Safe Schools Unit Guide Goes ‘Missing’

I was watching Andrew Bolt’s show on Sky tonight and he had a concerned mother on to discuss the Safe Schools agenda. Some of you may know her from this video:


If you’ve been reading TMR’s posts on the extreme left’s education agenda, then none of what this lady has said will come as any surprise. That said, she deserves a medal for putting herself out there and helping to increase an apathetic public’s awareness of this disgusting agenda.

If you’ve got a spare 14 minutes to go through the whole video and the patience to let her get started, then by all means do so.

During her interview with Bolt, she mentioned that some of the Safe Schools materials had mysteriously gone missing. Lo and behold, as I went to my Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ unit guide post, my link to the the guide itself was indeed dead.

But, rest assured, it is dead no more.

As it turns out, the guide has simply been moved to another part of the Safe Schools website. If someone is able to get in touch with this lady (operating under a pseudonym) to let her know that these materials can be found, then that would be great.

For those that haven’t read the Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ unit guide, I highly recommend that you do so. Alternatively, if you’d like to read TMR’s cheat-sheet summary of it’s more, ahem, ‘interesting’ material, then head on over here, where I can assure you the link to the guide itself is now back up and running.

If you’d like to see all of TMR’s posts on how this whole issue has unfolded – including on how kindergarten children are also involved and how genital mutilation is incredibly justified (yes, really) – then please go here where I’ve put together a special page summarising the most egregious parts of what I know.

Also, if you come across a critical dead link on my blog, please let me know right away. The extreme left might try to run with their sickening Marxist material, but it will be over my dead body before I let them hide.

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  1. Infidel Tiger

    In modern Australia kiddies will know how to engage in anal sex but will be clueless to reading and writing.

  2. Malcolm

    Is this why there have been quite a lot of reports of teachers grooming children and engaging in sexual activities. Safe sex program encourages pedophilia?

  3. Ivan Denisovich

    A common tactic of the left is to create some fake poll numbers or fake interpretations of poll numbers in support of their causes. They are then used as weapons by their cultural warriors in attempts to browbeat the gullible and smash their opponents. We’ve seen this in same-sex marriage support polling, campus rape polling and I reckon this (first bolded) assertion is also highly questionable:

    While the Safe Schools Coalition argues that approximately 16% of students are LGBTQI it also must be accepted that while students, especially during puberty, might be uncertain about their sexuality and gender, by the time they enter the adult world they will be more comfortable with who and what they are. Based on what is described as the “largest, most comprehensive population-based survey of sexuality ever undertaken in Australia” two researchers at La Trobe University’s Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society conclude that approximately 98% of men and women identify as heterosexual.

    In any event, we have 11 year old children being asked to role-play as homosexuals in the classroom but banned from sharing Christmas cards that refer to Jesus’s birth. That’s the way Australian schools roll, today.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Keeping quiet about this outside the classroom – yes, that is pa3do grooming.
    This lady is a brave mum, and well aware of the issues.
    Andrews should be out on his ear, asap, Victoria. Get moving on it.
    Also, what is going on in NSW and TAS, where it is supposed to be ‘sanitized’?

    I don’t think you can sanitize this stuff. The boundaries get increasingly flexible. Just don’t teach it.
    I don’t object to health studies teaching the basic facts of human reproduction, which explains why we have sex and why most people live within natural families, although some may chose not to do so. Anything beyond that is a matter for parents to decide upon, not schools, and I pity their confused children if Safe Schools is any parent’s idea of how to go about it.

  5. Baldrick

    Kids in school are encouraged to talk about anal sex, penis tucking and identify as whatever gender they want.
    Talk of God or Christmas is verboten.

    What a country!

  6. James In Footscray

    Let me different from you pack of Quadrant-reading stick-in-the-muds – I think experimenting with sexuality is great.

    But we can do it on our own, thanks.

    I’m really disturbed by the State stepping in and getting involved with real individuals’ sexuality. Publishing people’s photos when in five years they might change their orientation? Trying to guide the way all young people play with identity? Taking away teenagers’ sense of struggle and self-determination?

    Who asked you?

  7. That ‘guide’ continues to promote the claim that 10% of the pop. is SSA (p. 42). So the whole guide is a very likely entirely lies.

  8. GD

    Such a brave woman, and well-spoken in a natural way. Her intro is well worth listening to as she explains her background and cultural mores prior to becoming a whistleblower.

