Guest Post: Muddy Original and Definitive

For your viewing pleasure, what follows is the second set of contributions for the Catictionary. As with the last plea for feedback, I’m hoping you will add definitions to those words that have none, critique the words already contributed, and add some of your own.

As per the title, however, they need to be Cat ORIGINALS. We have an abundance of talent lurking and squatting here, so let’s put it out there and reclaim our English language.

Given that I live a sheltered life, I’m hoping you will also help to identify which of the following words are NOT Cat originals, so they may be struck from the record with the spittle-flecked rage they deserve.


Allaholic Frenzy. (1) – “Display of highly agitated behaviour, often in a crowd setting. Can be triggered by almost anything that can be interpreted as disrespectful to Islam, esp. cartoon. Frequently seen in Islamic areas such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and England. Patients suffering from Allaholic Frenzy are advised to be cautious when operating machinery or motor vehicles. References. (1). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 6th Edition: DSM-6.”

Alutheran – “A forward-thinking progressive who thinks a man should be judged by the colour of his skin, not the content of their character, and who is thus supercilious and condescending towards an Alt-Racist.”

Billabonk – “Having a root next to a waterhole.”

Bolshie Ballet – “The carefully choreographed routine employed by all leftards when the hideous crimes and failures of socialism are brought up. Responses such as “but that wasn’t real communism”, “but Scandinavia” and “but outside forces” are very common.”


Dodgeridoo – ‘A fake Aboriginal artefact.”

Faulty-cultural – “A multi-cultural society gone wrong which tends to occur after importing a backward 7th Century culture incompatible with your societal norms.”

Faulti-culti – “(See above). A particular culture that, once introduced, will eventually corrupt and destroy a host culture.”

Fauxboriginal – “White people who claim aboriginality based on a fraction of their DNA or ‘how they feel.”

Fauxb/Fauxbia/Fauxbic – “The dishonest and slanderous labelling of an individual who publicly questions the narrative imposed by a self-selected moral elite regarding specific favoured groups which share characteristics such as race, gender, sexual preference, religious or cultural belief. e.g. Homofauxbia, Islamofauxbia. The labelled individual is portrayed as suffering from an irrational fear, akin to a dangerous mental illness, of one or more of the favoured groups, thus consciously separating themselves from the societal ‘norm’ and voluntarily surrendering any rights, protections or privileges. This pathologising of dissent is analogous to the historical concept of outlawry, wherein an individual was legally stripped of the rights enjoyed by fellow citizens as the result of an alleged crime committed by the accused. Said outlaw could be ‘hunted’ using means not otherwise permitted by the contemporary legal system. The Post-Rational branding of an individual as a ‘fauxb’ presently submits them for hunting (by any and all persons who express an interest) in a reputational and social sense only, though Self-Elected Retributive Justice Magistrates (SERJMs, or simply RJMs) aim to progress legislation to the point where the hunting of fellow humans is again sanctioned by society as a whole, or its unelected representatives.”

Gayredherringcrumb – “People discussing something someone else doesn’t want them to discuss.”

Interruption Lotto.

Kleptocrony, kleptoswampturd.

Lattesexual – “Inner city dweller willing to have meaningless sex with any gender after a couple of shots.”

Methnic – “An ethnic addicted to Meth.”

NTDWI – “Nothing to do with Islam: Description of a terrorist attack in which a perp yelling something in that Arabic people frequently say when going about their normal daily business, and brandishing a black flag which has some common Arabic phrases kills a bunch of people.”

Pollicock – “Political correctness” (remembering ‘poppycock’).

Pollikak – “From Collins English Dictionary – C19 from Dutch dialect ‘pappekak’ literally: soft excrement, from ‘pap’ soft + ‘kak’ dung.”

