Guest Post: Muddy Catictionary

One of my frustrations with Catallaxy is that as much as I find it beneficial to educate myself and share thoughts with like-minded far-far-right, raycist, homofauxbic, fridgofauxbic, meesogynist, radical extremists, I want to be able to do something practical about the state of our decline. I don’t want to have to avert my gaze when my grandchildren or great-grandchildren ask “Was it always this bad? What did YOU do when our freedoms were taken away, Muddy?”
I possess, however, limited financial resources, a great cynicism bordering on frothing rage regarding our political process, and senses of patience and tolerance for my fellow humans that decrease with every breath I take. So what CAN I do? While it may seem trivial in the grander scheme, one thing I can control is the language I use.
Some time ago an obscure English blogger by the name of G. Orwell posted about how language exerts influence over the population. If you control the language, you can control the people who use it. In “Politics and the English Language (1946),” Orwell wrote that language can “make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and … give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
Our enemies – the internal ones I mean, those who hold open the gate for the barbarians – have long understood the power of language, and while we were comforting ourselves that impotence would rise in the end, they were busily redefining, reframing, and controlling one of the most indispensable tools that we as humans possess.
‘Fairness’ now means legal theft and redistribution; a misogynist (traditional spelling) is a heterosexual male who verbalises anything, at anytime; and ‘privilege’ has been redefined to mean a male of Anglo background consuming oxygen. Language is used to pathologise dissent and categorise people into ‘acceptable human’ and ‘unacceptable sub-human’ classes.
It is not enough for us to passively avoid using our enemy’s preferred language – ‘progressive’ for example. Though that is necessary (language dies without use), it is a topic for another post.
We must actively both reclaim or neutralise that which was stolen from us, and shape new words, new forms of language that will serve us, rather than define us as willing victims. It is the latter goal I want to focus on with this post.
Let’s get down to business. I propose that we begin to reclaim our language by creating a Catallaxy dictionary – a Catictionary – of new words.  
From time to time, some of the more lucid commenters on here reveal a pithy, entertaining word or phrase that is both descriptive and ‘catchy.’ These might sometimes be scrolled past and go unnoticed, hence the purpose of a Catictionary to record and offer them for wider use.
For example, Fred Lenin recently gave us ‘Naggot’ which I’m guessing is a conjunction of nazi and maggot, and refers to a certain highly paid public servant without whom, according to this same individual, our society would descend into a spiral of name-calling and malevolent staring.
Viva added ‘Insulterati’ which needs no further explanation, and Myrddin Seren contributed ‘Accelerated National Ruin.’
Bill Thompson has given us a ‘Flannery’ as a measurement of rain (“I think we’ve had over 75 “Flannerys” in the past week”), which Entropy defined as “…50 GL…Wivenhoe Dam [in south east Queensland] at 1,165 GL is…23.3 Flannerys.”
John Constantine has put forward “the Looting Class,” which is a more accurate description of the polite, almost respectable “Rentseekers;” “Ruinables” as a more truthful version of the playful ‘Renewballs;” “Interchangeable Filthcog;” and “Spitcoin: their internal currency of choice, the more spitcoins a swampy accumulates, the higher on their virtue ladder they are elevated and the greater the range of lesser deplorable people they can spit down on.”
The word or phrase need not be political either, as Chris gave us ‘Grammargasm.’
My own contributions, such as the “Year Zero Party” for the Greens, “Anxiety-Porn Pimps” for the so-called mainstream media, and Malspasm: the involuntary nervous twitching that takes place in a long-deceased political corpse as a result of the delayed release of gases and toxins stored within the empty testicular cavity, have all sunk without a trace over the past 12 months. This could be either because they were obscure references unable to be easily recalled, or due to my overestimation of the feline ability to acknowledge my awesomeness. I’m leaning heavily towards the latter.
These examples are simply ones I have noticed during my infrequent visits here. No doubt I have missed many others, and perhaps I may have misattributed one or two, so this is your opportunity to add/subtract/praise lavishly.
The challenge will be to find words that both inform and entertain. Creative expletives, for example, while they may seem accurate and serve to express our private frustration, may not have the wider appeal that a word needs to become known and used beyond a narrow societal sub-group or echo chamber.
Obviously we also need to avoid anything potentially libellous, and please, let’s not get distracted by the argument about what the ‘W’ in ‘SJW’ stands for. Remember, we want to focus on NEW words.
Undoubtedly there will be playful eye-gouging, voodoo incantations, and tear-and-spittle-flecked tantrums over the effectiveness of each suggestion, but again, the beginning is here and now, with our language. It is one thing we can always control. If we choose to. That’s the key word here – choice.
It would be a wasted opportunity if the words we chose to use on here amongst ourselves simply sat in a clichéd dusty corner, slipped into a coma through lack of TLC, and decomposed gracefully under the pile of mouldy, unsold Malcolm Turnbull biographies titled “I Did It.”
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83 Responses to Guest Post: Muddy Catictionary

