Request for information

I have put two requests for information into the ABC:

  1. On Q&A guest Lawrence Krauss made the following statement, “You’re more right (sic) likely to be killed by a refrigerator, in the United States, falling on you” in relation to the probability of being killed in a terrorist attack. Can you provide any peer reviewed evidence in support of that statement?
  2. On Q&A host Tony Jones makes this claim, “I mean, I suppose, if you’re a young black American, you’re more likely to be killed by policeman”. Can you provide peer review evidence of the factual accuracy of that claim?

I will post their reply if and when they bother to answer.

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  1. Beliaik

    Alinsky’s rules

    Keep the pressure on.

    Never let up.

  2. Tintarella di Luna

    Alinsky’s rules

    Keep the pressure on.

    Never let up.

    Love your work Beliaik — I can hardly wait to retire

  3. I am Spartacus

    Ha! This is Q&A. Never let the facts interfere with a narrative.

    WRT q2, if you are a young black American, you’re more likely to be killed by another young black American. Over 90% of black American deaths are committed by other black Americans, often in cities dominated by Democratic administrations (Chicago, Baltimore). But Black Lives Matter. Especially when giving the Sydney Peace Prize.

    Note also that

    American blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do

    Facts. That is for other networks.

  4. Gibbo

    Nicely done and good to see.

  5. Baldrick

    Excellent Doomlord.

  6. RobK

    I don’t watch Q&A very regularly, but don’t they advertise a fact check link if there are any statements that maybe doubtful?

  7. MsDolittle

    I think Krauss is referring to the urban legend of tilting vending machines when your stuff gets stuck, not that I’m intending to honour his lame attempt at moral equivalence by researching its accuracy. Those bastard vending machines plotting and plotting against us all.

  8. ACTOldFart

    If you are a young black man in the USA, by far the most likely cause of death is being shot by another young black man. YBMs make up 2% of the population, and are responsible for 52% of the violent crime, with the victims being overwhelmingly other young black men. This black-on-black shooting makes up the vast majority of fatal crimes in the USA. The massacres at high schools, discos, wherever, while the cause of much hand wringing and agonising, are totally atypical.

    If the police (black or white) are trigger-happy around YBMs, its because they know these basic facts, and realise that they are 26 times more likely to be in danger in the presence of a YBM than in any other circumstance.

    Its also worth noting that the vast majority of these black-on-black homicides occur in inner-urban, usually slum areas, in cities politically controlled by the Democrat Party, which does very little or nothing to address the issue. Black lives matter, but not to other young black men, or to the Democrats.

  9. ACTOldFart

    PS: I am Spartacus has picked up a lot of my points while I was typing – thanks for the confirmation and support.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle

    You will get bullshit in reply Sinc.
    That’s what I got the only time I ever submitted a formal complaint.
    The ABC Charter must be spinning in its grave.

  11. BrettW

    Could have also asked if Tony Jones was lying when he corrected Barnaby Joyce on Q&A recently and said Exelby had not been sacked for her blooper. Where is the ABC fact check unit when you need it.

    Sinc has done something along the lines of what I was thinking. For some reason I was thinking of Sean Connery’s motivational speech in The Untouchables but what is needed is a more of a Red Dawn approach (ie. more like guerilla warfare).

    So consider actions like what Sinc has just done :

    Tweet, post on FB live, or write a letter to local paper, MP, Fifield, PM, ABC complaints office whenever a panellist on Q&A or The Drum etc. says anything out of order. Heck, write if you just think the panel was not balanced. Having a panel based on people from the Sydney Writers Festival is in itself biased before they opened their mouths.

    Same goes for any of their presenters either on ABC shows or in their own tweets or FB posts. Julia Baird had already tweeted about Quadrant before she was hosting show discussing the subject.

    Drown them in paperwork and complaints.

    If you see a Tony Jones or Barry the Overpaid etc in the street say hi and let them know what you think. Whatever you do don’t throw your shoe at them no matter how tempted.

    Quadrant should fight back and choose a writer to specialise in ABC bias and keep a good record so it is well documented. Even better have a page on their web page listing the details. They can seek assistance from their own readers and possibly from here.

    Rant over.

  12. Oh come on

    #2 could be reasonably described as speculative in nature rather than particularly assertive. It strikes me as a repeated truism – exactly the kind of instinctive presumption you’d expect from a certain mindset rather than a factual statement made for the purpose of informing others (unlike Krauss’s bizarre fridge claim, which very much was).

    I realise that such people are frequently not reasonable in their dealings with others, and no one deserves any courtesy they themselves wouldn’t extend.

