Guest Post: Muddy Catictionary II – Review, Edit, Add.

Last week I introduced my idea for the Catictionary, a collection of words or phrases unique to this forum, and a practical – though small – step towards regaining the control of our language.

Following are the contributions received so far. At some I raised my eyebrows, but others provoked an ‘Aha!’ moment. I find difficult to describe what I personally think might constitute an impactful, lasting, transmittable, word or phrase, but those which gained my attention at first glance included ‘accusuals,’ ‘foregasm,’ ‘intaxication,’ and ‘meducation system.’

Aside from the aforementioned, I have chosen not to critique, though in the future I intend to be ruthless, heartless, and possibly vengeful.

For this round of editing, the contributions have been presented without the names of their authors. In the finished product, Catributors (h/t Tinta) will be duly acknowledged, but I wanted people to provide early feedback without being influenced by personalities.

Formatting will take place at a later date.

The contributions I have not included here are words that were created by non-felines (I think we have enough talent without hiring external consultants), and several words named after other Cats in an uncomplimentary manner. I’ve also slashed-and-burned a number of redefinitions of existing words (including several I very much liked) because the initial goal was to promulgate new words, though I may have sent mixed messages about that. If so, my apologies. There will be an opportunity at a later stage for redefinitions, so please resubmit them if I have bumped you off this time.

Here then, is your opportunity to critique, edit or define; or add completely new words.

F.F.Y.L. Fight For Your Language.


Acadumic – “When the alleged intelligent one states something so incredibly stupid.”

Accusuals – “the usual accusers.”

Alt-Racist – “Reactionary throwback who believes that a man should be judged by the content of his character, not the colour of his skin.”

AntifaNancyboiz – “Given their inability to sort a well-known White Aging Guy.”

Balancers – “Those who always look on the bright side of any beheading or car crushing event.”


Christianists – “They did the Crusades and the Inquisition. They’re not real Christians, like the Islamists aren’t real Islamics.”

Cultural guilticide.

Derection- “What you get when a left wing female takes her clothes off.”

Delection – “The subtle art of going to an election, losing seats, but managing to hang on to power.”

Dimformation – “propaganda disguised as information spread by the Marxist Stream Media to the low information, low engagement populace designed to dumb them down even further.”

Dimwitterati/tosserati … our energy policy masters.”

Farticulation – “Talking cr*p.”

Feminasty/Feminasties/Feminein, Femineins.

Foregasm – “Another wonderful feeling one gets when Treasury forecasts a balanced budget sometime in the next 20-30 years.”

Forgettory – “A place or vessel where real stuff is put to be forgotten.”

Flannery – A unit of measurement of rain (a definition of which was featured in my last post). HOWEVER, another Cat has pleaded:

“Could we please keep Flannery as an actionable noun? … ie, There was a good ten minutes of solid mutual Flannery from Richard Di Natale and Fran Kelly this morning … meaning, moralistic green-left overstatement, verging on catastrophism, with no apparent embarrassment or acknowledgement of past gaffes.”

Gorebulls – “Al Gore.”

Grotesque National Product – “New monetary measure describing the shrinking difference between the slightly increasing Gross National Product and the out of control total Federal and State Government debt.”

Intaxication – “That wonderful feeling Government gives you when they spend $ on you. But you know a headache is coming.”


Koranimals, Squandermonkies, The unity partys, Men of no appearance.

Koraninanity – “The argument that Islam is just like Christianity because Crusades.”

Maloney – “Anything our beloved leader says.”

Mallards, Dallards and Leftards. “Those concrete barriers our brain dead elites have chosen to decorate our cities with. Can be interchanged as barrier to any future prosperity.”

Marxist Stream Media – “The collective formerly known as the Mainstream Media.”

Meducation System – “Systematic drugging of our brightest, most active children to be dumber than our teachers.”

Might Mouse – “Malcolm Turnbull.”

MsGuided – “A state of mind whereby a tiny fraction of a percentage of angry, talentless, extremist women with no social skills believe they know exactly what all remaining women think, feel and desire, if only the Patriarchy let them.”

Neo-Apartheid – “Progressive, compassionate policy that supposes that locking certain sections of the community into their old non-Western, non-technological culture will magically result in improved standards of living.”

Offendopotamus/Offendopotami [unsure of the source for this].

Orcleft, Their.

Pollycy. “That policy which the average punter knows will achieve nothing and is done purely for political purposes.”

Preposterist – “Someone who expects others to believe their bullsh*t.”

Rabz Doctrine. “Shut.It.Down.Fire.Them.All.”

ROCKWASP – Right of Centre, Knowledgeable, White AngloSaxon Protestant.”


S/H/It – “Covers all the bases in the genderverse.”