  1. Rafe Champion

    Right on Comrade!

  2. A Lurker

    I have always favoured the word ‘Termites‘ to describe the political, media, legal and academic elite that are destroying our cultures, societies and civilization from within.

    Out of interest, Wiki classifies Termites in the Cockroach family (which is very apt), since they scuttle around dark places and are only visible when you shine a light on them.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    I’d add “rockwasp”.

    Right of centre knowitall white anglosaxon protestant.
    Me, in other words. 😀

  4. RobK

    I think “CO2 conjecture” is more precise than CAGW, climate change because it refers to and highlights the fragility of the basic assumption.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Maybe “right of centre knowledgeable white anglosaxon protestant” would better, on hindsight.

    Also regarding your comments Muddy:

    Our enemies – the internal ones I mean, those who hold open the gate for the barbarians – have long understood the power of language, and while we were comforting ourselves that impotence would rise in the end, they were busily redefining, reframing, and controlling one of the most indispensable tools that we as humans possess.

    One of the fads of the nineties was ‘deconstruction’ in the subject of English. Students were taught to deconstruct Shakespeare for the racist, sexist and anti-Left themes. And etc.

    I detect a slight lessening of this crap lately for a quite pragmatic reason (although the cultural Marxists still teach it). That is because if you teach kids to be suspicious of the motives of a historical writer then they might also be suspicious of, say, ABC propaganda.

    Can’t have that.

    So I think I see a slow walking back from this idea of ‘deconstruction’, as I don’t think our Gaia priest-class quite likes their word to be distrusted by the proles.

  6. Geoff Derrick

    Re our energy policy masters, try “dimwitterati”, or ‘tosserrati’, or variants.

  7. Harlequin Decline

    Bloody good idea. Something along the lines of the Viz Profannisaurus so you can look up meanings and find synonyms to insult and baffle SJW’s with.

  8. stackja

    Sydney was fogged this morning.
    Foggy unable to think clearly; confused.
    Many “not have the foggiest (idea)”

  9. steve

    Generational Guilt – the blaming of me for something that was done before I was born. Indigenous, gay, female and “climate experts” are the usual accusers. (accusuals?)

  10. “Christianists” – they did the Crusades and the Inquisition.
    They’re not real Christians, like the Islamists aren’t real Islamics.

  11. calli

    Following steve.

    Cultural guilticide

  12. Muddy

    A quick note from work. Thanks for the suggestions so far, but can we remove my real name please Sinc? Thanks.

  13. calli

    False equivalence, gary.

  14. calli

    The argument that Islam is just like Christianity because Crusades


  15. iain russell

    Nice one, [email protected] I think green slime needs to be used at all times when referring to the cancer. The Filth remains as the general term of endearment for the ALP-ABC. Social Justice Woofers has some currency. AntifaNancyboiz could be good, given their inability to sort a well known White Aging Guy. It also accommodates Gerard’s late mutt. Balancers, for those who always look on the bright side of any beheading or car crushing event – e.g. the Dickless Tracey in the UK who marvelled at the multiculti nature of the victims of the latest Mighty Momicide. That is all.

  16. Rafe Champion

    See also the Appendix to 1984

    The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of Ingsoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible…To give a single example. The word free still existed in Newspeak, but it could only be used in such statements as ‘This dog is free from lice’ or ‘This field is free from weeds’. It could not be used in its old sense of ‘politically free’ or ‘intellectually free’ since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed even as concepts, and were therefore of necessity nameless.

