Life, Art and Climate Change

How do you blow the mind of someone from the political and clerical left?  Show them that their evidence and settled science is not actually evidence nor settled science, and watch.

In 2015, a mildly amusing movie came out called the Kingsman.  It was an attempt at a James Bond type story with an evil criminal trying to destroy the world and a good guy trying to stop him.  In this case, the narrative was that over population was causing climate change, leading to an environmental catastrophe, and the only way to deal with it was through a massive culling of humans.  The evil mastermind would select the best and brightest to survive and the rest, well, you can imagine the plan for them.

The movie broadly ends with all the heads of the best and brightest blowing up, to a lovely rendition of Pomp and Circumstance.  See YouTube video at bottom.

Now the Kingsman story line follows a similar real life path.  It was called eugenics and was last mass tried by the Nazis with a view to elimination of “defectives” from the human gene pool.  You see, according to its proponents, the intellectuals and other elites, the problem that was to be solved by eugenics, the pollution of the gene pool, was also settled science.

At the time, it was considered that the best humans were not having enough children relative to the inferior humans or were mixing with the inferior humans.  And who were the inferiors?  At the time they included foreigners, immigrants, Jews, Blacks, gays, degenerates, the unfit and the ‘feeble minded’.

The proposed solution, I am sure you will not be surprised to hear, was an expansion of the scope and power of the state, and the abrogation of liberty through the government control of reproduction, thereby improving and cleansing the gene pool.

History will judge whether the science or the response were settled.

The thing about science is that it is never settled.  One unexpected observation can disprove centuries of accepted wisdom.  Nassim Taleb titled his book The Black Swan from the just this.  In England in the middle ages, there used to be a saying, similar to pigs flying, …. you would sooner see a black swan.  The science was settled.  And then Australia was discovered.

The scientists understand that there is a difference between retrospective observations which can be generally agreed and prospective forecasts which are subject to debate.  It is the zealots who cry settled science who don’t understand.

Recently, former Wall Street Journal opinion writer, Bret Stephens, wrote (would you be surprised) an opinion piece for the New York Times (NYT).  This was Stephens’ first effort for the NYT, having possibly been recruited for his staunch Anti-Trump views.

Now in this first effort, Stephens did not write about President Trump.  He wrote about climate change, and his words managed to blow the minds of the settled science Malthusian Armageddonist political left.

In essence, this is what Stephens wrote.

  • It is agreed that temperatures have risen relative to the past.
  • It is agreed that humans have contributed to this increase in temperatures
  • It is not agreed by how much humans have contributed to increases in temperatures.
  • It is not agreed that the only true and correct forecasts of future temperature change project Argmageddon; and
  • It is not agreed that benefits of remedial climate action are worth the costs.

Basically, Stephens attempted to add some modesty and conservatism to the debate and challenge the unfounded certainty that prevails.

His critics decreed that, by not agreeing with the forecasts and the mandatory expansion of the state, Stephens not only needs to be fired from the New York Times, but also prosecuted for breaking the 11th commandment – though shalt not challenge the Climate Neo-Clericy.

Climate change is no longer a science.  It is a religion.  And heretics must be found and prosecuted.

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26 Responses to Life, Art and Climate Change

  1. notaluvvie

    Have you been picking through the movies on the plane again? Nobody with half a brain would watch Kingsman of his own free will.

  2. A Lurker

    That clip is a classic and is often replayed here at home.

    Climate change is no longer a science. It is a religion. And heretics must be found and prosecuted.

    If course it is, and the high priests – Gore, and all others, including that 97-98 % of scientists* – shalt not be questioned and offertory taxpayer money must be given to them in perpetuity.

    Their holy book – all that ‘settled science’ shalt not be questioned.

    In order to atone for our evil polluting acts, humanity (that is, the West) must immediately and indefinitely provide offertory money to the High Church of Climate Change via taxation. Also, a visible form of atoning for our sins is to turn all our lights out during Earth Hour, put solar panels on our roofs, not complain when our electricity bills start to resemble the debt of small nations, and especially not complain when we get sustained brown-outs and intermittent blackouts (for we must suffer punishment for our previous polluting sins).

    The very young, old and frail who dies from excessive cold, heat etc, will be considered martyrs to the Great God Gaia, and their entry into Gaia Heaven is assured

    The only other way to gain entry to Gaia Heaven is to buy Climate Change Indulgences in the form of carbon credits.


    * The actual and real number is debatable.

  3. .

    Some of the coldest May temperatures I can remember.

    If this is global warming, then cooling must be absolutely devastating.

  4. Habib

    The welfare state has taken care of that issue. Paying the idle, feckless, lazy and stupid to breed has been a wholesale success.

  5. Rob MW

    How do you blow the mind of someone from the political and clerical left?

    Fuck em’ and their political & religious inquisition.

    Grab them by the scudgeons an twist with prejudice.