Pregressive – “A self-righteous, soi disant ultra-modern thinker who takes his agricultural beliefs from 10,000 BC (pre-farming), social policies from 3000 BC (pre-family groups), marital policies from 1500 BC (pre-Mosaic monogamy), science and technological ideas from 1700 AD (pre-industrial revolution) and economic guidance from 1860 (Marx).

Rearviewergy – Rear view energy. “…politicians in cahoots with crony capitalists decide that the way forward is to firmly fix our sight in the rear view mirror – i.e. windmills.”

Red Squirrel – “A distraction released during an argument with a lefty (who is losing the debate).”

Relaxivism – “The use of reason and logic to calm a fellow citizen who has become alarmed or agitated by prophecies put forward by special interest groups. Relaxivism strives to remove hysteria and emotion from debates and to replace it with rationality and scepticism.”

Tealighting – “Acts and deed carried out (such as the lighting of candles) that occur after a terrorist incident involving the RoP by those who wish to deny, misdirect and distort reality.”

Tollerance – “The heavy monetary and social price Western countries have to pay in order to ‘enjoy’ the ‘benefits’ of multiculturalism.”

Triggs Point – “The realisation that after broadcasting your contempt for someone in the left media for days that you have completely forgotten the facts of the matter.”

Tuppitude – “Sexual intercourse involving sheeple.”

Two-bagger – “Your typical leftist/SJW who is as repulsive in the outside as they are on the inside and thus during tuppitude require two paper bags over the head in case the first one falls off.”

VisOrama – Panoramic Virtue Signalling (anything from the environment to sexuality to electing a black, Marxist homo as president).

Youthajism – “The smug, satisfactory feeling achieved by SJW students as they march, chant and ejaculate meaningless slogans and platitude. Often used as a substitute for the fact that SJWs are largely incapable of getting laid, or if they are then it’s with a two-bagger.”

Zyx – “The politically-correct form of ‘Dude.’ i.e. ‘Zyx, check out the pair on that one!”

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66 Responses to Guest Post: Muddy Original and Definitive

  1. Empire

    Excellent work, Muddy.

    I’ll be pressing a few into service forthwith.

  2. Boambee John

    m0nty is the lead dancer of the Bolshie Ballet!

    Works for me.

  3. Herodotus

    Montbank – a treasure chest of quotable wrongology.

  4. Tintarella di Luna

    Muddy, thank you – just brilliant — dingoat I suppose could be applied to all LNP members of state and federal parliament save those who voted for Tony Abbott- my local member is a dingoat.

  5. Crossie

    Relaxivism – “The use of reason and logic to calm a fellow citizen who has become alarmed or agitated by prophecies put forward by special interest groups. Relaxivism strives to remove hysteria and emotion from debates and to replace it with rationality and scepticism.”

    I had occasion to use Relaxivism at a dinner party a few years ago where perfectly rational people were alarmed by the global warming/climate change hysteria pushed by the media. I had to patiently remind them of everything they learned about physics, chemistry and science in general. I had to remind them of the effects of changes in sun’s activity, earth’s tilt, El Niño and La Niña effects etc.

    All this shows is that people are predisposed to trust the news media and assume that due diligence is practiced when the opposite is true. I will not even chalk up all the media malpractice to malevolence but to ignorance. When you look at the make up of newsrooms where the average age is twenty something they really have no credible role models to learn from.

  6. Crossie

    Muddy, thank you – just brilliant — dingoat I suppose could be applied to all LNP members of state and federal parliament save those who voted for Tony Abbott- my local member is a dingoat.

    I looked at that one and instantly thought of Barnaby Joyce “chasing Malcolm all over the paddock”.

  7. Herodotus

    Luddlumite – one slow on the uptake of essential information while fast talking.

  8. Carpe Jugulum

    Phallinked – A person associated with the “Safe Schools” child grooming program.

  9. pbw

    You could add RoPe – RoP evangelists. Given enough RoPe…

  10. Muddy

    What I didn’t state above (but did in the first installment), is that in the finished product, the authors will be acknowledged. I wanted to avoid personalities as an issue in the feedback process.

