Don’t laugh too hard

Foreign Policy magazine recently recounted a story of Robert Mugabe’s travels to the Mexican resort town of Cancun.

Read for yourself, but here are some highlights:

Zimbabwe’s economy is in shambles amid a crippling cash shortage. So naturally, it’s a perfect time for the country’s geriatric leader to spend a week at a luxurious resort in Cancún, Mexico.


Herald (the state’s official newspaper) staff and other government officials received a $1,000 to $1,500 per diem on the trip, though. For reference, the average annual income in Zimbabwe is $860 per year according to World Bank data.

Overseas junkets on conferences for first class flight, 5 start hotel, lanyard loving politicians and bureaucrats.  All on the tax payer’s coin and at a time while the economy is sputtering.  Maybe they took their families too because the current rules (writen by the same travelling bureaucrats and politicians) allow.


$100 Trillion notes for anyone?

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20 Responses to Don’t laugh too hard

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Hmmm, Cancun is also known for medical tourism.
    I wonder…?

  2. Interested observer

    Zimbabwe must descend into bloody chaos. Mugabe fears the fate of Gaddafi but is incapable of averting it. Elections are blatantly rigged and the African Union looks on benignly. Mugabe’s government has brought a once productive country to starvation sustained only by remittances from those who fled the regime and send wages to their families. When Mugabe can no longer pay the army – retribution day will dawn.

  3. john constantine

    Their left see no difference between Australia in 2017 and pre-mugabe Rhodesia.

    Their collective globalist left not only prefer the mental images of a decolonialised, deindustrialised, dewesternised Australia along their Zimbabwe project lines, they actively work towards it.

    Wait for their julie bishop-mugabe to roll the turnfailure and watch the slow descent.

    [or elect the shorten kleptocratic corruptocracy and ride the one-way plunge.]

  4. duncanm

    one of few currencies where USD exchange rate was expressed in powers of ten.

    1USD = 10^27 ZWD at one point (2009)

    If a single ZWD note was 0.1mm thick, a stack of them worth $1 USD would be 5 thousand million times taller than the distance the Voyager one spacecraft is from earth (138 times the distance from Earth to the Sun, 2×10^10 km).

  5. Rohan

    But now that ZWD 100 trillion note fetches for around $90-100 a pop. It must be due to inflation…

  6. amortiser

    It would be cheaper to wipe your arse with that than buy a roll of sorbent. It’s a wonder they can afford to buy the paper the currency is printed on.

    Zimbabwe, Venezuela. What is it with countries at the arse end of the alphabet?

  7. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Now that is what I call a cheap trill! (trill/thrill get it?)
    I’ve always envied billionaires, and now I can be a trillionaire! What a great world!

  8. The Deplorable Barking Toad

    “Zimbabwe, Venezuela. What is it with countries at the arse end of the alphabet?”


    The front of the alphabet is next -Australia

  9. Tim Neilson

    I’ve always envied billionaires, and now I can be a trillionaire! What a great world!

    And there I was thinking that my million Turkish lira note got me near the rich list.

  10. Dr Fred Lenin

    Zimbabwe is a leading Pioneer of the future , set up by the u.n.communist fascists as a model of a province of the future run by the u.n.communists /crony capitalist unelected government . The crony capitalists make money while the leftoid politicians play silly buggers . Huge progress is being made they have captures the Libs in Australia and the republicans in the USA they already owned the alp and decromats . They are using the islamofascists to destabilise and creat draconian laws to further their plan , when they win the mussos will go back y-to being goat lovers and they will have all the power ,
    Great plan innit? Typical leftists the mussos going back to shagging goats Yeah right comrades ,be preppared for a surprise a nasty surprise .
    An alliance like the socialist hitler had with I.g_.farben et al .nice people ?

  11. iampeter

    It took me a moment to realize that the picture on that trillion dollar note is rocks and not a turd.

  12. Louis Hissink

    I was there during 1991 for beginning of August and I was seriously impressed with Harare Airport – modern, etc. Obviously the nomenclatura of the UN and its satrapies require such munificence when they arrive to inspect all are being 21 PC.

  13. Amused

    I already own one of these 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar notes.

  14. Dr Fred Lenin

    Malcolm ruddbull should borrow a couple from Mugabe that would solve ruddbulls financial problems pay off the politicians debt we are paying for,balonce wayne Morrisons budget ,and leave heaps for pork barreling to win the next election ,problem solved .
    One of those notes is only e worth $100 you say ? Oh that knocked that idea on the head .

  15. mundi

    Whats more intersting to me is that the inflation is mostly via veolcity, not printing. They have no actually printed 100 trillion dollars for each original dollar. Its just that every time they print, everyone knows its going to be worthless, and gets rid of it as fast as they can. This is why they have run away inflation but also a shortage of cash. No one wants to hold cash, if you end up with it, you are the dumbo and you just throw it away.

  16. DM OF WA

    I am not laughing. When it all goes titsup Australia, because of Malcolm Fraser and the Eminent Person’s Group, and because Australia is a guilty, white and rich member of the Commonwealth will be expected to make a substantial financial and humanitarian commitment to fixing the mess that we helped create.

  17. Marcus

    I’ve always envied billionaires, and now I can be a trillionaire! What a great world!

    Yep. Buy one of those notes and you can die rich.

  18. Jannie

    Malcolm Frazer might not be responsible for mess that Bob Mugabe and the Wailers made of Rhodesia. But Ian Smith was right and Malcolm Frazer was wrong. Mugabe is not a gentleman, just a traditional Shona princeling who regards his people as slaves.

  19. Andysaurus

    Somebody pointed out that Mugabee was a Yorkshireman. If you write it backwards, it’s Ee Ba Gum.
    [Sorry, serious subject, couldn’t help sharing]

    I was there in the early 90’s in transit to Botswana. I stopped over and was terrified by the armed escort accompanying RM when he left his palace. They swept everybody off the road and pointed guns at those who were pulled off to the side. For them to have to have done that, it was certainly obvious back then that the whole edifice was completely corrupt.

    So sad for what was once the food bowl of Southern Africa.

  20. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Ee ba gum is a blessing of sorts. Saying it backwards must be a curse. Whatever you do, don’t say Mug a bee!

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