  17. cui bono

    Surfdom – the indolent lifestyle and slacktivist world on the internet
    (originally generated by a typo by jonesy today about the coming serfdom under leftist rule)

    Nagot – a nagging bigoted person, typified by Gillian Triggs
    (originally generated by a typo by I forget whom, trying to label Triggs a maggot)

  18. cui bono

    Oops! Apologies for not reading your post carefully. Clearly Fred L owns naggot.

  19. .

    I’d nominate niggardly but it is a real word.

  20. Boambee John

    Bruce of Newcastle

    I would avoid “rockwasp”. Too easy to confuse with rockspider.😀😀

  21. Some History

    The “ruling” class, from the UN down to all major political parties and NGO hangers-on –

    the unintelligentsia.

  22. IainC

    “Gated Community” – collective term for inner city Greens-voting suburbs largely immune from the consequences of their political actions.
    “Grotesque National Product” – new monetary measure describing the shrinking difference between the slightly increasing Gross National Product and the out of control total Federal and State Government debt.
    “Alt-Racist” – reactionary throwback who believes that a man should be judged by the content of his character, not the colour of his skin.
    “Neo-Apartheid” – progressive, compassionate policy that supposes that locking certain sections of the community into their old non-Western, non-technological culture will magically result In improved standards of living.
    “Orwellian” – (of the Right): a warning of the dangers of state control; (of the Left): an instruction manual to lead us cheerfully to the benefits of state control.
    “MsGuided” – a state of mind whereby a tiny fraction of a percentage of angry, talentless, extremist women with no social skills believe they know exactly what all remaining women think, feel and desire, if only the Patriarchy let them.
    “Patriarchy” – a system whereby powerful, aggressive, dominant alpha males control the lives of helpless, passive, trembling females….if that’s alright with you, Dear.
    (IainC of The Ponds)

  23. thefrolickingmole

    The unity partys
    Men of no appearance

    Just a few.

  24. vicki

    Gosh I want to see more of this recognition of the incredible redefinition of culture and social norms that the Left has accomplished by way of manipulation of language. It is nothing short of breathtaking.

    Unfortunately it has been aided by the Left’s almost total control of the institutions of education and, almost as importantly, the media. We must completely refuse to use this language – as hard as this is when their words and phrases gain such currency.

    Over this weekend I was told (once again!) that my grandchildren believe I am a committed racist. Coming from a daughter who was brought up (which she acknowledges) to despise racism, this is hard to take. Whether she has recounted the time I took her to Dacau to confront her with its evils, or the time I bundled up the family to leave a party where racist jokes were loud & frequent, I don’t know. I remarked that it would be good if the children were taught the difference between “race” & “culture” – but I doubt if their teachers did.

    But I did challenge my son-in-law’s comment that racism was often “an unconscious bias”!

    Madly trying to maintain a nice family holiday, I quietly responded that this concept assumed that the holder of this “unconscious bias” did not, in fact, hold very considered thoughts on the matter.

    It’s going to be a long struggle, I fear.

  25. Warty

    A wonderful post. I well remember seeing a ‘Grace Brothers’ ‘exit’ door, with the sign ‘This door is alarmed’ stencilled on the door. I got the hell out there as quickly as I could, thinking: good grief, if the bloody door is alarmed, imagine what the shop assistants are like. Come to think of it, why would the shop need ‘assistance’ unless it too was alarmed.

  26. Great idea Muddy. Been thinking about something similar for a while, though I was going to call it “The Truespeak Dictionary” (a play on Orwell’s “Newspeak”).
    Here’s my contributions;

    SOCIALISLAM – the unofficial alliance between the left and Islam against Western liberal democracy.

    MARXIST STREAM MEDIA – the collective formerly known as the Mainstream Media.

    DIMFORMATION – propaganda disguised as information spread by the Marxist Stream Media to the low information, low engagement populace designed to dumb them down even further.

  27. thefrolickingmole

    This is shit.

    Speaking of which when did things being “Arkied” stop being a thing?

    “Can we fix it
    No Its arkied”

  28. stackja

    Leftists want to ban the Melbourne Cup! Now that is racism!

  29. Hydra

    Any argument comparing Islam to any other period throughout history is defunct simply because only Islam hasn’t matured enough to stop.