    Please let me know which of the above are NOT original Catwords, otherwise I’ll simply slash & burn when I have a bad hair day.

    Oh, and keep the suggestions coming please. Some of them so far are crackers.

  11. Herodotus

    None of mine are catwords before today, Muddy. They may be ignored!

  12. Herodotus

    Erdogang – the group determined to take secular Turkey back into the dark ages.
    (as used by me here going back some time)

  13. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Rakeathon – doubling down on bullshit after being whacked in the face with a rake.

  14. Winter has come

    Balance of poorer – To control the votes to ensure Australias prosperity is never realised.

    Senargy – Where the combined power of the Upper House mobilies to diminish any chance of reigning in government spending.

    ‘By holding the balance of poorer Senargy defeated the bill once again’

  15. Winter has come

    Monobattery / SAbattery – by using OPM, SA ensures it remains on the bleeding edge of energy technology. Similar to the monorail purchased by the Simpson town of Springfield

  16. incoherent rambler

    Indanity – mentally disturbed behaviour of Victoristan’s premier.

  17. Cold-Hands

    Thought “Billabonk” was a “Senior Labor figure at Young ALP camp”.

  18. Motelier

    This is a great Sunday morning read with a good coffee.

    Can I copy and paste and send off to all lefty’s?

  19. Faye

    Climatrocity – “The catastrophic exploitation of CO2 by enemies of the people as a means to grab power via a one-world government.”

  20. Muddy

    Can I copy and paste and send off to all lefty’s?

    Yes, feel free. The idea behind the Catictionary is to try to transfer some of our unique words into wider usage. As our enemies have shown, language can be appropriated, redefined, diluted, or simply flogged until a particular word becomes essentially meaningless. The Catictionary is a late entry into the language rodeo. Ride it as though no-one is watching.

  21. Another old bloke

    Senarchy – the process by which senate minority parties block the mandate of an elected government.

  22. 132andBush

    Rakeathon – doubling down on bullshit after being whacked in the face with a rake.

    AKA, a Montyism

  23. Nick

    Splodehenge- recently installed tumescent terror totems, installed across Sydney and Melbourne CBDs. Not related to any one group in particular. (See Loan Wolf)

    Loan Wolf: a recent arrival to Australia, a previous resident of a caliphate, on loan, at taxpayer expense. Aims to turn Australia into the place they left, fond of truck and car based street performances .

  24. Chris Langan-Fox

    Grifting Ceremoany: A wail of a wheeze from blowing smoke into the CSIRO bank account. Also heard in Universities and Civil Service Departments, Customs halls at airports and fliterary conventions.

  25. a reader

    Isn’t FreeStuff™ a Cat thing?

  26. a reader

    I quite like the use of Poove too. I’d never seen it spelt that way outside of this website.

  27. Dr Fred Lenin

    Muddy ,this dictionary shoukd be in all sexcondary schools ,and compulsory reading . Wath out l’academie Sydney dont get hold of it ,you know the mob that changed word meanings for that Liar . giliard

  28. Alexi the Conservative Russian

    The Double bagger takes me back to the 60’s and 70’s. Very funny but most insensitive. My daughter and I have come up with a new term to describe the level of bullshit expended by politicians, marxists, feminists LGBTI+ and other odious forms of life. The term is such that it is indecipherable by those not in the know. The terms are “1 Ply up to 10 Ply” to describe the thickness of the paper wipe required to remove the shite spread by these “odioms”, i.e. persons responsible for odious behaviour.

    For example ” Malcom Turnbull, a gifted odiom, mentioned renewables b/s yesterday worthy of a 9-ply.

  29. Nick

    A.F.Hell: an opportunity to use sport as a means of hectoring the unwashed about a barrage of social issues from preserving the pad footed wallaby to not discriminating against gender fluid sea life.

