They understand our democratic system better than we do

The British election result shows these radical Islamists understand our political system, and the media that mis-informs us on a minute-by-minute basis, better than we do. The attacks in Manchester and London were designed to reduce the numbers voting for the Conservatives which it seems to have done to a remarkable extent. Why would people vote for a party less likely to defend them from terrorists? Many reasons, starting with Stockholm Syndrome through to the vile stupidity of the virulent anti-Christian cultural-Marxist left.

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  1. sabena

    Here we differ Steve-I think this result stems from May’s plan to make pensioners pay more for care.

  2. Vicki

    I suspect that the turn out favoured the young – who, sadly, are Corbyn voters, just as the young were Bernie Sanders supporters in the US. For this, we can largely blame the educational institutions who feed the young a non stop diet of neo-Marxist rubbish.

    Unfortunately, May made a wrong political call in calling a very early election when she had specifically promised to go full term. The older voters had just weathered a fairly bitter Brexit poll & clearly, from all accounts, were over going to the poll.

    It would be fascinating to see a breakdown of the age/gender of those who actually voted. But, barring electoral irregularities I can see no other reason (other than the usual backlash after the election of any government), for voters to turn to someone like Corbyn who not only opposed Brexit, but has a track record of a soft line against Islamic terrorism.

  3. pbw

    The barefaced political cynicism of May in calling the election might well have been the biggest factor.

  4. Tim Neilson

    I agree with sabena and Vicki.
    May obviously has the electoral skills of Malcolm the Magician, both able to make vast numbers of their own party’s seats disappear in a flash.

  5. Roger

    Steve, I’m afraid Theresa May is more responsible than the terrorists for the outcome. She pissed people off by calling an absurdly early election and then taking their support for granted. She backtracked on eminently sensible policies designed to claw back welfare payments to the well off, giving the impression of being a weak and indecisive leader, all the while campaigning on a slogan of “strong and stable leadership”. And she declined to publicly debate Corbyn and thus missed the opportunity to pull his high spending platform apart as it so richly deserved. That she didn’t take advantage of Corbyn’s promised appeasement of terrorists only confirms what an inept performer she was in this campaign.

  6. stackja

    The failure to declare a war against jihadists, gives the gullible believing the situation is normal.
    When in reality, the West is SNAFU. Except for DT, of course.

  7. Barry 1963

    The British want a return to the early 70s: British made goods like Ford Escorts; nationalised industries; powerful trade unions; fewer foreigners; football teams with local players; etc. Can these things exist in a globalised 2017?

  8. RobK

    I think you are drawing a long bow on this Steve. I agree with the comments above. To put it in your terms, May demonstrated she is no Trump.

  9. Jo Smyth

    May was weak and ineffectual, like all Western leaders except Trump seem to be. The frightening thing is that the voters have voted for Corbyn who would allow the situation to become a thousand times worse. Until the education system is changed at its core and left wing indoctrination isn’t the norm, nothing will change.

  10. Mark A

    Sorry Steve, you are wrong about this.

    As Tim said “May obviously has the electoral skills of Malcolm the Magician”

    There was no need for an election.
    She was a ‘remainer’ before the Brexit poll and probably felt totally uncomfortable in the leadership after.

  11. Bruce

    Like Australia the U.K. has a massively bloated public broadcaster that has a huge audience reach and swings 180 degrees to the left. And until the conservatives confront this the broadcasters will continue to poison our minds. Mind you how many Trump-like leaders in the west would have the sheer determination to take them on? Zero.

  12. Froggy

    To be honest, it’s so close to the previous election, in the washup besides the decimation of the SNP it’s not looking like the results shifted too much, maybe 15 – 20 seats but when it comes down to it, it looks like people voted largely as they did overall (not in specific seats) as the previous election, just not enough time between elections to shift the electorate enough.

    I also think the SNP is the biggest loser and the biggest thing that the US Dems should be taking out of this. Here’s a party that behaved the same way the Dems are now after losing an election (independence) and look at how the electorate is treating them as they had nothing to offer when it came to the next election besides more whinging over a past perceived injustice.

  13. Andrew

    As Tim said “May obviously has the electoral skills of Malcolm the Magician”

    She is living proof once again that wymminz must NEVER be heads of govt. Her low energy ™ campaign makes St Malcolm look like Boris.

  14. Marcus Classis

    No. On this I do not agree with you, Steve.

    May is Britain’s Malcolm Turnbull, only with more form than malcolm on being a weak, ineffective sycophant and backstabbing dud when in office.

