What you are supporting is a witch hunt because you don’t like the religion of Norquist’s wife. They married in a church. How “Muslim” of her.

  19. procrustes

    Al Norm

    Actually, it’s pronounced ki-meeruh but by all means, do go on

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