Quadrant Online publishing again

QoL is back up leading off with this: Patriotism, Nationhood and Globalisation. The intro:

Nationalism belongs to the times when humans lived in an associative way and in a familiar and cherished environment, and it has brought mankind to where we are today, god and bad. The future our descendants will have to live in -or survive in- will demand much more from us … and from them.

Even that is more than 140 characters. And somehow related, for those who think they can depend on social media they might want to check out this: Facebook Bans Anti-Migrant Videos After German Woman Shows Beating By Refugees. And you might then like to have a look at Mark Zuckerberg’s desire to become Big Brother.

The Guardian recently published details from a leaked copy of the manual that Facebook gives its thousands of “content moderators,” the people who effectively monitor, police, and determine what we see in our Facebook feeds. What the document revealed is a deeply arbitrary set of guidelines that confuse the moderators who are helping to shape the civil society that millions of people rely on to, as Zuckerberg has put it, find meaning in their lives.

There’s a lot in the specific rules that is problematic, but the biggest problem is that these guidelines were secret at all. In fact, it appears to go against one of the very suggestions Zuckerberg outlined in his manifesto: “The Community Standards should reflect the cultural norms of our community,” he wrote. “The approach is to combine creating a large-scale democratic process to determine standards with AI to help enforce them.”

You will see what he thinks you should see and not see what he doesn’t think you should see. We really should do what we can to protect our own while we still can.

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  1. hzhousewife

    Mark Zuckerberg is a traitor to humanity (and this is not the first time I have said so).
    What to do?

  2. Siltstone

    Quadrant On Line back, good. Now time to kick Kowtow Cater into touch.

  3. john constantine

    Their zuckerfilth, of course, lives a life protected by Bollards and armed security with guns.

    The Bollard Curtain protects its own.

  4. Quadrant has defecated in their own nest. I have no respect for whatever values they ‘profess’ to respect.

  5. Mark Zuckerberg is a traitor to humanity (and this is not the first time I have said so).
    What to do?

    The “what” is easy, Housewife. The “how” almost as simple.
    Getting the right people to do it, and people like the Cats to use it, is the Bridge Too Far.

  6. Confused Old Misfit

    “We really should do what we can to protect our own while we still can.” Yes we should. And must.

    It is, however, disheartening to see the purported leaders and guardians of that little we have act in such a subservient manner at the first sign of any counter action by the opposition. Anyone with the lightest exposure to the history of the world, in its widest sense, cannot but have taken note of the final results of the act of appeasement.

    I await, with an expression of utter boredom, the promulgation of the excuse of the tactic of “strategic retreat”. For the restoration of my faith a visible act of either tactical or strategic advance is necessary and indeed required.
    Otherwise, Quadrant exists only to serve the needs of elites of a moderately conservative stance who would not be seen (or heard or read) to do anything to upset the horses..

  7. Mark A

    #2395566, posted on May 30, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Mark Zuckerberg is a traitor to humanity (and this is not the first time I have said so).
    What to do?

    The “what” is easy, Housewife. The “how” almost as simple.
    Getting the right people to do it, and people like the Cats to use it, is the Bridge Too Far.

    In theory there is nothing to stop anyone to set up something like FB or twitter.
    We had our BBB and chatroom long before FB.

    All it takes is get-up&go + money.

  8. Tel

    In theory there is nothing to stop anyone to set up something like FB or twitter.
    We had our BBB and chatroom long before FB.

    In practice it’s already been done many times over. FB is an internet chat room, the easiest thing in the world to build and about the earliest thing that anyone started building when primitive pre-Internet computer networks first started coming together.

    If you want something kind of modern, try https://gab.ai/

    The only thing FB has going for it, is they managed to capture a lot of users who were just getting started on the Internet, had no idea what they were doing, and too lazy to try anything different.

  9. john constantine

    Their zuckerfilth has the business model of playing the emotional rollercoaster of teenage girls so they couldn’t live without the addictive emotional rush of doing facebook on their mobiles.

  10. John Bayley

    Anyone using Faceplant needs to have their head read.
    On that platform – where, remember, you are the product, you can have no sectrets and no privacy. Once given away, you can’t take anything back. And you give all sorts of things away just by having an active account there.
    The privacy-related issues – and that’s only the ones where Facebook has been caught red-handed and they are therefore known, are nothing short of shocking.
    Maybe all those drones wasting their time on “social media” should get out and try to get some real, live friends.
    And did I mention Zuckerburgler is – utterly unsurprisingly – not a nice person at all?

  11. Oh come on

    The point of those backing the power of social media is that the existence of a publication like Quadrant really isn’t worth a lot these days. Let’s not get sentimental here. Because if Quadrant was to go, the sense of loss would be primarily driven by sentimentality. It really would. You can get what you find in Quadrant by keeping an eye on a few well-chosen haunts – Catallaxy being a good example – and more.

    That being said, I don’t agree that social media is a more effective platform to get your ideas out there – it seems to be dominated by people wanting to claw each other’s eyes out rather than have their ideas challenged. Seems to be that blogging, even after all these years, is still where it’s at. It’s where you find individuals with deep, specialist knowledge willing to share that knowledge at length and in detail – and have it subjected to scrutiny and review by people with potentially even greater knowledge of the matter being written about. You don’t get that kind of insight from Quadrant. You don’t get it from social media. Lord knows you don’t get it from the MSM. You get it right here.