    This is a ‘plague on both your houses, neither of you is fit for the office’ result.

  15. RobK

    Perhaps their Trump will be more like a Churchill of old.

  16. Cynic of Ayr

    Steve, how the hell can you say, “Why would people vote for a party less likely to defend them from terrorists?”
    The labor Party is all for Immigration – Muslim Immigration;
    Corbyn is a KNOWN terrorist sympathiser;
    The Labor Part is a known Muslim sympathiser;
    The Labor Party benefits from Muslims – for now!
    The Muslim Mayor London, has made himself an idiot.
    The Terrorist attacks should have given – and probably did give – more votes to the Tories.
    What happened was a young voter turnout, pissed that their elders gave them Brexit.
    They would have voted for Attilla the Hun to protest against Brexit!
    Also, guess who the thousands of Muslims living in Britain voted for?
    I think we’ve just seen an election decided by the Muslim population.
    Exhibit London. London voted for a Muslim Mayor, and now London has ousted several Tories.
    Jeez, Steve, you’re talking some nonsense lately! What’s wrong?
    Britain voted for more Muslim Terrorism? That doesn’t make sense. Unless you’re a British Muslim.


  17. Cassie of Sydney

    This unnecessary election has been a disaster for May and the Conservatives for a number of reasons. However, the two terrorist attacks were not the reason for this dismal election result. Like Malcolm the Muddler here in Oz, she ran an appalling and lacklustre campaign, she was weak, indecisive and showed no authority. A Thatcher she is not! Both Shorten and Corbyn (especially Corbyn) are very easy targets however when you refuse to get down and dirty and campaign on core issues such as migration, security, fiscal responsibility and so on you will allow the likes of Shorten and Corbyn to get away with murder. A contributing factor, like with the Muddler last year, was hubris in thinking that they could win easily. I think that Theresa May expected to win easily. I doubt she will be PM tomorrow.

  18. RobK

    Boris will be far more entertaining and effectual.

  19. Dr Fred Lenin

    May shoukd have behaved like the Polish PM ,she would have been a shoo on ,shemade no use of the terrorist acts ,,which will get worse if corbyns commos get power ,the country will be flooded with illiterate peasant islamists on welfare ,watch the cspital vanish to Trumpland ,the reds will wreck the economy ,arfurscargill is laughing in hus grave .western oolitics is full of losers .

  20. Cassie of Sydney

    Boris will be far more entertaining and effectual“. Yes indeed, and the Conservatives should have chosen him last year, instead of May, however the wets in the party threw a tantrum and blocked him.

  21. C.L.

    … a party less likely to defend them from terrorists …

    OK, that doesn’t make sense.
    The swing to Corbyn isn’t explained by the public thinks he’ll be tougher on terrorists.
    What could explain the swing is that they believe the candles ‘n teddy bears approach to terrorism will dial down the Muslims’ hatred of Britain and reduce the number of attacks.

  22. Froggy

    Boris didn’t have the support to be the PM last year, this time I think he will. Corbyn not expecting to win just hit all the progressive buttons, free stuff + mass immigration + we will win things with love and even then his party is still miles of winning an election, he got the turnout.

    May made a huge mistake going pointlessly early. Risking a conservative majority in a country that is getting harder and hard to win one is a bold move even if you have a plan to back it up. If you then back it up with a campaign like a wet lettuce leaf and assume the other guys so shit you’ll win by default and here you are. In reality they haven’t really gone too far backwards because they only had a slim majority to begin with.

  23. H B Bear

    May has somehow made an unreformed Communist a viable alternative government leader in exactly the same way that Lord Waffleworth keeps one of the hollowest of union hollowmen in the same position.

  24. Sparkle Motion

    Yeh nah.

    Ludicrous to call the election and run such a mediocre campaign. Not a shoddy campaign, just so uninspiring that even her supporters were ambivalent about the insipid policies she presented. Systems worked in favour of Corbyn and his ilk, as did the turn out. Good wake up call to all those who take their support for granted… even those seeking the support of the good people of Vaucluse.

  25. BoyfromTottenham

    I am totally gobsmacked by these events (I won’t say ‘results’ because its too soon to be sure). How can centuries-old and seemingly stable parliamentary democracies suddenly start producing such bizarre outcomes? And wither parliamentary democracy? I truly fear for the futures of my adult children and their children. I hope to see this mess sorted out in my lifetime, but I am not optimistic. I think I’ll start researching countries which are ‘benign dictatorships’ – there may be one or two that will be better places to live than the US, UK or Australia in a decade or so. Or not.

