John Ray. Conservatism as heresy

John Ray has devoted a great deal of his life to dissecting leftism and one of his early achievements in 1974 was a collection of papers titled Conservatism as Heresy. This was well ahead of the visible revival of liberal/conservative opinion in the think tanks and momentarily in the ALP under Hawke and Keating. The contributors would be mostly forgotten these days, just go here and have a look at the table of contents.

More about John Ray and his suite of websites.

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  1. stackja

    Will bookmark for another day.

  2. Chris

    I used to see his stuff a lot, and chatted some with him at one of his blogs. He really seemed to have gone to a lot of effort and yet got almost completely ignored.

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    Conservatism must be banned it upsets the one world unelected government agenda . It is also offensive in Gaias eyes , there are scisms within the Gaia movement, the main thing is the sexual orientation of Gaia , ,many say she is lesbian others say she is a gay male or a transexual a minority still claim , Gaia forbid ,a mizojinist male , its always a worry when a religion breaks up Into sects ,catholics /protestants,sunnys /shites ,lets sit back when they start killing each other, as they do in these mstters.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    just go here and have a look at the table of contents

    Wow, he was on to the Green-Left religion before anyone. More than forty years later pretty much everything is now the defacto position of government and society, except for the minerals and energy crisis one. Even the Greens’ve gone quiet on that, having worked out that we’re not going to run out of stuff.

    It’s been fun (and alarming) to watch the green-socialist movement harden up as a religion in the years since the Berlin Wall came down. Their doctrines are so silly yet so steeped in the seventies movements (no nukes, greenery, anticapitalism etc) that they are now immutable. The heretics must be cast out!

    Lomborg has an oped in the Oz today about the Paris Agreement. Sadly he’s still a warmie, but that won’t stop his crucifixion by the Left. He reminds me of Spike Milligan.

  5. .

    John Ray is a champ. The ALS were too soft in convincing me about the errancy of the left.

    John Ray rammed the points home.

  6. Arnost

    That’s a name from the past! Was a very frequent visitor. Great to see him still up.

  7. pete m

    One of his now dead blogs is Qantas – the dying octopus


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