  30. Roger

    SOCIALISLAM – the unofficial alliance between the left and Islam against Western liberal democracy.

    Very good!

  31. Roger

    Spotted on another thread:

    Vichy Liberals

    (Liberal Party politicians who conspire with Islam against Australian values; e.g. Mike Nahan)

    Courtesy Robber Baron.

  32. @calli – It’s simply to show up the semantic trick. Add “ist” and pretend it’s all someone else. I don’t think it’s equivalent.

  33. A Lurker

    Another suggestion…

    Social-ist Media

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  35. jupes

    For example, Fred Lenin recently gave us ‘Naggot’ which I’m guessing is a conjunction of nazi and maggot,

    Or could just have been a typo.

    Love the good Dr Fred but spelling is not his strong point.

  36. We must completely refuse to use this language – as hard as this is when their words and phrases gain such currency.

    Good luck with that around here, Vicki. Unfortunately, unlike the feline variety, most resident Cats are easily trained. A large majority of them are happy to use personally-assigned gender descriptors – eg Ms Roz Ward, or “she” for a bloke with a dick. And 99% of them will use the term “libertarian” to describe left-wing loonies who support open borders and open slather immigration, even though it is a contradiction in terms deliberately foisted upon us to muddy the waters as to what constitutes “lawful government”.

  37. Megan

    Love the good Dr Fred but spelling is not his strong point.

    Not sure it’s his spelling as much as his hamfisted attack skills on a keyboard. Gives me a laugh every single time.

  38. Megan

    I like Offendopotamus/offendopotami. Not sure where or when I first I heard it so cannot give attribution.

  39. Muddy

    This is a good beginning, but only a beginning. Just as it took our internal enemies many years to infiltrate, edit, and dissolve our language, so it will take time to counter-attack. To repeat myself however, the process needs to be an active one. If we choose not to defend and fight for one of the most productive gifts humanity has received, we may as well lay supine and wait for the vultures.

    I’ll revisit this topic in a couple of months, but in the meantime, please keep an eye out for words to add to the Catictionary, and have a play with new words yourself. Take control of that which defines you. You CAN do something to change this trajectory. If you choose to. FFYL. Fight For Your Language.

  40. Faye


  41. Shy Ted

    Acadumic. When the alleged intelligent one states something so incredibly stupid…
    Malfunction. When you wonder what the PM will break next.

  42. Ragu

    ‘Their Orcleft’

    From the irrepressible John Constantine

  43. Tintarella di Luna

    This is very promising. I like it. Thank Muddy and the Catributors

  44. calli

    @calli – It’s simply to show up the semantic trick. Add “ist” and pretend it’s all someone else. I don’t think it’s equivalent.

    Yes, gary. Worked it out after I pressed Post Comment.

    Farticulation – talking cr*p

  45. Shy Ted

    Derection. What you get when a left wing female takes her clothes off.
    Delection. The subtle art of going to an election, losing seats but managing to hang on to power.

  46. Some History

    Love the good Dr Fred but spelling is not his strong point.
    Not sure it’s his spelling as much as his hamfisted attack skills on a keyboard. Gives me a laugh every single time.

    He has a brilliant spellchecker. Where can I get one. 🙂

  47. Faye

    Gorebulls for Goebbels
    pollywaffle for politician’s talk
    Mighty Mouse for Malcolm Turnbull
    where’s-the-fly-swatter? for Bill Shorten
    fairy story for climate change
    fairies for climate change scientists
    Soros’ army for Lefty activists

  48. calli

    Moocherati came from Blair’s I think.

    Preposterist – someone who expects others to believe their bullsh*t

  49. Faye

    Gorebulls for Al Gore

  50. calli

    Slacktivist – someone who only attends demmos after midday

  51. Muddy

    Apologies for the lack of spacing between paragraphs. It’s a bit hard to read. Live and (hopefully) learn.

  52. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    I think Bill Leak owns Gaystapo for the goose-stepping gays who brook no opposition.

