Your Tax Dollars in Action

Watch the video below, but read the HRC’s budget document first.  Get this:

  • $20 million from Government
  • A target to finalise 85% of complaints in under 12 months
  • An average cost per employee of $137K

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45 Responses to Your Tax Dollars in Action

  1. Some History

    “Comments are disabled for this video”

    Says it all.

  2. Alexi the Conservative Russian

    I used to run a quite large national business before retirement. I promoted people based on merit, i.e. their ability to maximise our goals across revenues, profits, client satisfaction and staff satisfaction amongst others. If a woman was best for the job then she got it, likewise an asian or any other race. If I had been restricted in whom I could promote, to meet quotas, then obviously the business would suffer to some degree. People in politics and bureaucracy don’t understand this because they are not measured. I wonder what the distribution of senior positions within the offices of parliamentarians is, perhaps the pollies could enlighten us! Watch them run for their nannies.

  3. Paul

    finalise 85% of complaints in under 12 months
    will never happen. Tim the soupman will be calling for people to make more complaints. How else can he justify his position and it’s great expense.

  4. hzhousewife

    Diversity does not include political orientation then? ie 50-50 left/right?
    No, didn’t think so.

  5. Rabz

    It’s time to Mantra™ their flabby arses.

  6. thefrolickingmole

    Heres the best new slogan the HRC needs


    It covers everything, if you dont care then how does some idiot using race as a descriptor upset you?

    If the HRC want to make me care it had better be careful itself, I may decide not too care the way they want me to.

  7. Bruce

    As Trump would say “drive them out”. As we roll our eyes at this, it is really serious, creepy stuff. Embrace it, or …..

  8. H B Bear

    AHRC – see the colour not the person.

    Actually that would make a great bumper sticker.

  9. Jannie

    The primary objective of the AHRC (as with any corporation or bureaucracy) is to increase its revenue base. The main way of doing this is to increase the number of complaints.

  10. PEB

    Yet another parasite living off our tax dollars.

  11. Bob of Brisbane

    What an extraordinarily useless presentation.
    What is the objective? Oh, yes, seeing a mix of races in business. Or is it a mix of cultures? Or is it both? But what material difference will it make if implemented to a business? Nothing. It will just give a warm touchy feeling to those who think they are paid to promote Cultural Diversity.
    We all know that Affirmative Action is demeaning to the recipient. How will someone so appointed feel? “Oh, I’m so happy I was born a Zambian (or a Vietnamese, or a Pakistani as the case might be). I wouldn’t have got this job if I’d been born a Caucasian and had to apply for this job on merit. Whoopee!” Or will it be, “I feel a real donk. I’m only here because I’m black. All these guys around me have far more experience than I do. How can I justify being here?”
    But maybe it’s not a useless presentation. Maybe it just shows how far from the real world is the thinking of some of the people appointed to highly paid administrative positions in organisations quite peripheral to the main stream of life.

  12. A Lurker

    What a cheeky fellow Dr Tim is – denigrating Australia and Australians whilst at the same time picking up a +$300K salary paid for by the Aussie taxpayer.

  13. H B Bear

    What box would Tim Sothpossumarse tick for that weird looking hybrid white aboriginal woman? I’m so confused.

  14. Robber Baron

    My children who are mixed blood Asian/European will make it to the top under the new HRC diktat. Luckily I have taught them well. All are free-market capitalists and libertarians.

  15. Tim Neilson

    Robber Baron
    #2439946, posted on July 13, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Good on you for teaching them well. However, if I were in your position I’d encourage them to exploit all this bullshit as ruthlessly as they can, because the moment they start becoming net contributors the parasitism will be foisted on them just as mercilessly as on any other of society’s producers.

  16. NQ Redneck

    Ffs at first I thought that this was a sendup. But then I realised it’s serious. Please beam me up. Now.

  17. elhombre

    That fat little Lao parasite is an obscenity.

  18. old bloke

    As soon as someone says “let’s start a conversation” you know that some new dictate is coming your way.

  19. Roger

    AHRC – see the colour not the person.


    Martin Luther King Jnr: Look past colour to character.

    AHRC: Disregard character, look only at colour.

  20. Pedro the Ignorant

    That video has been removed by the user. Didn’t last long, did it?

    Must have been all the negative comments being posted on You Tube . . . . . . oh wait…..

    “Comments are disabled for this video” sez Some History at 4.43pm above.

  21. Robber Baron

    Tim Neilson
    However, if I were in your position I’d encourage them to exploit all this bullshit as ruthlessly as they can,

    Thank you and well noted Tim. Their mother is in-charge of that part of their education/progress. She’s a communist.

  22. H B Bear

    Looks like Southpossumarse’s video has gone to join Treasury’s paleo banana bread one and where Australian taxpayer dollars go to die.

  23. Cassie of Sydney

    Is it just me or do others feel the same way, whenever I see the very ugly, fat race pimp on television or see the very ugly, fat race pimp’s picture in the newspaper, I want to vomit. He is utterly putrid.

  24. Rohan

    There are apps to Hoover YouTube videos off the server. Stuff like this needs to be hoovered.

