Thomas Barlow and the theory of nothing

Thomas Barlow is best known for his work on science policy and Australian achievements in research and development.

Thomas Barlow has been a research fellow at Oxford University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a columnist with the Financial Times in London, and a respected adviser on research strategy to a range of organizations in the USA, Australia, and East Asia.

He has lately ventured into the world of fiction with a dystopian account of the academic research world. A brilliant scientist encounters a series of accidental encounters which lead him into the post-truth world to raise tens of millions of dollars on an project to demonstrate that the laws of nature can be manipulated. He recruits a group of embittered and frustrated scientists who have never achieved the profile that they think they deserve and together they bring their project to a shattering conclusion.
Fast moving and full of amusing insights into the academic, bureaucratic and military mindset. The characters are amusing as well, even the most bitter and twisted.
I give it a big tick for an amusing read with some significant insights.

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  1. Phillip

    Bought it on Amazon Kindle.

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