  12. Rafe

    Quadrant magazine for June is out with a nice piece by Peter Smith on the only way to control and eventually overcome the national debt. He lists five possible strategies and dismisses four.
    Default. Not really an option for a first world government.
    Inflation. Not working any more.
    Higher taxes. Will not work, the rich are already paying most of the tax and lower taxes will produce just as much revenue and more economic growth.
    Reduced spending. Not politically feasible and now worth the amount of political capital required to make even minor reductions.
    Fifth option, on the supply side, go for growth with reduced taxation and serious deregulation. On the bright side, there has never been more absurd and counterproductive regulation, so there is a lot of low hanging fruit available. If you are an optimist.

  13. Oh come on

    I still recall the overwhelming realisation when I first encountered the blogosphere – holy shit there are a lot of really smart people out there. It shook me out of whatever smug intellectual complacency I’d fallen into. That feeling of being in the company of very smart people I still recognise on a blog like this, although the novelty has long worn off now. But when I stop and think about it, I am still surprised at the readiness of experts and/or very intelligent people to share the knowledge they have – possibly built up over decades, possibly knowledge that people pay many hundreds of dollars an hour to benefit from – right here, on a common-or-garden Catallaxy OT, say. And other blogs like it, although Catallaxy’s where it’s at as far as Australia’s concerned IMO.

    But that was the blogosphere to me when I first took the plunge in the early-mid 2000s, and it’s still much the same – and you still won’t find it anywhere else.

  14. RobK

    I don’t understand how anyone who has read the terms and conditions of Facebook, and understood them, would sign up.

  15. DM of WA

    Catallaxy Files would not post my HTML link so search for “Hong Kong Free Press” and “Facebook has apologised” to read this relevant news article:

    Facebook apologises after ‘mistakenly’ banning 1989 Tiananmen massacre profile tribute

    Facebook has apologised for “mistakenly” banning the use of a temporary profile picture frame commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.

    Facebook’s picture frame function allows users to change their profile photos in support of a cause. The frame in question carries messages calling for justice for Tiananmen protesters and an end to the “dictatorial regime” in China. …

  16. Oh come on

    A “mistaken” ban? More like the ChiComs have a FB killswitch that they insisted upon as a condition of Jared doing business in the PRC. And one of his conditions for them having this is he gets to deny and override their using it in the event of publicity.

  17. Crossie

    Zuckerberg has always been a nasty piece of work if the movie Social Network portrayed him accurately. He has his money now which he gets to keep however, if everyone stopped using Facebook he is then denied the power to control the narrative.

    For the record, I am not on Facebook and will never join, I keep in touch with family and friends via phone and email for which I pay. As the saying goes, if you are getting something for free then you are the product.

  18. Oh come on

    Jared? Mark. Who’s Jared?

    Freudian slip. Spose I imagine the owner of Facebook to have a name like Jared. He’s a Jared kind of guy. Like the inventor of the Subway Diet. Or the President’s son-in-law.

  19. For the last couple of years, I’ve treated Facebook as the enemy – an occasional user of an expendable resource, but undoubtedly the enemy with which I share only what I want it to know.

    My kids are being introduced slowly to the idea that their online activity builds a database of their lives to be used against them at any time, with no going back. Their generation is being bound by their own words.

  20. NewChum

    FCebook is a lot less powerful than people let on. Like the abc it has a major problem with demographics.

    Ask a young person today how much politics and news they are consuming on facebook. That thing my parents use?

    Facebook throws a billion dollars at any platform that looks like getting traction. Bollards by cash.

    One day someone will reject that offer, just like Zuckerberg himself did.

    It still is not profitable. Maybe it never will be. It’s not a long term thing by any measure of economic value.

    Alternative platforms are always being made. The network effect switching costs are not that high if you don’t care about the network you are leaving behind.

  21. Pyrmonter

    2017. The year the Australian “Right” rediscovered the German Historical School, and a promoter of Say repudiated the insights of the Austrian School.

  22. Beliaik

    Fakebook has similarities to Afghanistan.

    It’s full of liars, fakes and scoundrels.

    It wastes vast societal resources that could be more usefully employed.

    I know roughly where it is but I’d never go there.

  23. Rabz

    For the last couple of years, I’ve treated Facebook as the enemy

    I’ve refused to use it, point blank, since August 2010, when I closed my account.

  24. A quote Joe Briggs at Taki’s magazine:

    I would like to apologize in advance for not apologizing when people demand an apology.

    Or in other words, what Quadrant should have done. But shoulda coulda woulda, as they say.

  25. The Deplorable Barking Toad

    Meanwhile in Switzerland…………..(from the Molonglo Pravda)

    “Zurich: A Facebook user who ‘liked’ a post accusing another man of anti-Semitism and racism has been convicted of defamation in a landmark ruling.

    In the first case of its kind in Switzerland, the 45-year-old unnamed man from Zurich was found guilty after he pressed the ‘like’ button on several posts attacking Erwin Kessler, the president of an animal rights group……….”

  26. Mother Lode

    With absolutely no evidence whatsoever, other than a rather too indulgent sense of how people I don’t really care about think, I would say Twitter is more important in shaping ‘the narrative’ than Fakebook.

    It is quick, and replete with links.

    Fakebook is too laborious. People intersperse links or references to the real world with laboured prose about their interminable dailies. Only a few Fakebook accounts would really have many active followers – most peoples accounts would be attended only by a miserable band of stunted beings who share similar afflictions of one sort or the other.

    Twitter is a link to some source and 140 characters of bubbles which are swiftly popped into nothingness by a barrage of replies where the real momentum builds.

    That said, there should be a legal defence for pushing Twitter users into the path of trains entering a train station. This defence should obtain even from a distance of 10 km where you have someone else accidentally knock them, and should not be defeated by the fact that they were not using Twitter at the time.

    Even the market place of ideas can use a good hosing out once in a while.

  27. .

    It is amazing how rude people are about facebook. If you don’t use it they refuse to contact you.


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