New Threadsters

As some of you may know we experienced a Bird Strike late last week.

Thank you again to those individuals who emailed to notify me.

Since then there have been several new threadsters appear. Given the recent Bird Strike I have been reluctant to release new people into the system. So apologies if your comments haven’t appeared.

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  1. Oh come on

    Gosh, you’d think people would have better things to do with their time.

  2. overburdened

    Thought I would try and reinvent myself and not be so het up about stuff in between stints. That the way it rolls eh

  3. Richard

    I really hope I’m not the only one thinking what is a bird strike, Google shows dead birds in planes.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Richard, and others, welcome. Graeme Bird was an early member of the group of economists who founded Catallaxy Files. He was much liked for his zany outlook and capacity to write pithy and witty pieces, which became increasingly highly inventive. Then very inventive indeed. And then completely lunatic. Still, we loved him – until he got hooked on some terrible sites that gave him a hatred for a specific people of the book, not Islamic, not Christian, and thus we cannot write their name here in full, we have to write J3wish to avoid the embargo Sinc has had to put on Birdie’s raves. That is because Birdie, as once affectionately known, is not on his meds and has turned into a raving anti-Semite who infects this site with stuff that has no place here. GB still has a capacity and tenacity to intrude on this site under a range of pseudonyms; hence Sinc’s current concern with ensuring new commenters are genuine and not ‘bird strikes’.

    It is not you. You genuine newbies are always welcome. Let Sinc sort it out first.

  5. .

    Richard, and others, welcome. Graeme Bird was an early member of the group of economists who founded Catallaxy Files

    Fuck me. He was not. He definitely was not.

  6. Oh come on

    Birdie the economist? LOL

    He was good value before he went nuts

  7. Sinclair Davidson

    Graeme Bird was an early member of the group of economists who founded Catallaxy Files

    Not quite. Graeme appeared in on the scene in (about) 2005. The Cat had been going for some years at that time. He first commented as GMB and was quite prolific and could be very funny.

    Unfortunately over time he became increasingly interested in conspiracy theories and erratic. Subsequently many regulars stopped commenting. All attempts to encourage him to moderate his behaviour failed and he is now banned from the Cat and, indeed, every other blog that I’m aware of.

  8. Clam Chowdah

    “Sad”. ~ Donald Trump.

  9. Motelier

    Until you witness a “Birdsrtrike” you do not believe it can happen.

    I watched one happen late last year and couldn’t believe my eyes. The next morning I still had trouble believing it had happened so I scrolled up and the thread had been sanitized.

    Bird needs help.

  10. Fat Tony

    Sinc – did you check out on the Recognition ain’t recognition Post:

    #2444020, posted on July 18, 2017 at 1:09 pm

  11. john constantine

    Ross Kemp in South Africa talking to vigilante gangs in the townships.

    The medieval lynch mob is the inevitable result of Balkanisation and the retreat of obsolete policing from no go areas.

    The turnfailure solution is to double up on mass importation of debt funded balkanisation plantations and bet the farm on 2017 monitoring and cameras and robots and artificial intelligence Judge Dredd control of people.

    Then the power goes out where the settlements are.

    Then the money runs out.

    Poor fella my country.

  12. OneWorldGovernment

    I thought he was awesome.

  13. Sinclair Davidson

    Yep. Looks like it. Thank you.

  14. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Fuck me. He was not. He definitely was not.

    Sorry if I wasn’t quite correct re Bird’s relationship to the early Cat. I do seem to recall mention though of personal meetings between Bird and other Cat founders (Jason Soon?). Perhaps JC or others said something re this that I misinterpreted. Always happy to be corrected on a point of fact.

    On matters of my opinion, I always had a soft spot for Birdie till he went anti-Semitic.
    Still find his present situation one of the distressing features of the internet; it revs up some quite ill people and not to their advantage.

  15. classical_hero

    Why don’t you have members here to be moderators so they can detect a bird strike quickly? I remember quite a few and it was great fun antagonising him. He’s certainly a loon.

  16. Sinclair Davidson

    Lizzie – Jason and JC and JohnZ had dinner with Bird. More than once IIRC.

  17. serene tiger

    Thank you for all the above people for explaining the “bird strike”
    I am fairly new here, I enjoy the site for quite some time and I am extremely untalented (and old) for everything technical.
    When I found I can not comment I had no idea what to do – I try again and will see what happens.

  18. Rafe Champion

    I was in the dinner party in Sydney a couple of times.
    Jason recruited me to join Catallaxy when he had one other helper who didn’t contribute much as I recall (ah the mists of time). It must have been 2004 because I had a record of every post with a link to the site but the server went down and the records were all lost. This is the list. God knows where I found the energy, I had four teenage sons and a fulltime job in the NSW Department of Health.

  19. Rafe Champion

    On Sept 6 2005 – a post on Sinclair Davidson on the benefits of tax cuts – benefits for everyone!

  20. harrys on the boat

    Fuck me. He was not. He definitely was not.

    Bird is God (PBUH)

  21. cohenite

    Bird was fun at Jennifer Marohasy’s place and he could be valuable at The Drum when that wretched place took comments.

    Anti-Semitism is foul, a real blight.

    If he is reading this: give it up Bird. But then if he is not well he is not going to accept advice.

  22. Richard

    Thank you, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare and all the others for opening my eyes to understand a bird strike. Interesting and sad at the same time to see minds become so warped on (insert topic) unable to see very far from one’s position. I thoroughly enjoy reading the cat most days especially when it gets onto a topic I enjoy (coal-fired power stations) and mining.
    Much fun

  23. Testing (just changed browsers and lost all my cookies). 🙂

  24. Carpe Jugulum

    Seen a few bird strike , starts slow then becomes increasingly shrill.

    Unfortunate as on some topics he could be quite incisive.

  25. Stimpson J. Cat

    Hate those mentally ill f$ckers.
    They ruin everything.
    South Australian stationary bike pedal power Gulags are the answer to their scourge.

  26. TheSemiMentalBloke


    What? Oops. Sorry, wrong Bird.

  27. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    After Minneapolis officer in police shooting is named, Somali community braces for blacklashwhitelash


  28. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    I also remember Birdie for advocating draconian laws for anyone who practiced fractional reserve banking. His ideas made him an Exceptional Libertarian- he would have been Libertarian EXCEPT for being a money nazi.

  29. Slayer of Memes

    every other blog that I’m aware of.

    Not quite Sinc.

    I know of two blogs, listed in the Cat blogroll on right of page, where he still posts quite frequently and is indeed welcomed to do so with open arms…

  30. J.H.

    Yep…. There’s no room for that sort of rubbish here.

  31. Jannie

    I am taking a guess that the poster True Aussie was one of the monikers this guy used. Anybody who bigs themselves up with that kind of moniker is questionable. I was a bit surprised by his anti Semitic pitch, but at least I learned the meaning of all the brackets. He does sound like a dickhead and he has made a perfectly inoffensive word a trigger on the site.

  32. MsDolittle

    Now I get it. Thanks you lot.

  33. Sinclair Davidson

    I know of two blogs, listed in the Cat blogroll on right of page, where he still posts quite frequently and is indeed welcomed to do so with open arms

    Okay – I haven’t noticed. He’s still active on twitter.

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