Slacktivist – “Someone who only attends demos after midday.”


Socialislam – “The unofficial alliance between the left and Islam against Western liberal democracy.”

Social-ist Media.

Soros’ army – “Lefty activists.”

Surfdom – “The indolent lifestyle and slacktivist world on the internet … the coming serfdom under leftist rule.”



Unintelligentsia, The – “The “ruling” class, from the UN down to all major political parties and NGO hangers-on.”

Vichy Liberals – “Liberal Party politicians who conspire against Australian values.”

Vinegar Tits – “An old bagged-out Stasi radical commie disguised as a conservative.”

Where’s-the-fly-swatter? – “Bill Shorten.”

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38 Responses to Guest Post: Muddy Catictionary II – Review, Edit, Add.

  1. pbw

    Forgettery, if I forget correctly, is a Ruddism.

  2. Phill

    And a couple of non-political (and non-original) ones to lighten up the thread;

    Billabonk – having a root next to a waterhole
    Dodgeridoo – a fake aboriginal artifact

  3. chrisl

    Don’t put Ramavan into the forgettery.

  4. Andrew

    NTDWI (Nothing to do with Islam): Description of a terrorist attack in which a perp yelling something that Arabic people frequently say when going about their normal daily business, and brandishing a black flag which has some common Arabic phrases kills a bunch of people

  5. paul scott

    I like the words which are immediately self explanatory . > Ramavan is terrific if gruesome [ Chrisl 9.06] > of course Billabonk [ Phil 9.02 ] > Neo apartheid is good, and sharp ..
    And I always use “Regressive” for the double speak word Progressive.

  6. Stimpson J. Cat

    Goddamn Commie Hippy.

  7. Stimpson J. Cat

    Annoying F$cking Atheists.

  8. Stimpson J. Cat

    Methnic – an ethnic addicted to Meth.

  9. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    A spelling correction if you please:

    “MsGuided – “A state of mind whereby a tiny fraction of a percentage of angry, talentless, extremist women with no social skills believe they know exactly what all remaining women think, feel and desire, if only the Patriarchy let them.” “

    “wymminses” – it’s “wymminses”, noun, singular and plural.

  10. Cuckservative: Conservative willing to idly sit and watch while his traditional policies are roundly rooted.

    Lattesexual: Inner city dweller willing to have meaningless sex with any gender after a couple of shots.

    VisOrama: Panoramic Virtue Signalling (anything from the environment to sexuality to electing a black marxist homo as president)

  11. IainC

    “Pregressive – a self-righteous, soi disant ultra-modern thinker who takes his agricultural beliefs from 10,000 BC (pre-farming), social policies from 3000 BC (pre-family groups), marital policies from 1500 BC (pre-Mosaic monogamy), science and technological ideas from 1700 AD (pre-industrial revolution) and economic guidance from 1860 (Marx).”
    “Triggs Point – the realization that after broadcasting your contempt for someone in the left media for days that you have completely forgotten the facts of the matter.”

  12. kc

    Didn’t see the one Bolt quoted the other day. “Recreational Outrage”

  13. Bob in Castlemaine

    Love it! Now please affix this permanently under the Cat comments box?

  14. Faulty-cultural – a multi-cultural society gone wrong which tends to occur after importing a backward 7th Century culture incompatible with your societal norms.

    Faulti-culti – (see above) A particular culture that, once introduced, will eventually corrupt and destroy a host culture.

    Youthajism – The smug satisfactory feeling achieved by SJW students as they march, chant and ejaculate meaningless slogans and platitudes. Often used as a substitute for the fact that SJW’s are largely incapable of getting laid or if they are then it’s with a two-bagger.

    Two-Bagger – Your typical leftist / SJW who is as repulsive on the outside as they are on the inside and thus during tuppitude require two paper bags over the head in case the first one falls off.

    Tuppitude – Sexual intercourse involving sheeple.

    Bolshie Ballet – The carefully choreographed routine employed by all leftards when the hideous crimes and failures of socialism are brought up. Responses such as “but that wasn’t real Communism”, “but Scandanavia” and “but outside forces” are very common.

    Red Squirrel – A distraction released during an argument with a lefty (who is losing the debate).

    Conspicuous compassion – A public display of moral grandstanding in an attempt to enhance one’s prestige. e.g. “At the dinner party Vanessa displayed her conspicuous compassion by proclaiming that all refugees should be allowed to migrate and receive welfare.”

  15. Alt-Racist – “Reactionary throwback who believes that a man should be judged by the content of his character, not the colour of his skin.”

    Alutheran – A forward-thinking Progressive who thinks a man should be judged by the colour of their skin, not the content of their character and who is thus supercilious and condescending towards an Alt-Racist.