  30. Nick

    Tollar-rant: the over the top reaction by twitter, the ABC, Fairfax, to a suggestion by a conservative figure, that perhaps an issue such as FGM is against our values.

    Tollar-ate: a stock response when pressed about issues such as turning a blind eye towards FGM is to ask an interlocutor ‘but what about the tasty food they bring ?’.

  31. Carpe Jugulum

    Critterphernoun 1. an addle pated lackwit, 2. a South Australian liberal politician.

    See – Christopher Pyne

  32. LadyMoonlight

    Outstanding, thank you.
    And Cold-Hands…very, very clever!

  33. Nick

    Sikhurity: bearded personnel from the sub continent and ME, checking passengers, football fans and event goers with metal detectors to stop bearded sub continentals and Middle Easterners from engaging in terrorism.

  34. notafan

    What do you call it when someone opens their sock draw to praise spammy posting by one cat for the purpose of trolling other cats?
    Socked with troll praise?

  35. test pattern

    Fauxboriginal – “White people who claim aboriginality based on a fraction of their DNA..’

    I don’t know of any such persons. I’m aware of one person who claims aboriginality based on dna, but she isn’t white. I’m not aware of any humans who claim Chimpdom based on similar DNA but what the heck give it a go u may just qualify.

  36. YaGottaLaugh

    Dingoat. A drunken panel beater.

    Interruption Lotto. Chancing the kids will stay at their sleep-over.

    Kleptocrony, kleptoswampturd. Union mate.

  37. Faye

    MWM – “ManWomanMarriage”
    I want MWM taken up as our catchcry in reply to the tiresome in-your-face SSM. Is it suitable for the Catictionary?

  38. Muddy

    Love it. A decent effort has gone into that. My concern about including alternative definitions of existing words is that numerically they may overwhelm the original Catwords, thus diluting our efforts. I will have to rethink that now.

    Test Pattern.
    Are you objecting to the word itself, or the belief that some are perceived to highlight an insubstantial portion of their genetic inheritance?

    Hmm, tough question, given it’s an acronym rather than a full word. Sure, let’s go with it.

  39. incoherent rambler

    Love it.

    I could probably find the original html. Get my email from sinc if you need it.

  40. test pattern

    ‘Are you objecting to the word itself’

    I’m commenting on u personally and ur bigoted imagination which creates a word for people who don’t exist, while insisting they do.

  41. herodotus

    Testosterdrone – a beta male who can’t resist trolling even when he’s reviled, ignored, chastised, and wrong.

  42. Shy Ted

    Perhaps we could add SHYster. While shyster is a well known and used word – a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods in business, mine, with the first 3 letters as capitals, denote any person, not just a Green politician, whose sense of entitlement so outweighs the “what would the man in the street think and how would he like his taxes spent?” test, that one realizes they will never realise they are plain wrong.

  43. IainC of The Ponds

    “Climatocracy” – upper echelons of the climate science and activist fraternity, made wealthy as dauphins by immeasurable government largesse and whose interbreeding extends to mutual peer review of each others’ work. New members can only be by anointment by fellow Climatocrats or by marriage (joining the reseach group of a Climatocrat).

  44. Wayne Job

    Muddy some words that are regularly used by greens and believers of catastrophic global warming bother me maybe you can come up with an alternative. The word organic as in food bothers me for I have never in my seven decades seen any inorganic food. They need a new word to describe the food that is only grown using horse cow and chook shit which is as serious as any commercial fertiliser.
    Then we have renewable energy, the power it takes to make wind generators and solar panels is not recuperated in their entire operating life, so they cannot replace themselves, this makes them not renewable.
    We need some new words to describe the folly of all this crap.

  45. Daryl

    Research Grant – A well-tanned white person who says he’s proud to be an Aborigine but has failed to research the average IQ of Aborigines.

  46. Muddy

    test pattern.
    Sorry to disappoint you, but the word isn’t mine. I’m facilitating this project.

