Before there was Donald Trump …

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  1. mh

    WARNING: Al Gore appears in the video.

  2. stackja

    Bill is beloved by the MSM. And blameless.

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    That was before the party put a half black muslim into the presidency,he wasn’t going to deport other non white s and co religionists , now the foolish people have defied them and put another white man there ,shame shame as senniter detirus hunch would say.

  4. Mother Lode

    WARNING: Al Gore appears in the video.

    Sooo…it is widescreen?

  5. cui bono

    Yep, he faked sincerity real good.

  6. Mother Lode


    I was actually thinking about it this morning, about how the eight years of the Obama administration are beginning to feel like a bad nightmare from which we have woken up.

    That mendacious, stammering, cringing, uncouth, puppet who even now treks the planet imagining his appearing somewhere is an event.

    Then there is that vast whorling vortex of hate, Michelle, who looked at the kids eating at school and decided the only way to guarantee her own cake supplies was to make them eat food that would leave them without energy.

  7. Entropy

    Why be surprised?

    It’s different when they do it.

    I could repeat that a few time still it sinks in if you like.

  8. Viva

    WARNING: Al Gore appears in the video.

    That’s not the only place he is appearing – get ready for a rerun of An Inconvenient Truth in a cinema near you. I watched a trailer of same, interspersed by shots of Trump poo pooing climate change, at the movies last Saturday night. Seems with the advent of Trump, they think we all need a booster shot of fear and alarm

  9. Zyconoclast

    WARNING: Al Gore appears in the video.

    Sooo…it is widescreen?

    Not since Clive Palmer lost weight.

  10. alexnoaholdmate

    All the talk about what a great and beloved President Clinton was.

    He was elected in 1992 with around 43% of the vote (and there was no bitching then about how the electoral college was an unfair racist system of oppression, either).

    57% of the country decidedly did not want Clinton. They either voted for the conservative (George Bush) or the very conservative candidate (Ross Perot).

    It was the splitting of the conservative vote that gave Clinton the win. And only two years later the public was so sick of him that they gave the House to the Republicans for the first time since the 50s.

    He was re-elected in 1996, true – but only because the Republicans ran their version of Hilary Clinton. Tired, old, Bob Dole, a true Washington insider.

    He remains, too, only one of two Presidents to be impeached – so far.

    A disgrace. I’m sick of the never-ending Clinton nostalgia. It’s all his wife has to go on herself, and it’s completely fabricated.

  11. alexnoaholdmate

    And remember too that after Clinton perjured himself the Supreme Court of the United States disbarred him.

    That is, they believed a former President of the United States was too untrustworthy to do conveyancing or write up wills for little old ladies.

    Think about that for a second – and whenever you hear someone telling you about what a saint Bill Clinton was, throw that back at them.

  12. Haydenlee

    …and apropos Clinton and his intention to shut the borders, select who comes in, and the manner in which they might, did Trump steal his lines?

    That’s plagiarism is it not?

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