  16. Acadumic – “When the alleged intelligent one states something so incredibly stupid.”

    I would suggest “Acadumbic” and define it as a Uni Professor who dumbs down students and makes them stupider. An “acadumbic statement” can then be “an allegedly intelligent sounding statement which is actually incredibly stupid and devoid of facts or reason.”

  17. Tealighting – Acts and deeds carried out (such as the lighting of candles) that occur after a terrorist incident involving the RoP by those who wish to deny, misdirect and distort reality.

  18. Eddystone

    Allaholic Frenzy.(1)

    Display of highly agitated behaviour, often in a crowd setting.

    Can be triggered by almost anything that can be interpreted as disrespectful to Islam, esp. cartoons.

    Frequently seen in Islamic areas such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and England.

    Patients suffering from Allaholic Frenzy are advised to be cautious when operating machinery or motor vehicles.

    1). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 6th Edition: DSM-6

  19. Muddy

    Just a quick note from work using my phone: thanks for the corrections and additions. As stated above, I’d like to focus on original words from Cats to begin with. Ideally, I’d like to see the Catictionary become substantial enough for a permanent position on the sidebar. There’s still a way to go to achieve that, but we’re off to a decent start. Please store your words & let me know them whenever I visit a thread. Remember, it’s your language, your gift.

  20. Stimpson J. Cat

    Feminism – another word for cancer.

  21. Chris

    ‘Their’ as in ‘Their ABC’, ‘Their Andrewsistan’, ‘Their Liberal Party’ and ‘Their UWA’ to denote an institution apparently captured by the political correctniks in their long march through the institutions, and explicitly repudiated as having nothing to do with the speaker (who pays for it). Any line of a john constantine post should yield two or three examples.

  22. notafan


    people discussing something someone else doesn’t want them to discuss

  23. Beliaik

    Relaxivism – the use of reason and logic to calm a fellow citizen who has become alarmed or agitated by prophecies put forward by special interest groups. Relaxivism strives to remove hysteria and emotion from debates and to replace it with rationality and scepticism.

  24. Muddy

    Some interesting additions for the Catictionary here. The ones that are not Cat originals I’ll have to leave aside for the time being though. I want to be able to acknowledge the original authors where practical, which is another reason why I’m concentrating on original Cat words for now.

    Keep them coming creative felines!

  25. Carpe Jugulum

    Fauxboriginal – white people who claim aboriginality based on a fraction of their DNA or ‘how they feel’

    Bansturbator – Someone who wants to take away a pleasure or activity that they would never paticipate in (see also Joyless Harpy & Social Justice Wanker)

  26. Muddy

    I love ‘Bansturbator’ Carpe! Are both your suggestion originals?

    Iain C – your ‘pregressive’ is spot on. I’ll borrow that if I may, and I’d like to see it replace the usual ‘progressive’ which makes me want to punch people in the throat. Metaphorically speaking of course!

  27. Carpe Jugulum

    I love ‘Bansturbator’ Carpe! Are both your suggestion originals?

    Fauxboriginal was mine

    Bansturbator was shameslessy stolen from the Devils Kitchen blog.

  28. Muddy

    Bollocks! Bansturbator was my favourite. Sigh.
    I shall add ‘Fauxboriginal’ to the Catictionary though.
    Hmmm, is there such a thing as Fauxboriginalphobia?
    Or perhaps more accurately Fauxboriginalfauxbia?
    Fo sure!

  29. Muddy

    Carpe, can you provide a definition of Interruption Lotto please, so I can include that in the Catictionary. It’s a Cat original, so needs to be included. There’s no hurry. I’m off to get some beauty sleep soon.

  30. Faye

    pollicock – “political correctness” (remembering “poppycock”)

    pappekak/papkak – “political correctness”
    (from Collins English Dictionary – C19 from Dutch dialect ‘pappekak’ literally: soft excrement from ‘pap’ soft + ‘kak’ dung)

    pollikak – “political correctness”

  31. Faye

    The full Monty – “Debunk climate change and everything connected to it.”

  32. A Lurker

    Tollerance – the heavy monetary and social price Western countries have to pay in order to ‘enjoy’ the ‘benefits’ of multiculturalism.

    ATMs – Automatic Taxpaying Machines (in other words, us)

  33. Chris from Geelong

    I stumbled across this one today, I think it fits nicely in with this topic, it is a new element that has been discoverd, Governmentium (Gv). The rest is at the link below towards the bottom of the page.

  34. Muddy

    Chris from Geelong.
    I love it! I think I’ve read something similar elsewhere, but it is very clever and witty. If it was a Catallaxy original, I’d put it in the Catictionary, but alas …

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