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  10. PB

    Margot Fink. I’m sure that’s an abbreviation. I wonder how much Soros money flows her way?

  11. Herodotus

    “Let me different from you …”
    IT had that tagged at comment #1.

  12. The whole anti-bullying rationale is a scam.
    Schools have existed for many, many years and decent men and women have been teachers for that time.
    Anti-bullying attitudes and programs have existed for all that time.
    Just a few years ago one such program was being introduced under the title “Restorative Justice”. Ross Ward’s Marxist child grooming program is not to be seen as a anti-bullying program filling a void.

    It should be shouted out to the rooftops as another tactic to destroy Western Civilisation.

  13. notaluvvie

    What ever happened to that delightful Roz Ward? seems to have gone deep and quiet.

  14. alexnoaholdmate

    Margot Fink. I’m sure that’s an abbreviation. I wonder how much Soros money flows her way?

    What exactly are you implying there? What’s it an abbreviation of?

    Stand up and tell us straight out what you mean, or fuck off.

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  16. Fif

    PB is referring to Margot Fink the young Transgender activist. George Soros is super wealthy older Activist spending millions on campaigns for LGBTI, abortion etc “rights”. PB is not a troll.

  17. Rabz

    Another reason for being extremely glad I never had kiddies.

    The people pushing this are insane evil degenerate collectivist filth.

  18. Let me different from you pack of Quadrant-reading stick-in-the-muds – I think experimenting with sexuality is great.

    LGBTQI-ists should be encouraged to experiment with heterosexuality.
    Why should straights get all the real fun.

  19. Seco

    It’s a truly amazing act of trickery that Roz Ward’s revenge act on a world that didn’t think he was normal is sold as an anti-bullying program.

  20. P

    Good it see this topic given a post of its own.

    Ozzieute brought it to my attention here on Monday evening.
    After hearing Scarleteen mentioned by the ‘gutsy lady’ in the vid, I googled it!

  21. Roger

    Just remember in the voting booth: this was foisted on Australian children on Chrissie Pyne’s watch.

  22. Roger, I would argue that it is a Uniparty approach.
    Both major parties have dirt on their hands, from funding to implementation.

  23. Roger

    Roger, I would argue that it is a Uniparty approach.
    Both major parties have dirt on their hands, from funding to implementation.

    I know, OSC; but there are not many Labor voters here, so I suggest don’t vote 1 Liberal (or Labor) and deny them both funding.

    Most electorates will have a few independents sitting at the next election and perhaps even AustCons or PHON.

    Anyone but the two mains.


  24. John64

    What ever happened to that delightful Roz Ward?

    I thought I read somewhere that Mz Ward had returned to the Old Dart.

  25. Geriatric Mayfly

    I thought I read somewhere that Mz Ward had returned to the Old Dart.

    No doubt, to set up a Safe Schools (so called) programme in Tower Hamlets. Sadiq Khan will open the city coffers with abandon to accommodate the freak.

  26. Ivan Denisovich

    you pack of Quadrant-reading stick-in-the-muds

    LOL. Where’s areff?

  27. Robber Baron

    Thar Ross Ward bloke needs a swift slipper to the nads.

    Australian institutions are teeming with leftist filth.

  28. True Aussie

    Anyone who is not homeschooling their child is knowingly subjecting that child to abuse

  29. Roger

    Anyone who is not homeschooling their child is knowingly subjecting that child to abuse

    Homeschooling is a good option but it requires a stay at home parent.

    The powers that be have made that very difficult for the average family.

  30. cuckoo

    I was advised yesterday that everyone in my organisation (Vic public service) will now be required to undergo a ‘working with children’ check. Including staff who have no public interaction whatever. So you can be a normal but still have to get your government photo id ‘not yet convicted of child sex’ card. Or you can be Ros Ward and be handed the keys to the kindergarten.

  31. Procrustes


    That’s interesting – does this process involve police background checks?

    I am doing some research on off-budget spending by the police and one source of their revenue is the money police forces are creaming it in from fees from checks. This money – and the spending – doesn’t go through the budget so it lacks accountability.

    Are there any links to this process in Victoria?

  32. Geriatric Mayfly

    A Recent link re Ms Ward

    Get a load of the mutant irregularity in the pic at the link.

  33. Zyconoclast

    The extreme left might try to run with their sickening Marxist material, but it will be over my dead …

    How kind of you to volunteer for the chapter on necrophilia.

