Just as true for the mouse with an Aussie flag

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  1. Tel

    The Australian public gave massive support to the guy who promised NOT to hand out free stuff… In 2013 a guy called “Tony Abbott” promised to fix the budget disaster and the Australian public got right behind him.

  2. H B Bear

    Big Government is not so much a mousetrap more of a boiling frog.

    Every day your freedoms are eroded in ways that you do not even know about: petty bureaucrats exercising discretions under delegated legislation and powers; new laws adding costs to everything from your cup of coffee on the way to work until you turn out the light as you go to bed; the tens of millions of dollars of additional debt added each week crowding out the private sector, diverting people and resources from profitable activity and adding to the burden of increased taxes and future taxpayers.

    And the democratic process is seeming incapable of delivering a major political party or parliamentary system that is even capable of discussing, let alone addressing any of this. A mousetrap seems like a better option.

  3. Some History

    Free stuff courtesy of minders of OPM


  4. Baldrick

    Well we’ve just spent $22 billion on Gonski, for no apparent reason.
    The Stupid.Fucking.Liberals are only now calling for ideas on what the money should be spent on and what outcomes are going to be used as performance indicators.
    Sort of like putting the cart before the horse.

  5. Pyrmonter

    Tel – who then proceeded to hand out free stuff to his DLP mates. He never was a small government guy – look at his record under Howard in health. He’s a “socially conservative” (whatever that means) big government “economic (and social) levers” type. He was replaced by someone with a similar, if marginally more subtle and liberal, mindset.

  6. Tel

    Tel – who then proceeded to hand out free stuff to his DLP mates.

    Right, so the voters choose what looked like a budget control option, and then discovered this option never was really available. But the ALP had just been letting it rip from 2008 to 2013 so they couldn’t possibly be an option either!

    Now we are at the position where the voters cannot trust anyone to do as they promise, and yet they are held up to blame for wanting “free stuff” even when that’s not what they asked for. What to do? Well… what they did in 2016 was put back Turnbull (the least worst option) and hang the Senate full of cross benchers to ensure Turnbull couldn’t do the things he wanted to do (knowing everything he wanted to do was bad). Again, to voters did the best they could achieve under the circumstances.

    This is why people will happily vote for Pauline Hanson, or Cory Bernardi, because they know there’s isn’t a whole lot to lose.

    A large slab of Australian voters are very fiscally conservative, but NONE of the parties are.

  7. Roger

    And yet in all the states and territories – with the exception of one* – either “the economy” or “employment” consistently rank as the leading issue for voters. These are issues which can only begin to be addressed by shrinking the government’s role in the economy. What we have with the Liberals is a failure to identify and then communicate the solutions the electorate is calling our for: “When there is no vision, the people perish.”

    Only the Australian Conservatives have small government as a core principle. Telling.

    *The exception, btw, is the ACT, where “the environment” consistently ranks as the primary issue. After all, they mostly have well paid jobs, courtesy the tax payer.

  8. Jannie

    Thing is, mice don’t really like cheese, they like free bread. Free cheese gets you lots of cockroaches, and they don’t spring the trap.

  9. Habib

    Except it’s not the rats scoffing the free bunghole who get the spring treatment from the redistributors.

  10. Pyrmonter

    Tel, referring to the voters as a rational, calculating mass is a useful metaphor, but at the point of scheming in that way, one that falls down. The electorate is deeply divided: some (ALP, Liberal voters) are fairly comfortable with how things are; while about 25% aren’t and are directing votes all over the place to the latest and most successful gadfly. If the voters wanted a fiscally conservative government (permitting, for a minute, that a lot of coalition voters and some ALP voters expect that from their side) they’d have voted for the LDP, which, at that stage, were parading as libertarian and sound on the economy. DL has harmed that, with his on-going obsession with guns and frankly weird comments about migration.

  11. Al

    The cartoon is incorrect. The people who get whacked (by the mousetrap, in this case) are not the one getting the free stuff.

  12. Alexi the Conservative Russian

    Once known as the Lucky Country Australia has become the Loser Country.

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