Tribute to Bill Leak


Interesting, a student of the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney.

h/t Jeff Grimshaw of LibertyWorks.

“Trigger Warning” is available from

Bill Leak prints and cartoons are available from

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13 Responses to Tribute to Bill Leak

  1. kc

    Julian will get expelled for this…surely.

  2. Carpe Jugulum

    That went onto twitter

    A worthy way to spend 19 minutes.

  3. Some History

    “Having their morning Leak”


  4. Winter has come

    Great stuff. I cannot believe how quickly time flies. HRC what a mob of c…s

  5. Mike of Marion

    If you have YouTube downloader program, I’d suggest you save it.

    I reckon there will be an approach to You Tube to have that video taken down because it is ‘offensive’ and ‘racist’.

  6. Mike of Marion

    Downloading took less than 2 minutes.

  7. Gab

    I got as far as the bit on Bill drawing the Abo cartoon. I’ll have to go back to it later. It was hard to take listening to him. I still miss him so.

  8. Tintarella di Luna

    This is a wonderful tribute to a Great Australian – Bill Leak – what a magnificent defender of freedom of speech – Bill made the ultimate sacrifice and died defending the greatest freedom, the one the ideologues, totalitarians and fascists fear the most. Thank God we have his work as his legacy to remember him by.

  9. Andrew

    Re Julian Ashton: yes, he was a star product of JAAS. Almost won the Archibald – an amazing artist. You wouldn’t know it. JAAS were like “Bill who??” when he died. And their social meeja when questioned had a fair bit of grubby stuff going on at the time.

  10. Sparkx

    It is great to see Bill Jnr (Johannes) following in his father’s footsteps. More power to his pen.

  11. Rabz

    The greatest Australian political cartoonist and one of our greatest ever artists, stolen from his family and an adoring public by loathsome petty envious stalinist fascists who never possessed a minuscule fraction of his many gifts.

    He was an old fashioned Aussie from an Australia that no longer exists.

  12. Rabz

    LOL – the guy on the run in the still is attempting to get away from various preposterous collectivist imbeciles, including one Julius Disneyland Esq.

  13. Tom

    An excellent presentation. Many thanks for posting it, Rafe.

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