  34. Muzzlehatch

    Last year i spoke to a priest and teacher from melbourne from a private school of the greek orthodox variety. I asked him about the imposition of safe schools. He strongly avered that it wasnt going to happen. He said “even if you are told that all schools are in compliance ” it wont be happening in our school. He said that the community has the pull and heft that it just wont happen. Think about it. Greeks. Family. Kiddie diddling from teachers.

  35. .

    “I think there is something in that for all of us”…

  36. Muzzlehatch

    #2457960, posted on August 3, 2017 at 9:50 am

    I have an f class licence which allows me to drive for hire. I only do adults and wine tours though some times i might behired to drive a bunch of school kids with parents and teachers to a sports carnival. The peadofinder general wants me to pay 80 bucks for a dribble bib ticket. I did some research. Failure to comply can land serious jail and fines. The law is set up so as it is vaugue and easist just to pay the 80 bucks. To get busted balls deep in a 14 year old on the back seat carries sanctions under existing laws. How it would fuck you is this. You have a rta. The dot and the coppers cant nail you since your driving was not negligent. You dont have you 80 dollar extortion licence? Jail for you boyo. Oh the law would never be invoked against an innocent person for failing to prove they have never been guilty in the past? Guess again. This is corruption pure and simple. Not even a case of good laws being subverted for a bad purpose. It is bad laws being made rougue and far more evil. But if you are a leftist achedemic? What is white and bounces up and down in a cot? If that sounds like your ass you have a bright future in higher education.

  37. cuckoo

    That’s interesting – does this process involve police background checks?

    The relevant website stresses it’s not the same as a police check, but it has to involve looking for priors. The check costs $80, which my employer says they will pay. It lasts for five years.

    I’m not a big one for apocalyptic texts, but somehow Revelations 13:16-17 comes to mind: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  38. Muzzlehatch

    #2457989, posted on August 3, 2017 at 10:31 am

    I spent a day researching it. Mate it isnt rocket surgery. It is a clear case of government tyranny. If you are sympathetic to my repuditation of this standover racket then you approve of child rape. Which is it “yes or no” ?

    I am old enough to remember family going to make war in Vietnam to quash the evils of beurocratic chokeholds on the rights and freedoms of the western way of thinking and the common law. These people are ruling a big red line through the common law and are being allowed to get away with it.
    Btw if you want to get away from all the shit about not being allowed to smoke in the drinking area or drink in the smoking area. Vietnam is where you can drink in the sweet clean air of freedom.

  39. Muzzlehatch

    #2458039, posted on August 3, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Iirc part of the over reach includes having access to children over the internet. “Like” (in the finest deployment of the parenthetic “like”) who doesnt?
    What is more aposite is the penalty schedule. Who dreamed that up ?

  40. Stimpson J. Cat

    Watch your language
    It is important to try not to use homophobic language.
    Never use phrases like “that’s so gay!”.
    If you hear someone else using homophobic language, let them know it is not okay and ask them to stop.

    A-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    That’s so gay!!!!

  41. .

    dribble bib ticket

    LOL, lulz and lawl…

  42. Muzzlehatch

    Stimpson J. Cat
    #2458048, posted on August 3, 2017 at 11:49 am

    Correct. Actual functioning homosexuals couldnt care less about tone policing. Where i live happens to be a place where carpet munchers choose to roost. They buy a property and just fit the fuck in. Chances are if an Emergency occurs one of these dykes is saving you from storm, war, bushfire, earthquake or shadenfraude. We emergency workers. Just like to see community mindedness and competance. The walk is the thing.

  43. mh

    Why have you made the video so large? Are you compensating?

  44. Diogenes

    it gets even betterer…
    in my past life I tutored (2) students in Qld, as one of the services I offered. I was sole trader , no employees.

    As per the law I had my WWC Card. Then I received a letter out of the blue one day from the Qld children’s commish that as I was an employer, I had to have a “Working with Children Plan”, a “WWC Training Plan” and a “WWC Compliance Plan”, and please submit with 90 days, oh and by the way here are some “approved” consultants to help you write these plans.