    Anyone get a copy?

  25. Rabz

    where Australian taxpayer dollars go to die

    A swamp outside of Adelaide? Would be quite fitting.

  26. Des Deskperson

    “An average cost per employee of $137K”

    It’s interesting to note that not only are about 2/3rds of AHRC employees middle management, but there are almost as many EL2s (base salary $134,711pa) as there are EL1a ($106,598) and almost as many EL1s as there are APS 6’s ($87.100).

    So clearly most of them have very limited supervisory responsibilities and probably none of the other responsibilities – procurement, programme management, budget planning, advising government – that middle managers on similar pay levels typically have in a line agency. They presumably just sit there in their offices working on their ‘cases’. In terms of reward in relation to effort, these must be some of the softest jobs in the APS.

  27. duncanm


    I managed to see it this morning – now its gone into the forgettery – along with all the cashish required to make it.

    Rabz doctrine now. I await the rapture.

  28. Marcus

    For those who didn’t read it at my blog or up on the Cat, I’ve written extensively on the budget crime that is the HRC here:

  29. duncanm

    From the Oz article which linked to the vid.

    “Today Australia has been transformed,” heralds a futuristic newsreader in a promotional video for the AHRC publication Leading for Change: A blueprint for cultural diversity and inclusive leadership.

    It is July 2026, and Australians awake to glorious news that massive cultural diversity targets within government, universities and business have been exceeded. No longer is Australia an Anglo-dominated backwater, thanks to a leader and his ten-year plan.

    “A driving force was Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane,” the newsreader continues effusively, before crossing to archival footage from ten years prior featuring the visionary himself. “Australia’s a very multicultural society,” said he, stern-faced and with much gravitas, “but we don’t see that diversity represented yet in our senior leadership…It’s pretty striking, and simply it’s not good enough.”

    “Passionate words from Tim Soutphommasane,” adds the newsreader admiringly, repeating the great man’s name for posterity. All that was missing in this video were the shots of cheering citizens taking to the streets in spontaneous demonstrations of joy and thanks.

    Did the Bolt report capture the vid?

  30. duncanm

    The numpties haven’t cleaned up their own link to the vid yet.

    Grab that page while you can

  31. Marcus

    Sounds like something out of North Korea doesn’t it?

  32. Some History

    The numpties haven’t cleaned up their own link to the vid yet.

    They have now. The jackasses are running for the hills. They don’t want that piece of crap viewed anymore.

  33. Robber Baron

    Dr Tim’s website is full of propaganda. He is a propagandist, so it’s no surprise.

    You can assess how culturally diverse your workplace is. Regrettably, my former Australian University employer fails the test. How shameful.

    They even have a photo competition. I can think of a Leak drawing that needs to be photographed and submitted here.

    Dr Tim knows that the best way to infect a mind with leftism is to get them young. Dr Tim doesn’t disappoint. He has a competition for students.

    So much great information at AHRC website. I could spend hours dissecting the propaganda and waste, but I have better things to do with my life.

  34. Rabz

    You can assess how culturally diverse your workplace is.

    The ALPBC and Fauxfacts would fail dismally. Whiter than a Klan rally, as IT might observe.

  35. Fulcrum

    Bang goes our right to know.
    Maybe there’s a class action in this.

  36. Econocrat

    Airbrushed from history.

    Stalin would be proud.

  37. Stimpson J. Cat

    You can assess how culturally diverse your workplace is.

    Goddamn remora ethnics everywhere I turn.

  38. DM OF WA

    Is there a copy of this video? It should stay on their permanent record.

  39. Anon

    I’ve just put an FOI in to the AHRC.

    This will get done!

  40. Fulcrum

    All Australians who believe in democracy, should be.on you side.Anon.

  41. hzhousewife

    I did a little stocktake on general diversity in my seven man business today.
    Three of us have parents born overseas. One of us was born overseas. One has australian aboriginal heritage, one filipina, one maori. One is handicapped educationally (very poor reading and writing and very poverty sticken background), one is handicapped physically (bus hit the motorcycle and he was in between, he’s permanently lopsided). Two employees have qualified for home loans in the last ten years, despite pretty ordinary wages. I reckon we have had one sick day between us in the last twelve months and that was me with the flu recently. Between us we have one kid in an accelerated high school program very high achieving, one female soccer player who just got a four year collge scholarship to the US, one beautiful ballroom dancer comp level, one in Air Force Cadets, and the primary age kids are yet to show their stripes. We fix our own cars and carpool and lend cars to each other when needed (no useful public transport where we are).We wear multilayers of clothing to work when it is cold, to reduce the power bill. We know our customers by name. We are in this together! Now, if Mr Possum Soup dares to tell me that my next employee has to be a wheelchair bound farsi speaking dwarf, just to even up the diversity, then I am going to have a tiny little tantrum.

  42. DM of WA

    #2440503, posted on July 14, 2017 at 12:51 pm
    I’ve just put an FOI in to the AHRC.

    This will get done!

    Well done sir. I look forward to seeing this back on YouTube!

  43. Winter has come

    What an appalling bunch of people.

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