  6. min

    I think evidence has shown tha temperatures were higher in the Roman Period and the Medieval Warming Period . Alarmists ,however ,ignore history and archeology.
    The debate is to what degree have humans contributed and what degree have natural events contributed.
    IPCC charter in fact states that the focus is on human contribution and does not accept peer reviewed articles where natural events have been researched.
    Climate system is so complex and knowledge is still limited on what factors contribute to the process science will never be settled .

  7. Driftforge

    History will judge whether the science or the response were settled.

    ‘Scientific’ Hegemony via Total Warfare.

    Whether you win a war typically has very little to do with the particular characteristic selected with which to demonise the enemy. Nor does it imply much at all about the scientific validity of those assertions. It can and does result in fairly permanent changes in the attitude of the victors to those characteristics, regardless of the ‘science’.

  8. Roger

    A blizzard may have just wiped out the Kansas winter wheat crop, 20% of US supply..

  9. Zyconoclast

    Have you been picking through the movies on the plane again? Nobody with half a brain would watch Kingsman of his own free will.

    I did after it was highly recommended by various Cats.

    Over rated.

  10. cynical1

    Yeah well.

    The science used to be settled in biology too.

    Penis for little boys.

    Vagina for little girls.

    Now, not so settled.

    However, if this body dysmorphia craze catches on, I can see some interesting times ahead.

    “Doc, I identify as an amputee”.

    “Well, if you identify as a trans as well, we can kill two birds with one stone”…

  11. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Kingsman was never meant as more than a fun movie. As is the spy movie on tonight (or was that last night?). I, for one, am glad that the science is totally settled- now we can get down to converting the evil deniers, and settling scores with them!

  12. Bruce of Newcastle

    I thought this one was fun over at just now.

    Global warming kills gut bacteria in lizards

    Scientists from the University of Exeter and the University of Toulouse found that warming of 2-3°C caused a 34% loss of microorganism diversity in the guts of common lizards (also known as viviparous lizards).

    The hilarious bit is during the Age of Reptiles the global average temperature was about 10 C higher and pCO2 was 3-5 times higher than today…

    So much money is being wasted on stupid “science” like this study.

  13. Sydney Boy

    The welfare state has taken care of that issue. Paying the idle, feckless, lazy and stupid to breed has been a wholesale success.

    And the unintended consequences of both WWI and WWII were that the best and brightest individuals were killed and injured in the wars. The sickly, the lame, the stupid, and the inferior were rejected from the military services and thus remained to breed on both sides – the opposite of what the N*zis intended.

  14. 132andBush

    The whole farce has been a religion since Gores science fiction movie was released.

    The trouble is, when nature has its way and the earth doesn’t fry and indeed cools (as the majority of counter opinion suggests) science in general will be left with the collective credibility of the disgusting politicians who are pushing this scam.

  15. Rabz

    It’s no coincidence that I first became aware of the concept of catastrophic AGW in 1989.

    Certain other events of global importance were going down then as well, i.e. the collapse of soviet style communism.

    So a new problem had to be created – i.e. human economic activity is heating the planet to hell.
    Solution? Why, none other than soviet style communism.

    The “end of history”, indeed.

  16. Stimpson J. Cat

    Nobody with half a brain would watch Kingsman of his own free will.

    I read the Secret Service comic it was based on three years before it was made because I am more sophisticated and edgy than you.

  17. Zipster the leftoid torturemeister

    Some of the coldest May temperatures I can remember.

    Was 12°c at 9am here. Apparently April was coldest for a decade, but the months ahead will return to cooking us alive.

    The left are in a battle to destroy modern civilisation by any means and expect communist utopia to rise from the ashes.

  18. Anonandon

    A great scene agreed. But not as good as the Swedish princess turning over on the bed.

  19. john constantine

    There are many interlocking organising principles that enable Western civilisation.

    The cheap and easy access to fossil fuels is just one that is under attack, their left can rapidly switch to gender infinity, or organics or wymynsys, the revolution is relentless and to the death.

  20. john constantine

    Enjoyed seeing the Bollards of Doom deployed like anti-tank caltrops outside their National Socialist offices in SS-GB.

    First episodes always get the best writing, but it rattles so far.

  21. john constantine

    [ BBC First series, SS-GB]

  22. jonesy

    Commmmooonnn…Zyconoclast…what movie is serious? Playing dress ups and telling a good yarn, lots of over the top blood and guts, bit of contemporary pop music and general hammed up acting…on a personal note, I fully expect the REAL Queen would have told valentine to sod off!..its called escapism! That is has a moral to the story makes it so special;)

  23. True Aussie

    Eugenics will be the next big science.

  24. Evan

    This post is very weird. Some nonsense about a bad movie leads to the assertion that the left were outraged by a newspaper article. No evidence of this outrage though. No evidence that any climate scientists have ever claimed that the science is settled either. Yawn.

  25. Rtp

    But rich coming from a “libertarian” site that supports modern day eugenics *because* it is settled science – vaccinations. The greatest crime in history.

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