  26. meher baba

    It doesn’t seem to me that the policies on terrorism of the two major parties made much of a difference to this result. May only began to campaign actively on a tougher line on terrorists at the very last minute. And that move came across as having a strong element of desperation about it.

    I think the main message to come out of this election is a reinforcement of the grave risks faced by politicians who take the voters for granted: a la Bob Hawke in 1984, Malcolm Turnbull in 2016, Hillary Clinton in 2016 and umpteen other instances.

    Cameron was a charismatic leader that the public generally liked and trusted. I would suspect that the vast mass of voters would have preferred for him to stay on and lead Britain out of Europe. May was mildly anti-Brexit, but opportunistically ran dead during the referendum campaign and then thrust herself forward in the wake of Cameron’s departure.

    This was hardly the surefire way to win the trust of the voters. Then she pulled a snap election that she had more or less ruled out earlier, taking herself into Gillard “no carbon tax under a government I lead” territory. Voters hate politicians who do these sorts of things.

    Corbyn, notwithstanding his many loathsome policy positions, is, in his own way, a man of integrity. He has never pretended to be anything other that what he clearly is. And he’s been campaigning in elections for longer than many prominent pollies on either side have been on the planet. He was always going to be a dangerous opponent: especially in a system which doesn’t have compulsory voting and where his views were going to bring out quite a few far left-enthusiasts who don’t normally vote.

    And, on top of all that, May ran a terrible campaign. Rumour online has it that she is going to announce her resignation at about 7 pm our time. Deservedly so, if true.

  27. Zyconoclast

    The British want a return to the early 70s: British made goods like Ford Escorts; nationalised industries; powerful trade unions; fewer foreigners; football teams with local players; etc. Can these things exist in a globalised 2017?

    Yes they can.

    Cubans still drive 1950s cars and North Korea have nationalised industries.
    They are the blue print.

  28. H B Bear

    The muzzy problem ain’t going to be solved by the political system that created it.

  29. .

    Dr Kates

    Please explain how that was meant to work. Like C.L., I don’t see how…etc.

  30. Zyconoclast

    As Tim said “May obviously has the electoral skills of Malcolm the Magician”

    She is living proof once again that wymminz must NEVER be heads of govt. Her low energy ™ campaign makes St Malcolm look like Boris.

    Well and to bash May. She is complete crap.

    Do you remember that the Conservative Party voted for her as leader.

  31. meher baba

    PS: And I agree they should give BoJo a run. If he puts some really capable people into key Ministerial roles, especially the negotiation of Brexit and the fight against terrorism, and then focuses on pirouetting on the public stage in his inimitable style, I reckon he’ll be a huge success with the punters. Whereas I have my doubts about Trump’s basic intelligence, BoJo is really, really smart.

  32. GerardO

    You are certifiable, Kates.

  33. Howard Hill

    Why would people vote for a party less likely to defend them from terrorists?

    And which party is defending them from terrorists?
    Two terrorist attacks in short succession and May’s answer to the problem was more internet restrictions, WTF?

  34. Rabz

    I’ll be glad to see May gone (a hideously bovine and utterly lacklustre imbecile), but it appears that the tories may (ptp) still be able to cobble together some form of semi functional government, so to speak.

    It appears their biggest mistakes were underestimating Corbyn (or simply being unable or unwilling to highlight his infinite idiocies) and inexplicably bashing one of their key constituencies (the aged middle class) on the eve of the election.

    Staggering stupidity and hubris is never a good look. I’ve just read a Rod Liddle piece in the Spectator where he lands a very large pair of Dr Martens on their backsides, repeatedly.

  35. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    No joy in this. Brexit will be watered down. Ulster will press for its ‘soft border’. Terrorism will rise further and immigration will not be addressed. Free stuff for the young has drawn out the vote, especially free universities, and concern of the elderly for their benefits has added to the rout.

  36. John

    It’s more complicated than that Steve. I was disappointed at May’s do-nothing response to the Islamists, but I still voted Tory. The outcome varies across the country. In London Lanour is supported by Muslims, Lefties, Remainers and young people. In the North of England those voting Labour were Muslims, traditional Labour voters and Leavers. Wales had reverted to Labour and Northern Ireland is N Ireland. Scotland has turned away from the SNP with Conservatives taking Aberdeen plus rural areas in the North East and the Borders. The rest of England, the South and the southern Midlands are all Tory.

    Mrs May certainly fluffed the election campaign, and Scotland might at last be growing up. But the main change is Remainers, Muslims and young people.