  13. Dr Fred Lenin

    Well done Sinc stick it up the smug maggots . I agree with Brett W we should pick up the smallest error an expose them for the lying leftoids they are keep the presure on them ,when you get a lefty down kick the shit out of them ,they would do it to you no mercy,make their lives a misery jump on every stetementb like they are doing with President Trump, I have been calling him President Trump lately it gets right up the lefts nose seeing their hilarity getting beaten. In spite of the lies and vote cheating .

  14. Peter Bayne

    The only positive to come out of this episode is that the ABC has left itself open to vigorous allegations that one of its operatives has behaved badly in some respect. With respect to Sinclair’s effort and what others here may do, this tactic will only bear fruit if the allegations are made by someone with political clout (in the sense that the ABC’s behaviour would become an issue ). But who could that be? Cory Bernardi is patiently building his party and unlikely to make any move for some time. For various reasons I think Pauline Hanson is unlikely to be effective.

    Maybe Eric Abetz? I think I might ask him to take up the cudgels against the ABC.

  15. Oh come on

    I suppose the test would be how many people digested the contents of each utterance as new information. Re: Jones’s statement, I’d say very few. It’s exactly the kind of factoid his type already believe to be true (just like if he said, say, abortion clinics are regularly blown up by ‘Christian extremists’ in the USA – that’s also something they’d treat as unremarkable fact, despite it being entirely false). On the other hand, I fully expect that stupid fridge ‘fact’ to be parrotted within my earshot at some point in the near future, whereas it wouldn’t have been had Krauss kept his trap shut.

  16. Jumpnmcar

    If it’s not HERE, then what they all said was FACT !!
    Time to fill that thing and get it in a more prominent spot than where it is.

  17. xbones

    As I understand the situation to be, according to American government statistics, a little less than twice as many white Americans per 100,000 than blacks Americans (per 100,000) die at the hand of police officers.

  18. Ainsley

    ACTOldFart, I’m I agree, it’s staggering maths.

    More from Heather Mac Donald at

  19. Jannie

    I have not watched the ABC in years, but I understand they are normal Q&A style lines.

    My bet is the ABC will ignore you and snow you. If they have to spend time answering your complaints they will request and receive extra funding from the Turnbull team to hire more lawyers to snow you.

    The ABC is an independent socialist republic and make up their own rules.

  20. Robber Baron

    I will post their reply if and when they bother to answer.

    Yassmin will be on long-service leave before you get a reply Sinc. Good effort nevertheless.

  21. IRFM

    Ah the good Prof needs a short tutorial on how to run a decade long campaign on attempting to elicit a reply from Dr Gerard Henderson regarding certain events about past Chairs of the ABC. A brilliant non result.

  22. Oh come on

    It’s a matter of targeting. The fridge thing is very skewerable. What Jones said is a matter of faith, of dogma; question it and you’ll be branded a racist and game over.

  23. jupes

    I don’t think your letter will cause them much concern Sinc. The reality is they will probably laugh at it.

    They will put it in a drawer somewhere then eventually get to answer it in a few weeks or months making excuses such as that guests on Q & A are not employees of the ABC and Snowcone can’t be expected to fact check everything on the spot.

    As far as Snowcone’s comment is concerned, I’m guessing the context was that he was comparing police killings of black men to Muslim terrorist killings of black men, as in “I mean, I suppose, if you’re a young black American, you’re more likely to be killed by policeman (than a terrorist)”.

    Now I very much doubt that that’s true, however if you put enough caveats on it (as lefties always do) such as NOT including 9/11 and NOT including US born Muslims, then eventually you will have a ‘factual’ statement.

    People have been complaining to the ABC for decades now for absolutely no effect. Check out Beliaiks sterling effort. Hopefully he will eventually have some effect but it will be because of the quantity of the complaints rather than the questions themselves.

  24. jupes

    You do realise don’t you Sinc that you will now be on their radar?

    After all, there is copy of Roger’s article posted here in full, let alone the comments.

    They are far more likely to respond to that sooner than your request for information.

    Hope you’re ready for it.

  25. john constantine

    Young black Americans, serving in the military, when killed by terrorist bomb-blasts in Iraq or Afghanistan, or in peacetime as in the Lebanon barracks, or the USS Cole or other acts of Bastardry…..

    Were these young black Men not real human beings to their abc, just as Mrs Thatcher wasn’t a real woman, because only those people complying with the way they are framed in Stalin’s narrative exist to their left?.

  26. True Aussie

    Send it to MediaWatch and then publish it in the Australian when they refuse to respond.