    So I rings ups the Commish , and says I to the minion who answered ” I am a sole trader with no employees, are you serious? Do I really need to write a plan to train myself to not kiddie fiddle, a plan how to not kiddie fiddle whilst tutoring them, and a plan to dob myself in should I catch myself kiddie fiddling ? – You are joking”.
    A “No there are no exemptions for sole traders in the legislation.” and then he gave me a 10 minute spiel on how this would “protect” me .
    After calling said minion a moron , “Fine”, says I , “I will no longer offer the service” , cut up my WWC card and sent it back saying I no longer dealt with children and had given up the 2 clients I had

    What is sad/stupid , is that in NSW, all school staff now need to have a WWC. According to the NSWTF , precisely 0 teachers out of 65k + have been excluded as a result of the check (and about 7.5k trainee teachers a year are not being excluded) . Reportedly the number of ancillary staff incl canteen & office staff, and teacher’s aides excluded can be counted on the fingers of 2 hands.

    Tilts head “But think of the chiiiiiiiildren”. Given 95% of the sexually abused kids we deal with, both male & female, have been abused by mum’s boyfriend , the other 5% are another family member or close family friend …

  45. marcus

    MH – that’s just how it came out unfortunately. If I could have made it more appropriately sized, I would have. That said, quality over quantity prevails – better to show the video than not at all.

  46. notafan

    In modern Australia kiddies will know how to engage in anal sex but will be clueless to reading and writin

    Wasn’t that, more or less, the subject of a Leak cartoon?.

  47. Muzzlehatch

    #2458080, posted on August 3, 2017 at 12:23 pm
    Thank you for you kindly and informative reply. What interrested parties need to see is the penalties for non compliance. Sure I could post the results of my own enquiries but the point would be more forcefully made if you imagine yourself in your own shoes and see tha sword of Damocles wobbling over your own golden locks.

  48. P

    MH – that’s just how it came out unfortunately. If I could have made it more appropriately sized, I would have. That said, quality over quantity prevails – better to show the video than not at all.

    Yes, thanks Marcus.

    Ozzieute brought it to my attention here on Monday evening.

    The video on the link from Ozzieute is a good size and works for me and I’m not on facebook.

  49. Rabz

    the subject of a Leak cartoon

    By 2020, no Ozzie school kiddie will be living without their very own education gimp.

  50. Procrustes

    Thanks for the link, cuckoo

    Muzzlehatch, I’m not sure what to make of your comment – what I’m investigating is how much is collected by each police force from CB checks, where this goes and how is it spent. If you have any useful links on that it would be appreciated. The tales posted here regarding compliance costs and penalties are good examples of regulatory over-reach but that’s not my line of inquiry in this instance.

  51. Muzzlehatch

    #2458184, posted on August 3, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Well i am sure you know your own line of enquiry best.
    I baulk at using the descriptor “Procrustean” as much as I decline to second guess your research into what ever blah blah falls within your fedorah hatted mandate. Go the grey rain coat champ.

  52. Muzzlehatch

    Oh and

    #2458184, posted on August 3, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    I am not sure what to make of you not being sure what to make of my comment.

  53. John Constantine

    The point of the education system is now teaching kiddies how to fit in and be happy.

    Nobody will tease a boy that makes the choice to go along and try it in the mouth with a group of older and more experienced men, as this is to be respected as equally valid and morally relative as any other way to pass an afternoon.

    Transforming the gay male subculture into being felt to be a female friendly phantasy of boys on giggling dates going window shopping for shoes and lads doing each others hair and blokes holding hands during the romantic comedy at the picture theatre:
    This alone is the most remarkable advertising sell of the century.

  54. P

    Muzzlehatch, what a card you are!

    Comments by you always enjoyable.

  55. Muzzlehatch

    John Constantine
    #2458204, posted on August 3, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    As I made a fairly robust “hoorah” for the local rug munchers in our community I feel the need to speak up for the poofters as well. All this SJW crap that claims to speak for the faggot community does not. These are Leftist fag hags who take up thecudgel on behalf of a faggot community that didnt ask for thier militancy and only finds thier efforts working to its detriment. Homos dont want a rainbow or to fiddle with kids or to crush demand side economics. These militants are “rat fucking” the homo community as much as the rest of us. That the Main Stream Media and the Labour Party are joining this knife gang should indicate where the interests of real citizens loyalties lie.

  56. Muzzlehatch

    John Constantine
    #2458204, posted on August 3, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Was not quite sure what your drift was. It seemed to me you were making a case that the poofter community was content that the education department was lining up a cohort of parentless kids to wobble thier widdle willies in thier mouths for a session off snap and gargle. You could be forgiven for thinking that because there have been no indications to the contrary by the Department of Social Engineering and Higher Education. In truth poofters, are mostly conservative and if a young man longs for female gash then to put him on the right track for what he wants validates the poofter’s choice.