  37. Gab

    Bye bye Brexit and hullo guv’nor to more Islamic terrorists.

  38. Habib

    The “conservatives” are pathetic sitzpinkler appeasers, with a very few exceptions, but labour not only have form for enabling snd funding insurgencies, they have a current leader who openly promotes the death of western civilisation. Piss poor choice, but if punters voted labour for national security reasons, we’ve actually discovered an electorate even more retarded than Australia. We are more rooted than a solo goat in an IS barracks before the bombing.

  39. Luke

    We really are experiencing Stockholm syndrome on a mass scale. Each terror attack seems to create a doubling down of the blame the West and appease Muslim sensibilities reflexes. Muslim terrorism is winning.

    Muslim extremists don’t even have to impose their religion through force because non-muslim politicians, elites, media, educators and even members of the general public are enforcing it for them. Just look at who attacks those whom criticise Islam. Look at the consequences in the West for criticising Islam or doing things that set off the Islam PR machine, or head chopping mouth foamers. Want proof? Try and get your drawing of Mohammad published. Publicly quote a few well established facts about the religion of peace in your work place and see what happens to you.

    Western media and academics seem to see supporting the enemy (Islam or otherwise) as a badge of honour.

  40. Dr Fred Lenin

    Perhaps the conservatives will choose leader who is nor afraid to be British ,and push forward Brexit ,telling the eurocommos to get stuffed ,and pairingb up with Trump and the commonwealth to maintain freedom and scrapvthe u,n,communists and tgeir crony capitalist henchmen .

  41. LGS

    If lefties believe that a very weakened Conservative government – even a Labour one – in Britain will see reduced Islamist terrorist attacks, someone should tell them they’re dreaming!

  42. Nerblnob

    May definitely pissed people off by calling another election after 2014 Indyref, 2015 general election, 2016 EU vote.

  43. Oh, so now foreigners influencing a Western election is a bad thing? Geez, get your stories straight.

  44. Tel

    Oh, so now foreigners influencing a Western election is a bad thing? Geez, get your stories straight.

    Bullshit is the only thing you do, isn’t it? Find a link to anyone here who supported foreign interference in any election.

    I know, I know, you think it’s funny that someone would be pissed off by repeated and blatant dishonesty. Go punch a Nazi if that’s what amuses you.

  45. Splatacrobat

    Too smart by halves. May should have seen what other elections in Europe have produced: wall to wall socialist governments. The moochers are in the ascendancy everywhere (except trump land).
    They just want free stuff.

  46. simple formula the left have been putting together piece by piece for the last few decades;
    (1) borrow to the hilt to force any responsible government to make tough decisions to balance the budget
    (2) use the borrowings to create a huge welfare pool of guaranteed rusted-on voters who will not countenance voting themselves out of a generous fortnightly payment to sit on their arse
    (3) make sure you get control of the education system to produce on ongoing tidal wave of brainwashed, naive, touchy-feely, politically correct, no-idea-of-what-the-world-is-really-like, trusting, starry-eyed left leaning voters (who i think Stalin or Mao may have described as useful idiots)
    (4) get control of the immigrant-settlement industry to make sure that never ending wave of cynical, worldly, tough immigrants/”refugees” are well versed in which side of politics to vote for if they know what’s good for them, their family reunion plans, and never-ending welfare payments. (often while running cash only businesses on the side)
    (5) inexplicably, get governments of Conservation persuasion, to allow you to get control of a huge media monolith that reaches into every possible nook of media, squeezing out any balanced news outlet that needs to try and make a profit, get it funded to the tune of a $1b a year and turn it into a propaganda unit for the left
    (6) Have an unscrupulous, fear-mongering, populist opposition willing to do and say anything to get elected, including bankrupting their own country, for the sake of power.
    and…voila! you have a situation where the Left will run the country, or make it impossible for any responsible government to do the right thing by it, probably for the rest of the century.

    They probably borrowed the idea from the Chinese, I understand they plan in 50 year blocks. In Australia Whitlam set it in train and Gillard with some help with a couple of turncoats locked it in.

    Look out Greece, here comes the UK and Australia

  47. squawkbox

    Corbyn ran a far better campaign. He actually came across as a calm and normal human being for perhaps the first time in his life. A half-witted Jew-hating terrorist groupie of a human being, but still a human being. And of course his reputation at the start of the campaign was so low he had nowhere to go but up. OTOH, May looked and acted like a prototype animatronic doll from sociopaths-r-us.

  48. Y

    No, it was Ramadanadingdong.

    Plus May was hopeless.

