Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog

Friday 4th.

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9 Responses to Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog

  1. stackja

    ABC doing its usual business.

  2. Tintarella di Luna

    Virginia Trioli, a lisping harpy of the worst kind. Funny how she didn’t get demoted after her great faux pas but the little sparkle was taken off air — that’s star power I guess

  3. Haidee

    Thank you
    I love Gerard H; he’s tenacious.
    And beautifully-spoken, as well

  4. Mark A

    Virginia Trioli is a big-shot at their ABC, same as Faine, they just can’t be ‘taken’ off no matter what they did.
    Faine had been ‘counseled’ that’s all hey ever get.

  5. Blind Freddy

    By Kate Mcclymont’s logic seems to be everyone who forgets e.g. Barry OFarrell , should resign. Thst would include every politician and reporter on the planet , even those on the left.
    It ooks like the myopic view of the popular reporter is affecting her brain
    Anyway there should be a.Guiness Book of Record
    for politicsl forgetfullness, with countlees resignations in the pipeline.

  6. Tom

    LOL. Leftism really is a debilitating mental illness. Hendo reports that both Bungjourno and Julian Burnside think anyone they don’t like (in this case, Rita Panahi and Martin Trumble) is Hitler. Leftards really are the stupidest people ever born.
    But, for Hendo’s segment of the week, it’s hard to beat Michael Danby’s correspondence with Morry Schwartz, which Danby copied to Hendo. Hilarious.
    Well done, Michael and Hendo.

  7. Shy Ted

    So glad I can’t buy the Saturday Paper in my village. And before I die I want to be at a dinner party where Mike Seccombe is one of the guests. Don’t know why. Probably just to find out if he can swallow soup without it dribbling out of the sneer.

  8. john

    I’ve only ever seen one person buy the Saturday Paper. Apart from that, he seemed like a normal human being although I could be mistaken.

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