Off to Europe

I’m off to Europe for a week of conferencing and meetings. Posting might be light – or not, as the case may be.

The usual open threads will appear at the more or less usual times.

A French election forum will appear later this evening.

Play nicely.

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12 Responses to Off to Europe

  1. Tom

    Have fun, Doomlord. For me, it’s timely to thank you again for this site.

  2. Pete of Perth

    $10 on LePen for a win.

  3. PeterM

    Ping me if you’re in Lucerne!

  4. custard

    Good on ya Sinc, thanks for this blog.

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    Bon voyage et bon chance en France , conveyez me regardes a Marine le Pen . Merci pour le blog mon vieux ami Ecossais .,

  6. Andrew

    If anyone yells Allahu Akhbar, don’t worry – that’s just something Arabic people do from time to time, and it has NTDWI.

  7. Dorothy

    “Conferencing” what sort of word is that .. you attend or participate in a conference. Why turn nouns into verbs ??

  8. Mundi

    Anc news radio in Brisbane this morning:
    “New study finds 1 in 2 aboriginals and 1 in 3 lgbt are victims of abuse porn”

  9. nerblnob

    Maybe it’s aboriginals abusing lgbt and vice versa.

    Numbers like that are meaningless. 100% of any group could be victims of “abuse porn” , wtf that is, but it could be one person doing it all.

  10. JohnA

    Dorothy #2374159, posted on May 8, 2017, at 7:44 am

    Why turn nouns into verbs ??

    Oh, dear, verbing his nouns now, is he?


  11. Rafe

    Memo to generous people thanking Sinc for the site, Sinc took over the Cat from Jason Soon and it grew some extra legs to change from a fringe site to what it is now.
    Jason started it about ten years ago. So think about Jason as well☺

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