    I don’t watch Q and A but was Snowcone trying to say that young black men are more likely to be killed by cops than terrorists? because that is probably true. Young black men are a lot more likely to be criminals than stockbrokers, yuppie marathon runners or involved in orgies at a hispanic gay night club.

  27. Nerblnob

    You do realise don’t you Sinc that you will now be on their radar?

    4 Corners expose on “Far Right” website Catallaxy expected anytime soon.
    RMIT pressured to sack alt-Right neo-Nazi lecturer.

  28. Leo G

    According to the FBI in year 2013 there were 2,245 murders of black or African Americans by other black or African Americans. According to the Guardian Newspaper database for year 2015 there were 307 black Americans killed (not necessarily murdered) by US police.
    The implication is that if you’re a black American, you’re at least 7 times more likely to be killed by another black American (in a murder) than to be killed by a policeman (whether or not murder).

  29. Nerblnob

    More black Americans killed by police in 2014 than died in 9/11 attacks

    You can bet that your ABC types read that.

    It’s a dumb comparison, given that most lives were lost on one day in one location, and most had college degrees, but that won’t deter the fanatics.

  30. Leo G

    You’re more right (sic) likely to be killed by a refrigerator, in the United States, falling on you”

    Refrigerator deaths are overwhelmingly entrapment/suffocation deaths of children.

  31. Awake

    Not morally equivalent. Not equivalent, period.

    Never heard of a refrigerator that wants to take over any government and if successful will replace the law of a country with Sharia.

    From The Age , (I’m not a subscriber so can’t read the article), I saw the title ABC boss defends editorial independence of ABC. Laughable. If you don’t want government meddling with editorials at the ABC , then don’t ask funding from the taxpayers.

  32. Fulcrum

    To paraphase the humanity and wisdom of Golda Meir, we will have peace in our society when ****** loves their children more than they hate ******.

    I would like to be convinced that EVERY news outlet and EVERY politician would support this simple idea, but as we know some will find it easier than others.

  33. Ray

    According to the FBI, 50% of the felonious deaths of police in 2015 were caused by Blacks / African Americans. Yes US police a more likely to be killed by blacks than whites.

  34. Mph

    The real question is: “How many refrigerators are waiting in the kitchen intending to kill you?” I am not aware of any so far.

  35. Mother Lode

    In the case of the former the defence will be that he was expressing his thoughts, whether they be right or wrong, as a guest.

    In the case of the latter it will be in a narrowing down context (to acts by terrorists born in America perhaps) and – also completely ignoring that blacks are for more likely to be killed by other blacks in the commission of crime.

    In both cases, this program is part of the ‘Entertainment’ department, not news or documentaries, and a less stringent expectation of accuracy is applied, and hence the two people and statements did not breach the policies for the show.

    Then “We appreciate your contribution, but just faff off to those gauche commercial channels, leave us enlightened ones alone, and keep paying those taxes.”

  36. Robbo

    I hope you aren’t holding your breath waiting for the reply.

  37. Rebel with cause

    There was a time when the ABC used to provide some valuable services, such as coverage of local sports and current affairs.

    All that is gone now. It’s just the shrill shrieks of the Ultimo set multicast 24/7. Shut it down.

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  39. Ros

    Both Huffington Post and The Guardian claim 2 people a year die from interaction with vending machines but they apparently are trying to lift vending machines. Elsewhere it is reckoned to be as high as 13.

    So cold and dismissive, trivialising the deaths of the Peripheries, no Metropoles would be seen alive at such a concert no doubt, let alone die there. One kid who died, her Dad said saved for a year to get her ticket. Bastards.

  40. Sinclair, I made a complaint to the ABC and the HRC three weeks ago.
    You’ll be in the same lineup.

  41. Andrew

    TheirABC will reply. You won’t always like it, but they will.

    Unlike my local member (a senior Labor figure) who took so long to answer when I would have this great NBN they speak of that they actually BUILT the NBN to my place quicker.

    I’ve also asked them if given they have $1.2bn of resources whether they could find falling refrigerator deaths in the US and A this century to beat the 4000 killed by jihadi.

    In addition to Sinc’s questions and several others, I’ve asked one more: If this claim turns out to be FakeNews and people ARE in fact more likely to die at the hands of terrorists, will they prominently retract on air?

  42. AlanR

    I didn’t realise statistics and comments about statistics were subject to peer review. I hope the ABC treats your enquiry with the contempt it deserves.

    Seriously sunshine, you give grumpy old men with too much time on their hands and nothing positive to contribute a bad rapp.

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