  53. Dave in Marybrook

    Could we please keep Flannery as an actionable noun? Comes with a very handy Y-finial-
    ie, There was a good ten minutes of solid mutual flannery from Richard Di Natale and Fran Kelly this morning… meaning, moralistic green-left overstatement, verging on catastrophism, with no apparent embarrassment or acknowledgement of past gaffes. In an echo chamber. Or a tinnie.
    Professor Tim could join the ranks of Norwegian ex-PM Qvisling in having his name become a byword for collusion and treachery, but a lot more useful… you could invoke a suspicion of flannery in any whingeing kid or subsidy-seeking hipster or bailout-hungry airline CEO.
    One I was proud to push into the Oz letters page was quilty as an adjective, after Archibald-botherer and, inexplicably, official war artist Ben Quilty. This is the flashy, mannered impasto now slapped around weekly by Anh Do, and because it also echoes the puffed-up comfort of a quilt here’s hoping it sinks in.

  54. anonandon

    Sprunt – feminine hygiene spray. h/t George Carlin.

  55. Arky

    R is for the Rabz doctrine.
    And rakeology.

  56. Bruce of Newcastle

    “Rake” would be a fine addition to the Catictionary. Thanks Rev.

  57. Bruce of Newcastle

    I think Bill Leak owns Gaystapo for the goose-stepping gays who brook no opposition.

    Waffen SSM!

  58. Muddy

    Congratulations, you are all the proud parents of a baby Catictionary!

    I’ve just ordered your suggestions alphabetically (on my laptop) and will play around with the formatting before posting again, putting those words nominated so far up for debate, and requesting anything new stumbled upon in the interim.

    Overnight posters won’t be forgotten as I’ll check in again tomorrow to ‘top up.’

    Let’s take care of the new life, for she has great potential (though she is a redhead, which is … strange).

  59. Muddy

    Arky or BoN.
    Could you define Rake or Rakeology please?

  60. Bruce of Newcastle

    noun: rake; plural noun: rakes
    1. Something a lefty troll steps on when attempting to defend a doctrinal untruth.

  61. Muddy

    Sharp as always Bruce. Cheers.

  62. Muddy

    Had I not clicked on your link, Gary, I would have thought that sounded exceedingly painful (being progressively raked, that is).

    OK, past my bedtime. Thanks again Catributors (h/t Tinta).

  63. Malcolm Thomas

    ‘Katechism’ – a documented list of false or irrelevant economic prognostocations that its god-like creator insists anyone with any claim to even a skerick of learning ot insight must immediately and fully adopt and abide by, unquestioningly.

    ‘Stevedour’ – a misguided adherent of a Katechism.

  64. Helen

    Who can forget Tinta’s

    forgettery being a place or vessel where real stuff is put to be forgotten.

  65. paul scott

    I know it seems banal and simplistic, but I like to label things as they are.
    For instance I say Regressives rather than Progressives, and people recognise it
    Climate deniers will take while to place back on the shoulders of the true Parisgate scientific zombies who think CO2 is toxic and warming.
    Antifa are violent Fascists, pure and simple. We have no need to live in an Orwellian world.
    Just call a spade a spade and a regressive fruitcake, aregressive fruitcake.

  66. Rob MW

    To describe an old bagged out Stasi radical commie disguised as a conservative it’s just simply ‘vinegar tits’.

  67. A Lurker

    A couple of terms found on the internet and worth adding to the Catictionary:

    Crimmigrants – ‘immigrants’ who come to the West and immediately start breaking laws/causing havoc
    Traitor Class – another word for Termites

  68. A Lurker

    A couple more:

    ‘SJW’ = Social Justice Wanker

    Also found on the internet:


  69. Jumpnmcar

    Meducation System – Systematic drugging of our brightest, most active children to be dumber than our teachers.

  70. Captain Crunch

    Intaxication: that wonderful feeling Government gives you when they spend $ on you. But you know a headache is coming.

    Foregasm: another wonderful feeling ones gets when Teasury forecasts a balanced budget sometime in the next 20-30 years

    Maloney: anything our beloved leader says

    Mallards, Dallards and Leftards : those concrete barriers our brain dead elites have chosen to decorate our cities with. Can be interchanged as barrier to any future prosperity.

  71. lotocoti

    S/H/It covers all the bases in the genderverse.

  72. Shy Ted

    Pollycy. That policy which the average punter knows will achieve nothing and is done purely for political purposes.

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