    This nonsence could have been posited it the 70S.

  57. P

    As I made a fairly robust “hoorah” for the local rug munchers in our community I feel the need to speak up for the poofters as well. All this SJW crap that claims to speak for the faggot community does not.

    And to every word 0f your above comment –
    Too right.

    See from where to hoo-ha comes.

  58. P

    The video put up here at the top of this post starts with ‘Gender Theory’, gender being a social construct.

    I am reminded here of

    My tiny baby brother
    Who’s never read a book
    Knows one sex from the other
    All he had to do was look

    Irving Berlin

    These words are not included in the film, but are in the original stage production with Ethel Merman.

  59. Haidee

    Christopher Pyne strongly backed this program.

    Another good story, P
    Rick Farbach, well known in Brisbane and the coast.
    My father and grandfather knew him, though not through music; Sailing

  60. Lady Nilk, Iron Bogan

    The material the lady in the video is talking about can be found in the “Catching On Later” document.
    ,a href=> Here is the place to start.

    There have been some changes over the past year. Here in Victoriastan our you beaut “Building Respectful Relationships” program (which I think is worse than the “Safe [sic] Schools one] has morphed into “Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships”, which I guess bodes very well for the fellow charging schools to take part in his “Youthful Resilience” surveys.

    For sexuality education and everything that entails you can get the details for primary schools in the “Catching On Early” resources (linked to above) and “Catching On Later”(pdf) for secondary. Yes, the material does talk of how teachers should set up the classroom as a safe space for discussing such sensitive topics.

    “A game is not that different from a classroom. For everyone to learn and enjoy the sexuality education classes, we need to understand the point of having agreed rules of conduct, and
    then we need to set our own standards of behaviour for interacting within our class. We need to consider the following points when we are designing our classroom rules:

    Does everyone feel safe?
    Does everyone get a chance to contribute to the lesson?
    Do we value everyone’s contribution?” [p26]

    As a parent it is beyond creepy, and no you are not given the opportunity to opt-out unless you make it yourself. You won’t get any sort of warning from the teachers to let you know what’s up coming. In my case, my offspring is out of one class, and I now have to get her out of the sex ed crap that is taught as “health”.

    On the positive side, though, the kids are so very cynical these days and see it for the bullcrap it is. They troll teachers as well as each other, and know that (according to one 16yo girl) “Now that kids who are trans can use whatever toilet they identify as, the boys can just say they’re girls and hang out in the toilets for a perve”.

    Out of the mouths of babes.

    The sad thing is, though, that these girls are also resigned to the fact that they no longer have their own small space to hang out in if they just want to spend a bit of time in a female-only zone.

  61. Lady Nilk, Iron Bogan

    Bad linking above, sorry. Try this. It just gets my blood boiling. Most parents haven’t got a clue about it, and never hear of it unless they stumble across a post like this lady’s video. Or I am at the dinner party and then they can’t help but learn more than they want to.

  62. srr

    It would really help if people realized this is all pushed by the UN.

    It’s the UN and everyone who pushes it’s Agenda over the will of the people of Sovereign Nations, that are everyone’s problem, all over the world.

    Calling out local satraps on the latest abomination to be inflicted on people, does nothing, as there is no end of bitter, twisted people keenly fighting to take up a UN cudgel and wield it with full UN ‘Untouchable Authority’.

    Honestly look at anyone who pushes this evil, and it’s plain to see, they have nothing going for them that normal people spontaneously recognise and raise up; they have no natural authority, leadership; there is no natural outpouring of admiration or respect for them.

    They just appear in the media, and the media keeps shoving them down our throats until we lose our natural, protective, gag reflex, and start swallowing every poisonous idea they feed us.

    They’re just well paid and well protected UN Whores, and other low life scum suck up to them looking for a bit of that UN action.

    Anyway, this is a serious 35 minute documentary on Global Powers invested in pushing this evil, and yes, it really is a, Must Watch –

    The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda HD

  63. srr

    This is a short, 10 minute version –

    The War on Children The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda 10 min version 1

  64. srr

    “Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) goes far beyond sex ed, and is a dangerous assault on the health and innocence of children…” (American College of Pediatricians)

    What is Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)?


    Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is one of the greatest assaults on the health and innocence of children. This is because unlike traditional sex education, comprehensive sexuality education is highly explicit and promotes promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviors to children as healthy and normal. CSE programs have an almost obsessive focus on teaching children how to obtain sexual pleasure in various ways. Yet, ironically, comprehensive sexuality education programs are anything but comprehensive as they fail to teach children about all of the emotional, psychological and physical health risks of promiscuous sexual activity. The ultimate goal of CSE is to change the sexual and gender norms of society, which is why CSE could be more accurately called “abortion, promiscuity, and LGBT rights education.” CSE is a “rights-based” approach to sex education and promotes sexual rights to children at the expense of their sexual health. Click here to see numerous examples of many of the harmful components of CSE programs directly from various CSE program manuals.

    The Deceptive CSE Agenda

    Comprehensive sexuality education is usually disguised with innocuous sounding names like human rights education, gender equality education, or sexual and reproductive health education or information. CSE is typically taught to children at the youngest of ages, often without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

    Since opposition to CSE programs is increasing as more and more parents are learning about its explicit nature, CSE advocates have become better at disguising it. For example some CSE programs are called “abstinence plus” programs when they have little or no focus on abstinence and largely focus on sexual pleasure. Just because a program is not specifically labeled “comprehensive sexuality education” does not mean it is not CSE. So programs called “sexual education,” “sexuality education,” ”sex education,” or a number of other things, can still be CSE if they have many of the harmful elements of CSE regardless of how it is labeled.

    Increasingly, government officials are pressured at the United Nations and elsewhere to accept “comprehensive sexuality education” without ever seeing the actual curricula or understanding its graphic nature. In fact, in several instances, UN ambassadors have been manipulated into giving speeches on the UN floor promoting CSE as the solution to many world problems, without realizing what they are promoting.

    Later, however, when they see the actual content of CSE programs, they are aghast as they learn how CSE promotes radical sexual ideologies and behaviors that conflict with the religious and cultural values of most people. (Click here to see links to excerpts from CSE programs.)

    Who Promotes or Profits from CSE?

    Click here for an extended list of CSE supporters* >

    Comprehensive sexuality education is promoted by powerful and respected organizations such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), and UN agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNICEF, and UNFPA. Even the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) promotes CSE. (See

    In addition, CSE is heavily promoted at the UN and at national and state legislatures by paid lobbyists of multi-million dollar organizations and businesses (the most prominent being International Planned Parenthood) that profit from services they provide to young people and adults who are sexually active. In fact, it is not unusual for these lobbyists to become members of official UN delegations without the governments understanding the deceptive sexual CSE agenda the lobbyists are intending to promote.

    Lucrative “sexual and reproductive health care services” can include sexual counseling, family planning, contraception, condoms, abortion, testing and treatment for STIs, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, as well as related commodities, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc. The early sexualization of children through CSE can create lifelong paying customers for these services, so this is big business.

    Click here to see a recent example of how a UN delegation was compromised by a CSE lobbyist who managed to get on the Ugandan delegation.

    Click here to see the extensive steps International Planned Parenthood and UN agencies have taken to manipulate African governments to accept comprehensive sexuality education.

    Click here to learn more about those who profit from and promote or fund comprehensive sexuality education.

    Get the Facts and Decide for Yourself

    Advocates of comprehensive sexuality education programs claim that among other things, CSE programs will reduce teen pregnancy and STD infections and that they do not sexualize children. However, as you explore the documentation on this site, including research on CSE programs, you can judge for yourself if these claims are true or whether the exact opposite may be true. And remember, the health and innocence of our children are at stake.

    For all the other links mentioned above –

    And lots more here – see how much is put into producing a great deal of professional propaganda that the well paid and protected talking heads constantly badger everyone with –

    CSE Programs Exposed

  65. Haidee

    Thanks for the information above – The War on Children
    And it does help to learn that “this is all pushed by the UN”.

  66. cuckoo

    Now they’ve got drag queens doing story time at the library.

  67. marcus

    Srr – thanks for this information. It’s very interesting indeed and sadly comes as no surprise. Our only hope is for Trump to start de-funding the UN.

  68. Wilma

    Having instructed children in the activities of a sexual relation ship the same teachers will be screeching for the lawyers should the kids do a bit of scientific experimenting.
    The first child who is hauled before the courts should also have the teacher and Roz Ward hauled up with them. Add in Dan Andrews and the education minister.

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