  49. Jannie

    H B Bear

    #2407362, posted on June 9, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    The muzzy problem ain’t going to be solved by the political system that created it.

    Damn right. And Theresa May is part of the problem not the solution. But since things have to get a lot worse before they get better, its probably for the best.

  50. Jannie

    done deal

    #2407585, posted on June 9, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Very good expo of the formula, except that it will not work for that long. It has a problem with funding, and the state will not be able to borrow indefinitely. They are going to run out of money.

  51. Fleeced

    May is hopeless. This is actually the best result they could have hoped for – they got to punish May as much as possible, but without ending up with Corbyn.

    May said Islam wasn’t to blame – the Internet was. I think Steve Kates applauded her for this. Voters aren’t that dumb. Hopefully, she’ll now be toppled as leader for someone closer to a real conservative. I fear, however, that like the idiots in Australia, they’ll take this as an instruction to move further Left.

  52. Rev. Archibald

    Up til now I have been fairly convivial with Monty.
    That’s over now.
    As our countries in the a West are being rapidly pissed away and my fear for my child increases I no longer find anything he or his ilk say amusing.
    Go fuck yourself Monty.
    Really. Just fuck off you fucking dog.
    You have a child.
    Can you not see where things are heading?
    Are you that fucking thick?

  53. Rev. Archibald

    That reads a bit harsh.
    Think I will go and have a lie down.

  54. Mark A

    #2407699, posted on June 9, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    May is hopeless. This is actually the best result they could have hoped for – they got to punish May as much as possible, but without ending up with Corbyn.

    May said Islam wasn’t to blame – the Internet was.

    I think the muslims did just fine and dandy murdering and invading well before newspapers, let alone the internet.

  55. Rabz

    Good riddance to that preposterous bovine dunce. An English speaking merkel who didn’t possess a conservative bone in her flabby ol’ carcasse.

    Great work, tory idiots. Enjoy the advent of jezza. The jihadis certainly will.

  56. Rabz

    Oh, great – now it appears the silly ol’ slag may just blubber over the line after all.

    However, I note this line from the Oz:

    Australia’s election guru Lynton Crosby* has been blamed for the Conservative Party’s disastrous performance.

    LOL. So those aged potential nursing care conservatives “didn’t matter”, did they, you arrogant, clueless cockhead?

    *Of “hoWARd/crosby/textor” fame.

  57. Rabz

    The vultures come out to gloat:

    kevni ruff ✔ @krud
    It seems “Sir” lynton crosby, Australian conservative political hatchet man, may not have had such a brilliant British election after all.

    Reminiscent of your electoral slaughtering at the hands of the AbbottBeast in 2013, eh, lardarse?

  58. Jimf

    Seriously as if people concerned about terrorists have turned towards Al-Jezeera Corbyn? Many other factors at play obviously. None the least a complacent campaign and a dumb tax on the oldies who are core constituents.

  59. Rev. Archibald
    #2407717, posted on June 9, 2017 at 9:24 pm
    That reads a bit harsh.
    Think I will go and have a lie down.

    No it doesn’t and yes it does. I know where it came from. Aside from Monty’s kid there are many other spawn of Socialist scum that we should feel sorry for. That is our nature, we have souls, they (the parents) do not. We view people as individuals, Socialist trash like Monty and his ilk prefer to impose all the sins of our forefathers on us in order to feel better about their repugnant existences. Whilst I weep for the children of degenerate trash like Monty you should look after your own first and foremost.
    There will be a day when the left will cry for our help, when their head is on the block and their kids undergo what is happening in Europe. The line has been crossed, they have chosen their side and with it have imposed on their offspring the very rules they would have no compunction on imposing on yours. Do not help them, do not support them and do not cry for them and do not feel sorry for having warned them. These traitors think they can have their cake and then run to us for help when they finally realise it will kill them. Fuck the left and fuck everything they stand for. You were perfectly succint and correct in your original post Archi, don’t apologise for being human.

  60. I think I’ll start researching countries which are ‘benign dictatorships’ – there may be one or two that will be better places to live than the US, UK or Australia in a decade or so. Or not.

    Not in a decade – now!!!!!!
    I have done my research; Thailand, Vietnam, Philipines.

  61. EB

    All you have to do is move to the regions. If you’re moaning and still living in hellholes like Sydney and Melbourne while both parties run their mad immigration programs to pretend there’s economic growth, I have no sympathy.

  62. mh

    A day after the election I think the comments on here are good.

    Like Malcolm Turnbull, Theresa May couldn’t lead anyone out of the mists of a Turkish bath.

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