Green with envy

It cannot be said that Spartacus supports the policies or people of the Greens.  However, when it comes to the NSW Greens, what you see is what you get.

The current fight between Comrade Lee and the rest of the gang-Green seems to be about whether the parliamentary party is required to adhere to party policy.  Spartacus does not agree with Green Party policy, but is sympathetic to elected representatives who actually represent the views of their constituents and party policy.

The Liberal Party seems to have a similar problem and hence the mass bleeding of members, volunteers and donors.  That whole government of the people, by the people for the people business is for other people.

In his The Solution poem, Bertolt Brecht wrote that when the government lost the faith of the people, it would be easier to replace the people (than the Government).

Another paver on the path to serfdom.

Brecht was from East Germany and perhaps knew something about the subject.

After the uprising of the 17th June
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

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7 Responses to Green with envy

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    when it comes to the NSW Greens, what you see is what you get.

    You must be colour blind Spartacus. Here in NSW if you vote for Greens you get Reds.
    OTOH the venerable Mao Suit is green, so maybe you are referring to the uniform.

  2. I am Spartacus

    Bruce. You know what you get when you vote Green. You get watermelons. What do you get when you vote Liberal? Are they the party of higher taxes, pointless expenditure, ever expanding state and endless diminution of liberty? Blue on the outside, Zimbabwe on the inside?

  3. H B Bear

    I have much greater respect for Doris Bagshawe than I do for Sarah Hyphen-SeaPatrol, just back from her charter flight whale watching tour. Doris would happily sink the icepick into a capitalist running dog. SeaPatrol and di Natali would get the help to do it and then claim it back on expenses.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    What do you get when you vote Liberal?

    Spartacus – the problem I see with Turnbull is he exists in a stratum of old boys who all agree with each other. The Squid stratum. None of them are equipped to actually investigate the fundamentals of any topic and they have huge peer pressure on them to cleave to the views of the group.

    So Turnbull is a global warming Believer. He cannot not Believe because all his powerful mates Believe. Also there’s lots of money to be had for Belief so it is self reinforcing.

    Without an objective grounding he is subject to subjectivism. The whole wet faction of the Liberal Party are the same. They are sucked in by SSM, welfare, equality, Gonski, aboriginal supremacy and global warming without any sort of objective basis for any of it. The Labor Party is worse.

    I bookmarked this article from a few days ago:

    Blue State Blues: America’s Divisions are Not Political — They’re Religious

    It is equally pertinent to Australia. Even more so that America since Trump is breaking out from the green-progressive religion in a way that no mainstream party is doing here.

    The problem with the new green-progressive religion, unlike Christianity, is it doesn’t work. And it refuses to accept objective facts and science. Which is why it doesn’t work.

    Rather like a slightly older religion. It is a tell that wherever both hold sway there is only misery and squalor.

  5. Warty

    I’d agree with you on the democracy bit, O Spartacus, but for the fact that the NSW Greens, in fact any Green, is more interested in shutting up debate. Democracy is a system to used to further their own agenda, nothing else: it gives them a voice (of sorts). Without parliamentary representation they’d be restricted to the limited enclaves of Leichhardt, Annandale, Glebe, Darlinghurst etc: those deeply inner city burbs of Sydney.
    You see, when you renounce traditional Sydney working class watering holes and condemn your self to the more spartan beverages, like nettle tea, the visage tends to take on a heady green hue and the hair too. One develops the ability to communicate directly with brush-tail possums, fairy wrens, and one’s dreams encompass exoplanetary moons like Pandora, in Avatar. Nature and conservation becomes a religion, one never to be visited by such Visigoths like Cardinal Pell.
    Nay, democracy is too crude and unwieldy to have anything whatsoever to do with Gaia. She is a goddess after all, the head priestess of all self respecting feminazis.

  6. Ivan Denisovich

    I have much greater respect for Doris Bagshawe than I do for Sarah Hyphen-SeaPatrol

    Both are shockers, and internal division has been brewing (or merely hidden from public gaze) for years:

    The revelations confirm fears at the highest level in the Greens party that the Senator-Elect. a domineering figure and numbers-boss in their NSW branch is a troubled and extreme character who will not easily be turned on issues like the Greens boycott of Israel and other mad policies that have nothing to do with the environment like shutting zoos, imposing death taxes and taking an axe to independent schools.

    The Greens party’s aging leader Senator Bob Brown has been trying to publicly shame her into silence but party insiders are saying to all who listen that this is just the beginning of an epic struggle between Brown, the many young dilettantes on his staff, “blue-Greens” and those who like “Rhiannon” come from the extreme-left part of politics that like the extreme-right has been a historical safe-haven for anti-Semitic bigotry.

    On that anti-semitic bigotry, I recall seeing something earlier today about pressure coming from within certain Sydney electorates for Australia to abandon Israel. Rhiannon has spoken of working with “the Arab community” to promote a boycott on Israel. And there was also this:

    One of them, Senator Scott Ludlam, even went so far as to oppose Australian supply to Israel of body armour (like bullet-proof vests) that is used to protect the lives of young Israeli soldiers from bullets and bombs. We’re unaware of such protective gear ever taking a life, they are designed to protect the lives of the twenty-somethings and teenagers who are obliged by law to join the army for usually three years to take part in defending the Jewish state from its many sworn enemies.

  7. OneWorldGovernment

    Come off it Warty.

    Most councils and/or shires are poisoned by watermelons.

    I’d reckon that Di Natale is toast to the rabid Greens.

    Comrade Lee has far greater credentials than anyone else and fully steps in the plodding space of The Brown One.

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