    While I’m aware of the need to refuse the publication of anything potentially libellous, I don’t believe in silencing debate about issues important to our society. The fact that you have leapt to such a conclusion about myself, and are willing to denigrate my character and value system, suggests that your self-awareness is somewhat lacking.

  47. Carpe Jugulum

    test pattern
    #2442494, posted on July 16, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    Fauxboriginal – “White people who claim aboriginality based on a fraction of their DNA..’

    If you are going to post a quote do the whole quote

    BTW you helped me think of a new word

    ManBunPig – a metrosexual who gets their panties in a bunch for no specific reason.

  48. Tintarella di Luna

    Muddy is it possible to provide a link to your first installment I want to keep these all in one spot. Much obliged and thank you

  49. Muddy

    Here is the first Catictionary post and contributions, though I ended up weeding out a handful which were not originals. I intend to combine the three lots of contributions in the next post in a few weeks, and then give it a rest, as it seems to be running out of steam. The same idea pitched in the same way to the same audience understandably wears out its welcome.

    By the way, what do you think about including word redefinitions? I think there are some great ones that have been suggested so far, but I also want the focus to be on introducing original Catwords into everyday use. I’m worried that the redefinitions will have more of a novelty feel. I want the Catictionary to be of practical use, rather than smirk-value (which has its place, of course).

  50. Muddy

    I’m off to search for some beauty sleep. Thanks to all for exercising your cognitive abilities.

  51. Jobsy

    Musk Stick
    What male lefties get when talking renewables.
    What politcians get after Elon has been to town.

  52. Adelagado


    Thanks to a US intellectual we now know that this, not Islamic, terrorism is the real threat to western civilisation.

  53. Philip Dowling

    hyperhyperventilist – a person who hyperventilates at the slightest statement or action that could be considered politically incorrect e.g. someone who is incensed that President Trump complimented Macron’s missus on her appearance. Mrs Bouquet in Keeping Up Appearances would qualify if she were more left-wing rather than a conservative.

  54. Langers

    I thought Tuppitude was a Tupper ware container with attitude and the lid would not fit. Could also be overdoing the plastic surgery

    These all got me so excited that I was Barred up like a house at Redfern

  55. Rasputin

    Call the whole thing Catalexicon which is much more elegant!

  56. Rasputin

    Castrocian- the end of the Cuban dynasty

  57. Mother Lode

    Did ‘Hi-Alanism’ ever get recorded?

    I was at the Cat for months before I found out what it meant.

    How about ‘model’ meaning the application of erroneous and muddled mathematical treatments to convert unremarkable raw data into politically expedient narratives and tax pr0n.

  58. Love it, keep it going Muddy.

    “Dodgeridoo” is beautiful, I’d extend it to mean anything fake peddled by the Abo industry (such as the Stolen Generations).

    Any reason “Socialislam” didn’t make the list? I thought it was genius.

  59. Shy Ted

    Abbariginal. Someone who is quite fair-skinned, blonde and claiming aboriginality for the money, money, money.

  60. Fibro

    Shutitdownism. The only viable end result after gubberment has tampered, regulated, interfered or taxed a system they should not have been in to start with. Could also be known as Sloanism.

  61. Muddy

    Mr. Rusty.
    ‘Socialislam’ made it into the first list of catributions. The list above is the second round, and the most recent responses, the third round. All will be published together, with attributions, in the next Catictionary post.

  62. Rasputin

    Vomitary Contribution:
    Payments demanded with a veneer of volunteerism which make you sick

  63. Fulcrum

    Communism – a taboo subject for the left.
    Transparency – a specialist subject of people in hoods
    Overtalkers -mansplainers and interrupters – left wing news creators.
    Democrats – a shadow of their former selves.

  64. Yon Toad

    Muskovite: A person who accepts the spiel of a carpetbagger as fact.

  65. Rasputin

    Gangreen: a member of the minority watermelon party

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