In the meantime

The video above was taken at the Sydney launch of The Art of the Impossible, and now I am extraordinarily happy to add that Andrew Bolt has agreed to launch the book in Melbourne. Some details to work out, but will let you know when and where.

In the meantime, let me bid farewell to blogging for a bit. I am going into hospital in the morning for hand surgery that will make it difficult to type for a while.

And let me add that it is safe to watch the video since it is all Mark and Ross. For my views, you will have to read the book.

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  1. Mique

    All the best for the surgery, Dr Kates. I’m 2/3 through the book at the moment and enjoying it immensely. It’s great to catch up again with events as they unfolded. On the other hand, it’s frightening how little the usual suspects have learnt from the experience. The left seems to have an inexhaustible supply of useful idiots.

  2. iain russell

    Best wishes for the carving. Trust you emerge on the other side sharper and meaner! Iain R

  3. Solitarius

    Priceless and Hillarious video.

    Aaron Patrick’s comments said in all seriousness are indistinguishable from parody.

    The only sadness is that the AFR is supposedly Chomsky’s ideal of rational reportage. Who do they think they’re fooling?

  4. Tintarella di Luna

    Thank you Steve for your contribution to keeping it real. All the best for the surgery I hope recuperation is swift and complete.

  5. Jobsy

    Love your work Steve, all the best.

  6. Gab

    Speedy recovery, Steve. Come back to us quickly xx

  7. Megan

    Good luck with the hand surgery. May your recovery be swift and the outcome perfect. You will be missed.

  8. I really think that Bolt is a poor choice to launch this. He was vehemently anti-Trump right up to the night of the election. He didn’t write one pro-Trump piece at all before the results came in. He fell for every dirty Democrat trick to get Trump disqualified. Particularly notable was his total belief in the “Oh Noes – Misogyny!” episode. How he pontificated and preened from his nightly pulpit at how awful Trump was.

    In short, he missed the entire Trump phenomenon. And he was one of the few journalists in Australia who should have got it. And you want this guy to launch your book? I go to every Connor Court launch I can but I won’t be attending this. I’ll still get your book, Steve, but I wouldn’t be able to sit there and listen to such a windbag pontificate on a subject that he completely fucked up.

  9. Sparkx

    Dupuytren’s contracture Steve? All the best with the surgery.

  10. Mark M

    Thanks for your untiring work.
    Speedy recovery!

  11. Baldrick

    The hand may be out of action but keep the mind nimble. Best wishes for a rapid recovery.

  12. pbw

    Good luck with the surgeons of Sydney. Do some quick reading on infection control, and watch the IC behaviour of the mdical staff, especially the doctors, who generally imagine they are above all that.

    I was struck by the comments about Paul Ryan and Obamacare. When Obama was new in the job, I can recall his buttering up Ryan over Ryan’s budget proposals. He had not the slightest intention of realising that budget, but he knew the power of presidential flattery.

    So does Trump, and he uses it to greatest effect when the result has been achieved. Paul Ryan was positively beaming while standing beside Trump on the WH lawn after the recent bill scraped through. I think Ryan may now be glued to Trump for the next 8 years.

  13. H B Bear

    Great stuff. You almost feel sorry for the poor bastard who drew the short straw at Australia’s leading anti-business business pamphlet but then you hear him say, “… there is a perception in the community that the science is settled,” and realise they must be crushed like bugs.

  14. dweezy2176

    Good luck with the surgery & a speedy recovery .. always enjoy reading your informative & entertaining contributions!

  15. mh

    Re Adam’s post:

    In short, he missed the entire Trump phenomenon. And he was one of the few journalists in Australia who should have got it.

    Totally agree. Bolt was calling Trump a buffoon, along with Miranda Devine, right up until election day.

    btw Steve, how many people approx. were in the venue?

  16. Catfeesh?

    Bit of Viking in your bloodline, Steve?

  17. Rafe

    Check out voice recognition software?

  18. Rafe

    And stop punching lefties in the head.
    Go for somewhere softer.

  19. John A

    Rafe, I know Google does it reasonably well on phones, but I wonder if the laptop/desktop stuff really is up to snuff.

    For instance, I notice that Fred Lenin seems to have a plethora of typos which appear to be phonetic errors. Could he be using something like that?

    Fred, I apologise in advance for mis-typing you if you don’t use voice recognition software but are just a typist… 🙂

  20. calli

    All the very best for the surgery, Steve. And may your digits be dancing dangerously very soon.

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